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Subject: [BURGENLAND-NEWSLETTER-L] BB News No. 85B dtd 31 July 2000
Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2000 07:56:12 EDT

(issued biweekly by
July 31, 2000

This third section of the 3 section newsletter contains notice about Format
Changes to our Village and Surname Lists, notice of the Third Minnesota BB
Picnic, a Simultaneous BB Meeting For Austrian Members, More On Slavic Names
In Austria, notice of US Census Going On-Line, a recipe for Poppy Seed
Filling, a request for information about the Strobl Eisenburg Trio, Village
of Unterwaldbauren, Gülly Name and Member Changes (we have 12 new members).


As our lists grow and more internet hardware appears on the scene, it becomes
necessary to change our list formats so everyone can read them. Bill Rudy and
Tom Steichen report they are doing just that. All this takes time away from
regular updates so be patient if your data does not appear for a few weeks.

One member writes: I am having a problem with your village pages now that the
BBunch has grown. I have webtv and a 3.0 browser. Because of this, I am not
able to get all of the names of the villages being researched. Those of us
who don't have a 4.0 or higher are not able to have full access to long
pages. (Ed.-both Tom and Bill agreed to accommodate the request.)

(also see notice on homepage)

The plans for the Burgenland Bunch (and other interested parties) picnic have
been finalized. Here are the specifics:

Date: Sunday, August 13
Time: 10:00AM- 3:00PM
Where: Wabun Park, Minneapolis, MN.

This park is the same spot we had the picnic last year and centrally located
in the Twin Cities. It is adjacent to Minnehaha Park, but has its own
entrance. (Don't go into Minnehaha Park, you won't be able to get to Wabun
from there.) This will be a very casual affair. Please bring
whatever you would like to eat and drink and whatever else you may need:
plates, napkins, utensils, condiments, bug spray, other picnic paraphernalia.
It is basically "every man for himself". Also, if you desire, you may bring
some kind of food to share: salads, chips, pickles, desserts, etc. We have
again reserved the entire covered area in case of
inclement weather, so the picnic will be held rain or shine. We are
definitely hoping for shine. The shelter has electrical outlets and sinks
with running water. There are 17 permanent grills around the site, so there
shouldn't be a problem commandeering one. There is also a "tot lot"
nearby, which has playground equipment, if we have any smaller children

We will be asking for a $4 fee from each attendee this year. We have changed
the way we collect the fee as some felt it unfair to have to pay $10 when
only one person was attending rather than a family. We agree. The fee
covers the $130 cost of the park shelter reservation and incidental supplies.
Please don't attend without paying the fee "because you won't be eating any
of the shared food or be signing up for the door prizes". The shared food
isn't covered by the fee, as it is generously brought and shared by other
attendees. The door prize costs are small when considering the reservation
fee. However, this year we will be having some special door
prizes straight from Burgenland.

We will have our flags up like last year to identify our area. Maps of the
park location are available by email or U.S. mail from Hap Anderson. (See
below.) It is also on the BBunch website. We could also email "verbal"
directions from a known landmark like the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport.(The
park is very near the airport.)

Don't forget to bring your genealogical treasures you want to share: family
group sheets, descendants charts, pictures, books, copies of records,
Burgenland travel info, etc.

Please RSVP to Susan Peters by Monday, August 1st. Please let me know the
names of the people attending, the surnames and villages you are researching,
and include your telephone number in case of late breaking events where email
is not possible. I will have a handout at the picnic with the names of the
attendees and research information.

If I have inadvertently missed someone on the invitation list, I'm very
sorry. Please forward the message to them and let me know. If you know
anyone else who would be interested, please feel free to forward the
invitation to them as well.

We are looking forward to renewing acquaintances from last year and meeting
new friends and relatives this year!

Susan Peters <> (that's an "L" as in laser in
lmco)and Hap Anderson


Klaus Gerger contacted all Austrian Members of the BB to ask if they would be
interested in meeting at either Vienna or Güssing on the same date as the
Minnesota picnic, August 13. If you have an interest and haven't already
heard from Klaus, please contact him (). Klaus also mentions how
nice it was to meet BB members who recently visited southern Burgenland (the
Hap Anderson, Susan Peters group, et al. They gave him an idea for a similar
meeting in Austria. He writes:

Hallo Liebe BB-member in Österreich!

Anfang Juli waren einige Mitglieder der Burgenland Bunch auf Besuch in
Österreich. Es war toll einmal die Gesichter der Menschen zu sehen, die man
seit langem via Internet kennt. Mit von der Partie waren auch die
Veranstalter des Minneapolis BB - Picnics. Dabei ist im Gespräch die Idee
ent-standen so ein Picnic auch in Österreich zu veranstalten.

Ein möglicher Temin (an dem auch das Minnesota Picnic stattfindet) ist
Sonntag der 13.8.2000 Nachmitags oder Abends. Als Ort ist Wien vorgeschlagen.

