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January 15, 2000
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This third section of the three section newsletter contains a review of The
Burgenland Bunch Member Internet Links, Village Names Taken As Family Names,
Hungarian Working Papers Translated, some Gssing Traupmanns and URL and
Membership Changes. While we welcome all new members, we are particularly
pleased to have Ingeborg Schuch officially join us. Ingeborg (Inge) is the
sister of Burgenland Editor Albert Schuch and she has frequently used her
professional translating talents to assist us.


For sometime I labored with an IBM486-66mhz computer, Windows 3.1, a 14"
Monitor, a 14400 Mhz Modem and a costly internet server connection. My
surfing involved getting in and out as quickly as possible. Fortunately we
had the good services of Anna Kresh to keep us apprised of what was new and
interesting on the net. Unfortunately I couldn't always visit some of the
goodies she added to our URL list. With a new system and a new server with
unlimited access I still don't have too much free time, but the recent
holiday took care of that and I made up for lost time.

I found so many good things put together by our members that I don't know
where to start, but I did visit Hap Anderson's web page first and wasn't
disappointed. It could serve as an example of what a good personal web page
should look like. Gene Andert supplies some fine information about Pamhagen
and Barry Keippel has a good story about Riedlingsdorf. Janos Bogardi had a
buffet of Hungarian items that I must return to, including information about
prices charged for researching and copying Hungarian records. If you are
stuck, he'd be worth a contact. Lea Buzby had some great pictures of some of
my Berghold-Simitz cousins among other items. Heinz Koller has a fascinating
Gssing page. It's mostly in German but don't let that bother you. You'll
find all sorts of good things including great pictures of Heinz and our
Burgenland editor Albert Schuch and a Hianzisch dictionary by his sister Inge
Schuch plus some nice Gssing photos and data about castle events. Gerhard
Lang's Eisenstadt site emphasized music as well as genealogy. John Lavendoski
has just opened a unique "Jurasits Family" page which you must see for
yourself. It is really different-first class. Al Meixner offers some great
ethnic music. Gary Portsche offers a slide show of the Gols area taken during
a recent visit along with his genealogical offerings and Vicky Weninger,
while still building her site, is also using a unique graphic arts approach.
Ralph Nielsen has a window on Burgenland-East Riding, UK that is different.
Some of the web pages were not available for some reason, but it may have
been a problem with my server. I'll definitely try again. Although I haven't
mentioned them all, I found each visit worth my time. You will too if you
haven't seen them.

If you have a personal web site you'd like to share with BB members, contact
Internet Editor Anna Kresh. We'd appreciate your mentioning the Burgenland
Bunch and providing a hyperlink to our homepage in your design. It would be
great to see many of our members eventually providing a web page for their
particular family names and villages!

FAMILY NAMES FROM VILLAGE NAMES (Bernadette Agreen, Albert Schuch, Fritz

We have previously mentioned family names being formed by adding an "er" to
the locality name, such as "Sorg-er". The "er" signifying someone from Sorg.
Now Bernadette Agreen wonders if one of her family names could have
originated from a Burgenland village name. (She also asks me to forward some
Nickischer data to a contact who has not joined the BB-hope he's reading this
edition). The answers to Bernadette's question also point out that a family
name was not necessarily derived from the locality of residence but could
come from a similarly named locality elsewhere. Confusion heaped upon

Bernadette writes: "Gerry, please (also) forward to Fred Nikithser...I didn't
see his name listed in the Surnames for Nickischer. Thanks. I saw your
communication in the newsletter (no.69) and thought I might be able to offer
some help. In researching my own ancestors of Unterradling & Oberradling,
I've contacted a few people who live in the McKees Rocks, PA area who also
have roots to those villages to see if we share any common threads. One of
my contacts is the 77 year old daughter of John Posch (Gleisdorf) and Mary
Nickischer (Unterradling). Mary Nickischer, daughter of Barbara and Frank
Nickischer was born in Unterradling. The Nickischers also had a son, Michael
Nickischer who settled in Germany. The Nickishers were related to the Wagner
family. Fred may want to search the Unterradling LDS records to see if those
Nickischers are of any relation. You never know! These can be found in
microfilms 0602075 thru 0602078.

THE QUESTION: I was interested in your connecting names to villages. I've
often seen (references to) the village of Sulz and wondered about a
connection to my Sulzer ancestors."