Ich würde mich freuen von Euch zu hören (lesen):
- hast Du prinzipielles Interesse an einem Treffen?
- pass der Termin?
- ist Wien ok? Oder alternativ dazu Güssing oder anderswo im Burgenland ?
- Vorschläge zur Gestaltung (wirklich ein "picnic", oder ...?)

Liebe Grüße, Klaus Gerger mailto:

On July 27 Klaus again wrote that he has finalized a meeting of Austrian BB
members August 13 at the Auswanderer Museum in Güssing. After the meeting
they will adjourn to the Gasthof Tomanek in Steingraben. Any American BB
members who happen to be in the vicinity, please take note or contact Klaus.
He writes:

"Wir treffen uns am Sonntag den 13 August 2000 um ca. 14:00 beim Auswanderer
Museum in Güssing. Nach einer Führung fahren wir(zwischen 15:30 und 16:00)
zum Gasthof Tomanek in Steingraben. Dort können wir im Gastgarten, oder bei
unfreundlichem Wetter drinnen, plaudern bzw. Erfahrungen austauschen. Ihr
könnt selbstverständlich Familie, Freunde und andere Interessierte

MORE ON SLAVIC NAMES IN AUSTRIA (from Fritz Königshofer)


Melissa, This refers to the exchange of communications about your family name
which you had with Gerry Berghold, as reported in the BB Newsletter No. 81.

If you check the Austrian on-line phone directory at www.etb.at you will find
names like Korosak, Koroschak, and the rather frequent Kortschak.

Another place for you to look is the listing of Hungarian shopkeepers and
tradesmen (a "yellow pages" dating to the year 1910) which was computerized
by János Bogárdi and can be sampled at his web site

You will see that it has names like Koropcsák, Korcsák, Korcsak, Korcsik and
Korcsek. Bogardi offers an option to show you in which counties the
corresponding shopkeepers or tradesmen were listed. Korcsák or Korcsak is the
Hungarian spelling, while Kortschak is the Austrian spelling, of the same
family name.

US CENSUS GOING ON-LINE (Suggested by Anna Kresh and Maureen Tighe-Brown)

The US Census is not as important to BB members as the LDS Burgenland Church
and Civil Record Microfilm, nonetheless the 1910 and 1920 census does provide
much US immigrant and descendant data for those who do not have all of their
family groupings or who are looking for arrival dates or villages of origin.
They are also a good place for Burgenland members to search for their US
relatives. Placing the census on the net will be a tremendous accomplishment.
As you may know, the US census has been taken every ten years since 1790 and
is released to the public after 75 years. Unfortunately, the data collected
varies with each census, but the 1910 and 1920 census list all family members
and contain ethnic origin data.

Anna writes:

Subj: Fwd: WWW: Entire US Census, 1790-1920, going online

I subscribe to Heritage Quest magazine, but I am so far behind in such
reading that I don't know any details on the following message from Maureen.
Do you know more? Is this going to be available to HQ subscription members or
are they planning to have some sort of membership to make this available
online to subscribers? (Ed. I don't know the details.)

Maureen writes: Have you seen this? Wow!
> -------------Forwarded Message-----------------

From: H-NET Discussion List for Association for History and Computing,

Subject: Entire US Census, 1790-1920, going online
Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000

> Colleagues, This will be a big story.
> Heritage Quest, inc. is going online with the entire US Census, all 12,555
rolls of film. The U.S. Census from 1790 to 1920, fully digitized is going
online. You can get more information at a demo during ALA in Chicago, on
Saturday, July 8, from 9:30 - Noon in the Hyatt Regency Grand Ballroom E, or
stop by the Heritage Quest booth, #3625. It will be available by subscription
to libraries when it is up this Fall at GenealogyDatabase.com. This is
expected to be the
largest data base of any subject on the Internet.


Eric Gironda wrties:

Question:I have bulk poppyseeds available cheaply at my store but not the
canned fillings. How do I make the filling? Grind up the seeds with sugar?
Does it need to be cooked?

Answer: Poppyseed Filling (for previous amount of dough-2 rolls)
(Does not need to be cooked)

2 cups ground poppy seed -use fine blade of grinder
mix with 1/2 cup sugar (can be added when grinding poppy seeds)

add grated lemon rind to taste (try 1 tbsp)
pinch of cinnamon (optional)
enough milk or cream to make a moist spreadable paste

spread on rolled dough
top with 1/2 cup raisins if desired

STROBL EISENBURG TRIO? (from Eric Gironda,

I have been searching for information re: The Strobl Eisenburg Trio. During
the 30's they played as a polka band up and down the east coast area. They
were based in New Rochelle, NY, and made numerous 78's under Columbia or RCA.
I used to have a 78 when I was a kid but it has since been lost.
The Strobl Eisenburg Trio:
Frank Strobl, bass
Karl Strobl, Trumpet
John Seiser, accordion (my maternal Grandfather)
Joseph Seiser, clarinet
Any info would be great!


When I think we've identified all of the villages, someone comes up wuth
another. Frank writes:

I've been using a text "Magyar Helységnév - Azonosító Szótár, that contains
hundreds of Hungarian village names, and cross references for Roman,
Croatian, German, & Slovakian village names, in my current efforts to
digitize my dad's village (Szentpeterfa, Hungary) church records dating from
1681 to 1796.

I could not find the village Unterwaldbauern, but the text does include the
village Unterwald, which is known as Erdoalja in Hungarian. (The character o
includes what appears as our double apostrophe's above it, a symbol that I
cannot reproduce using Word.)

GÜLLY NAME (from Klaus Gerger)

This was a strange name for me and I wondered if it linked to Gilly whuch is
more common. Klaus writes to :

I read your mail (in the BB newsletters) on the way to the "land register
archive" and decided to look at the Urbersdorf files. In one of the next
weeks I will publish the Urbersdorf house list (from 1858) on my site
http://members.1012surfnet.at/gerger/Map/HouseLists.htm .

I found no matching name among the house owners. But in the list of land
owners there I found a Gülly Stefan. It was usual that emigrants with umlauts
in their name just removed the diacritical marks (Gröller turned to Groller).
A friend of mine, has the name Gülly and he is from Neustift. Neustift had 6
Gülly families in the year 1858. In this time their name was changed from
Gilly to Gülly.

I have his Gülly family tree back to 1800. So if you can send me more
detailed information for your Grandparents (Names, childrens names, birth
date, marriage date, whether your grandmother was from Urbersdorf too and her
maiden name, I can look in the Güssing parish records for their entries. I
suppose the origin of your Gully family was Neustift from where they then
moved to othe villages (like Langzeil and so on).


>From July 15 Distribution:

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----

-The recipient name is not recognized
-User not known
-Sorry, no mailbox here by that name.

Katharina Bryant, (), Lawton, OK. CSANITS born in Sopron in
1943, came to U.S.A. in 1964. Also TESZNER, mother's maiden name. born in
Sopron in 1915.

Thomas A. Carpenter, (), Chicago, IL . LEOPOLD,
SCHUMACHER. Nikitsch (district of Oberpullendorf). To South Bend, IN abt

Gloria Jackson,(), Chicago, IL. Martin WUKOVITZ and Mary
KULOVITZ originally from NEUBERG and settled in Chicago, Illinois

Otto Limbeck;(); Himberg, Austria.
LIMBECK, LIMPEK, Parndorf, Gattendorf (Lajtakata). Karl (Carolus), Josef
(Josefus) Ferdinand, born in Gattendorf in the mid 1800's emigrated to
America. Three other brothers died in Burgenland. Parents of the six brothers
were Georg LIMPECK und Maria KERNINGER. Looking for US descendants of the
three immigrants.

Gil McGlynn,(), Philadelphia, PA. Researching family
of Johann Gottfreid CASSAR, christened June 26, 1789, Kaisersteinbruch,
(Grossgemeinde Bruckneudorf, district of Neusiedl) Burgenland. His parents
were Michael KASSAR (born about 1760) and Theresa BRUNSCH (born about 1765);
married about 1787. Johann Gottfreid Cassar moved to, married in (August 27,
1820), and died (October 24,1843) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Marc Resch;(); Hoboken, NJ My grandfather is from
Stegersbach and his name is Alouis RESCH. To Ellis Island in 1933.

Suzanne Richmond,(), Hillingdon, Greater London, England.
STREUSLER, Sopron & Wiener Neustadt. Settled in London.

Pat Screpetis, (), Pineville, LA;. Surnames: DAMWEBER,
(Damweber, Danweber, Domweber, Donweber, Dunweber), BUKMITSZ, LANG.
Wallendorf, Deutsch Schutzen and Raabfidish (Rabafüzes, Hungary), Eisenberg.
Names and places of birth from 1907 marriage licenses in Allentown, Lehigh
Co., PA courthouse.

Virginia Schimmelpfenig, (); St. Louis, MO.
KARNER b 1815 Austria, BURTMEYER/BURKMEYER. Settled in New Orleans, LA 1847.
(note from GJB-may be non-Burgenland but would like to know if we have an
early port of New Orleans immigrant).

Donna Sheraden; (); Chesnee SC. WENZEL, SIMON.
Unterschützen, Grafenschachen(?). To Chicago and Hickory Hills, IL.

MSc Thomas Stranzl; () Rust / Austria.

Alan Varga, (); Bloomingdale, IL, researching VARGA / VARGO in
Dürnbach (Vincjet) and FLEISCHAKER / FLEISCHACKER / FLEISHAKER in Schandorf
(Ciemba). Grandparents emigrated to Chicago 1923-1929.


(Letter from member, Carol Hansen ())
Under Surnames, please add the following spelling of (Maierhofer) to my
Mayerhofer listing. Under Villages, please add the name Unterwald.

E-mail formerly sent to to the new address of
William F. Dimovitz

Please change my e-mail address to Tom Pfeiler

Please change my email address from to
John Shinpaugh

My new e-mail address is now vice .
John C. Seitz.


David Hunter, , England has an interest in the
northern Burgenland. Will send him copies of the newsletter.

Canadian Going Home Project(added to distribution list)
From: (Jeremy Schmidt)

(end of newletter)

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