THE ANSWER: (I write to Albert & Fritz)

Albert & Fritz-would you say it's possible that the name Sulzer may mean
someone from Sulz? I realize there are many family names that were developed
like this but with Sulz being resettled in the 1600's and the name being used
for the first time in 1676 (from the book "Gssing im Wandel der Zeit") it is
difficult for me to believe it could have been used as a family name. Any

ALBERT ANSWERS: I think it is possible, but there will probably be no way to
prove it. One also has to consider that there are several other villages
named Sulz in Austria (and probably in Germany as well), and some with Sulz
being a part of the village name, like Sulzbach etc. The word "Sulz" also has
the meaning of jelly or meat preserved in it.

Note that the villages Sulz (in Bezirk Gssing) and Sulzriegel (in Bezirk
Oberwart) were probably both named this way because of their mineral springs.
The colloquial word for "Mineralwasser" (mineral water) is "Sauerwasser",
which literally translates to sour water - or salted water, water with salt
(in German: "Salz").

FRITZ ANSWERS: I second Albert's interpretation. Sulz must be a southern
form describing a place with a "Sauerwasser" (a naturally carbonated water
spring), and it is related to the word Salz (salt). In areas toward the
middle of Germany, such places also get names like Seltern and similar
(leading to the term Selterwasser and the word Seltzer, as used in English).

On the other hand I wonder how old is the village name Sulz im Burgenland.
Is it really only from the 17th century? If so, there are at least two
candidates (besides other possibilities) not too far away. One relatively
substantially sized Sulz lies to the south of Bad Gleichenberg in Eastern
Styria, not far at all from the Raab valley in Southern Burgenland, and there
is also a hamlet Sulz south of Ehrenhausen, near the border to Slovenia.
According to one theory, the original settlers of the Southern Burgenland
(the Heinzen) might have come from the area around Wildon (following the call
or the order of their overlord Henno (?) of Wildon), and in this sense the
name Sulzer might well fit one of the original settlers.

The derivation from a type of work is also possible, i.e., someone who was
curing ("salting") meat, or preparing the "Slze" or "Sulz" (jellied pig's
skin and knuckles). However, I feel this is a much less likely explanation
than the geographical one, i.e., describing someone hailing from a place
called Sulz.


ALBERT WRITES:Hello Bob,I received the copies of your document a few days
ago. Here is what I can make of it (an interpretation follows below):

Page 1:
szm = number: 1/903
Vrmegye = County: Vas
Jrs = District: Ne.ujvr (shortened! - read: Nemetujvr = Gssing)
Kzsg = Municipality: Ne.hasos (shortened! - read: Nemethasos = Deutsch

Munks-igazolvny = Worker's legitimation
Keschl Robertne = Wife of Robert Keschl
rszre = for me.

Kiadta etc. = Issued on June 22 [not sure about the 2nd digit !], 1903
Can't read the following line.
The signature reads "Hegeds", which is a Hungarian surname.
Page 2:

Szemlyleirs = Personal description.

Szletsi v = year of birth: 1861 [not 100 % sure about the last digit !!!]
Vallsa = religion: RK (roman catholic)
Csaldi llapota = personal status: frjes = married
lland lakhelye = permanent residence: Ne.hasos (shortened! - read:
Nemethasos = Deutsch Ehrensdorf)
Termete = height: kzep = medium
Arcza = face: hosszan (sp.?) = lengthy
Szeme = eyes: barna = brown
Szemldke = eyebrows: barna = brown
Orra = nose: can't read the entry
Szja = mouth: can't read the entry
Haja = hair: barna = brown

So, what to make of it? First, this is a document issued to the wife of
Robert Geshel (indicated by the "-ne" attached to Robert), a worker's
legitimation. Both district and municipality have been difficult to read,
but I am quite sure that I got it right.

We can now conclude that Robert Geshel's wife lived in Deutsch Ehrensdorf
(Nemethasos) in 1903, hence there is a fair chance that this might also have
been the native village of your ancestors. Deutsch Ehrensdorf belonged to
the parish Gaas, Hungarian name was Pinkakertes or just Kertes. If you
haven't looked at the Gaas church records already, this will have to be the
next step in your research. Good luck, and a successful Year 2000!

GSSING TRAUPMANNS (Fritz Knigshofer to various members)

FRITZ WRITES: Most likely you all know this already, but let me mention it
just in case. When I looked through the film with the baptismal records of
the r-c parish of Gssing, covering births from 1828-61, I noted a number of
Traupmanns. For the purpose I pursued, I only checked about the years
1828-36 and 1851-61, and may have overlooked a lot. However, the following
Traupmann couples had children at the addresses as indicated (or served as
godparents as stated):

1835 in Urbersdorf, Josef Traupmann, farmer, and Elisabeth Tuztsi (?)
1836 in Gssing, Andreas Traupmann and Anna Klepeisz
1856 as godparents in Glasing: Georg Traupmann and Johanna Hutter
1856 in Glasing no. 4, Josef Traupmann and Anna Frst; also 1857 at same
1857 as godparents in Glasing: Andreas Traupmann and Theresia Grller
1859 in Urbersdorf no. 41, Franz Trautmann [yes, with "t"] and Theresia Recker

There was one other detail I wanted to pass on to you. A booklet by Karl
Klein on the history of Rechnitz mentions in its section about the
Counterreformation that some new names show up in the earliest Lutheran
matrikels of Rechnitz of the late 17th century which had not been listed in
the earlier Schlaininger Urbar (taxation list) of the Rechnitz population of
1532. These new names of Lutheran families for Rechnitz include the name

While no documents appear to exist about the migration of protestants, the
assumption is that Lutherans from nearby Styria decided to settle in the
southern Burgenland when emperor Ferdinand II forced Lutherans to convert or
else leave "Austria" during the 30-year War (early 1600s).

Obviously there are other explanations as well, such as that the Rechnitz
Traubmanns migrated from the core area you are searching (Glasing,
Urbersdorf, Heiligenbrunn). However, as you go back in the matrikels, just
keep in mind that it seems that the earliest Lutheran matrikels of Rechnitz
of the late 1600s, early 1700s, contain(ed) Traubmanns.

I am saying "contained" as my Handy Guide to Austrian Genealogical Records
states that the Lutheran matrikels of Rechnitz were destroyed in WW II. This
needs to be checked though.

Bernadette Sulzer Agreen; ()adds more: I read this recent
death notice in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette dated Friday Jan 7, 2000. Maybe
it will be helpful to those of you researching the Traupman name.

George W. Traupman
Age 66, suddenly on Jan 6, 2000, of McKees Rocks; son of the late Ignatz and
Hermina Traupman of Burgenland, Austria; brother of Frank (Janet) Traupman,
Sister Mary C.D.P.; uncle of Eric Traupman, Lisa DeArmit, Heidi and Ellen
Traupman; great uncle of Nicole Traupman; great uncle of Nicole and Emily
Traupman, Megan and Annie DeAmit.

George was a lifelong member of St. Mary Church and former Borough Secretary
of McKees Rocks; also a member of Austiran-American Cultural Society...

(from Internet/URL Editor Anna Tanczos Kresh)

o South Burgenland Homepage <http://www.sued-burgenland.at>; - provides access
to several Southern Burgenland businesses, hotels, communities etc. (The
Neuberg pages include online village news.) One can order rooms online in 22
hotels (in 19 villages). Currently only available in German. English version
is said to be online soon. (Albert Schuch)

o Immigration & Naturalization Service
<http://www.ins.usdoj.gov/graphics/aboutins/history/index.htm>; - information
on research tools, immigration arrival and naturalization records, ports of
entry, annotations made on passenger lists, etc. (no actual passenger
data)(Lea Buzby)

o US CIA Factbooks <http://www.cia.gov/>; - by U.S. CIA; click on "Search",
then enter "Austria" or "Hungary" to get current, concise, and detailed data
and statistics on that country's geography, people, government, economy,
communications, transportation, military and transnational issues (no
genealogy here, just lots of facts)(Bob Unger)

o ProFusion <http://www.profusion.com/>; - Microsoft-sponsored meta-search
engine, which can use up to nine Internet search engines (such as AltaVista,
Google, InfoSeek, etc.) simultaneously to find that ancestor, or relative of
yours on that obscure web page. Very fast, with lots of options.

o AllTheWeb <http://www.alltheweb.com>; - by Fast Corporation; a really fast
meta-search engine.

URL CHANGES (revised links/descriptions)
o ORF Landesstudio Burgenland <http://burgenland.orf.at>; - ORF (Austrian
Broadcasting Corporation); live daily news and music programs
<http://www.burgenland.orf.at/ORF/rblive.ram>; from Radio Burgenland - needs
RealPlayer (changed address for a better direct link to live broadcast)

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O Henry (Hank) Dilcher; (); Atlanta, GA. RABOCH (at
some time changed to RAPPOSCH) and UITZ, Muhlgraben but also could be Leoben
or Eisenberg. Settled in New Britain, CT.(new address)

O Bob Geshel; My E-mail address on the website is outdated. My current
address is:

In addition, you might add me as researching the additional villages for
Geschl: 1. Moschendorf; 2. Gaas; 3. Neusiedl Bei Gssing; 4. Deutsch
I'm going to try and establish a Geschl/Magdits database for the Gssing, and
surrounding districts of the Burgenland.

O Carl Maschler; I have changed my e-mail address from
to .

O From: TschidaJ
pls change my e-mail address to read .

O I would like to make a change in my e-mail address and spelling of my
Joyce Vogrin, (); Huntington Beach, CA. STROHRIGL,
STRORIGL from Harka (Harkau), (Magyarfalva), Sopron Megye, Hungary. Settled
in Chicago.

O Patrick Zimanyi; Please change my address from tO


Dennis B. Ardinger; (); Bridgeville, PA. ARTINGER (spelling
changed in US to ARDINGER) , ZWICKL (CWIKL various spellings); Heiligenkreutz
im Lafnitzal, Felso Ronok, Sandorhegy (Tschanigraben) which is now called .
Settled in McKees Rocks, Allegheny County, PA.

Bob Fleck (); FLECK/FLEK/FLCK: Neustift bei Schlaining,
Bernstein, Stuben, Alt Schlaining, Rettenbach; KARNER: Mariasdorf,
Oberschutzen; BAUER: Loipersbach, Goberling, Drumling; BINDER: where?; BENDL:
Litzelsdorf, Mariasdorf, Bernstein; THEK/TRK/TEK: Kleinbachselten, Jabing.
Emigrated early 1900's and settled in Chicago. KAPPEL, SCHMIDT: Bernstein?;
POSTMANN: Drumling; KASPER, MAROSCH: Kleinbachselten. Emigrated? Settled?

Peter Karl Girschek, ( ) Toronto, Ontario,
Kroatisches Geresdorf, Rust am See, St. Margarethen. Settled in Montreal,

Nadine Hardin, ; Orlando, Florida.
GALGOCZI,Gyor-Moson-Sopron, Koronco, Hungary. FEJES, Sopron, Megye,Hungary.
Settled in Rosebush and Mount Pleasant, MI.

Carla Herbert, , Glens Falls, New York, BINDER, HAUCK,
DOMINEK, SOMMER, KERN, GORZA, BRADT. settled in Denver, PA, and Bronx, NY.

Joseph Knopf; (); Oxnard, CA. KNOPFF, St. Peterfa.
Settled in Allentown and Lehigh Valley of PA.

Sheri Michaels (). Michigan, USA .STUMPFEL, MUHL, ROSENER, and
KOLLER families. Kemeten, Austria.

Kathie O'Mara; (); Gibsonia, PA. ; KOGER, LEIRER, FRANYI,
CZVITKOVICS, STANGEL, MITTL; Eberau and Beled; settled in McKees Rocks, PA;
Long Island, NY; Maplewood, NJ; and Watervleit, NY.

Curt Reinik, ,Reading, PA. REINIK, Mogersdorf (Nagyfalva);
DECKER, SCHERMAN(N); Kukmirn (Kukmer); settled in Allentown, PA.

Rudolf J. Rothemund; (); Wooster, OH. FRIESL, Tobaj

Ingeborg Schuch; (), Vienna, Austria; for genealogical
details see the entry of my brother (Albert Schuch). Time permitting, I am
happy to assist with translation problems (German-English; English-German).

Judy and Tim Snyder; (); Slatington, PA. GOLLIS -
GOLLIS- GOLLES-GELLIS, Langzeil, (Gssing) settled in Lehigh County, PA early
1900's. SCHRAMMEL, Pernau, (Pornoapati), Hungary, settled in Lehigh County.

o Hank Dilcher, , Atlanta, GA, RAPPOSCH, Minihof-
Liebau, UITZ, Muhlgraben. Settled in New Britain, CN.

o Would really appreciate being readmitted to the BB. My name is Firmus J
Opitz; Hopkins, MN. E-mail is . Searching for: my great
great great Grandfather and Mother who would be the parents of MICHAEL
OPITZ,my GG Grandfather who was born in Tadten in l832: the family of FLORIAN
GANGL(e) born in Apetlon 1825: JOHN PITZEL, Wallern about the 1830's.

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