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Subject: [BURGENLAND-NEWSLETTER-L] BB News No. 89 dtd Oct 31, 2000
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 08:03:25 EST

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October 31, 2000
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* One of my BB pleasures is meeting members. Recently we had a great visit
with charter BB member Frank Teklits and his wife Mary. Frank also serves as
our Croatian Editor. He showed us the monumental work he is doing in listing
all of the Szt. Peterfa baptism and wedding records photographed by member
John Lavendoski. Frank and I last met 44 years ago as students at Lehigh

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Read, Burgenland Flag, St. Nicholas (Szt. Miklos) Village Website,
Austrian/German Military Research, Unexpected Finds in Hungarian County
Records and many URL Changes.



We hear from members who are new to the computer as well as to the Internet.
Some don't understand why they receive junk email. They often feel it comes
from us. Well, it doesn't and we don't give your email address to anyone
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I recently read the following complaint on the WGW Burgenland Query Board.
Burgenland editor Albert Schuch provided the proper answer.

<< Burgenland Province Austria Queries. A new message, "Strange messages,"
was posted by Lynn McNamara on Fri,13 Oct 2000Surname: Schuch. The message
reads as follows: -------------------------I received an
e-mail referencing Burgenland today. When I opened the link, it was a
photograph of a young man and woman, and a pitiful message about misdirected
love. I received another e-mail last week at work (I don't remember giving my
e-mail address at work to anyone at this web-site, but maybe I did), from
someone in Europe, soliciting money from me. If this site is going to be a
floodgate of unsolicited e-mails, asking for money and telling me their sad
stories about their boyfriends/girlfriends, I guess I'll drop out. I'd hoped
that this was a genuine genealogy website. >>

<< Burgenland Province Austria Queries. A new message, "strange messages,"
was posted by Albert Schuch on Fri,13 Oct 2000 It is a response to "Strange
messages," posted by Lynn McNamara on Fri, 13 Oct 2000Surname: The message
reads as follows: -------------------------This site IS
a genuine genealogy website. However, like every site on the net, it is
vulnerable to being misused by spammers. I also received the strange messages
you mentioned. I ignored them, and I blocked the sender in my email system.
This is the only way to handle it. >>

BURGENLAND FLAG (From: (Darlene Muellner)

Just wanted you to know that in answer to our question where to purchase a
Burgenland flag, we were able to buy one from Erste Österreichishche
Fahnenfabrik in Wien. Very good to deal with and the flag cost $55 including
international money order charges. Thank you to all who provided assistance.
Kurt Muellner


Anna Kresh, our internet editor, does a superb job of keeping our internet
URL (uniform resource locator) list up to date. This list, available by
hyperlink (click on blue leteers) from the BB Homepage, will take you to
other Burgenland research related web sites. If you haven't checked some of
them, you're missing an important research tool. As time permits, I review
some of them. Sometimes a new site will appear and I'll be contacted. Such
was the case with the newly created St. Nicholas bei Güssing site.

St. Nicholas (Hungarian Szt. Miklos), now an appendage of Güssing is a small
village in southern Burgenland. It was created by Croatian refugees in the
early 1500's, and had its own parish until about 1850, when it merged with
Güssing. You'll find a number of St. Nicholas articles in our archives.

The website is hosted and maintained by Silvia Nikles Berner and Günter
Nikles from Güssing. They feature history of the area, pictures, a guest
book, immigrant data, links to other sites (including ours), local news and
data concerning the community and it's business. You'll find the pictures of
exceptional value. They also feature some of our earlier BB material.


Except to comment on the Burgenland military units, we've not looked into
what may be available from military records. Member Phyllis Sauerzopf has
been interested in this area and she sends the following:

O Dear Anna (Kresh),
I found this new site on Cyndi's List (down below). It was introduced on
Sept.25, 2000. When you get there, if you scroll down on the page you will
come to :

Glenns new site on the Austro-Hungarian Army 1914-1918. After clicking on it,
you will find the title to be Austro-Hungarian Land Forces. The url is
www.glenn.jewison.btinternet.co.uk/index.htm This site was
updated on Oct.1, 2000.

I thought it might be a good addition to the BBunch Internet Links. It is not
listed with Austria on Cyndi's List.

o I am so excited!! On the site of the German War Dead you just put in the
newsletter, I clicked on different words (all in German) and found the "name
search". I found Traupmann's from Burgenland!! The one listed below was born
in Moschendorf! My gr-grandfathers brother John disappeared from the
Szent-Peterfa records. His birth in Kolom was there in 1856, he was a witness
for my gr-grandfathers wedding in Kulm
in 1884 and that's it. It's possible now that he moved to Moschedorf and this
John could be a descendent of his!! This is close to Kulm!! I will proceed to
search the Moschendorf LDS microfilms!! Also I found a Johann Traubmann from
Heiligenbrunn. Now, if I could only read German!! In some
of these listings, there is a word to click on "hier" which gives more
information. I just can't read it. I'll try one of the translation web sites.
Thank you and thanks to the member who introduced this website!!!!! Exited in

o Hurry and look at this!! Bergholds, many Bergholds!!!! When you get to page
go to the very top on the right hand side. There is a rectangular box. Click
on the top line of small words in this colored box. When you get there,
scroll down to the online search. Type in the name Berghold and Bingo! Click
on each name to get the information. I found that I can't go back to this
page with all of the names on. I have to keep going to that little
rectangular box and search again to get the page again with all of their
names. This is a "gold mine"!

(ED. Note: I checked this site and found references to 18 Bergholds who
served in the German army in WWI & WWII and were casualties. A fair number
for an uncommon name (less than 400 Bergholds in Europe). Their dates of
birth and death are given as well as where they are buried. Birthplaces are
available for some. The WWI dead are all from Germany (Austria had its own
army) but the WWII data includes both. I went on to check other family names
and found references to all. If nothing else, these records can pinpoint
areas where family names may be found. The site is written in German.)


(ED. Note: If you've sifted through the records of Vas, Sopron and Moson
Megye, Hungary (Burgenland pre 1921), you've probably extracted every
reference to your family names. You may feel you've exhausted family sources,
at least as far as pre 1921 Hungarian church and civil records are concerned.
Austrian editor Fritz Königshofer, for reasons of his own, was led to the
records of Zala Megye (next Hungarian county, south-east of Vas). He found
some new family records. Fritz is an experienced researcher. He casts his net
far and wide, but also maintains lists of family names from his BB contacts
and advises them when he finds a possible link. A number of us have benefited
from his help. Some day I must tell you of the epic search Fritz has
conducted for the family of my grandmother Langasch. Another instance of how
it can be beneficial to belong to the BB. Have you helped anyone lately?)

Fritz writes:
O Subject: Unexpected Ebenspanger find in the civil records of Nagy Kanizsa,
Zala county

Dear fellow BB member Regina,
During my ongoing search through the newly available microfilms of the civil
records (1895-1906) of Nagy Kanizsa in Zala county, I by chance hit upon an
Ebenspanger death record that could possibly be of interest for you.

On November 3, 1902, at Nagy Kanizsa, Kossuth tér [square] 18. Death of
Henrik Ebenspanger, 76 years of age, kereskedö [shopkeeper], of Jewish
religion, born in Szalónak [Schlaining], a widower after Maria nee Graf.
Henrik's parents are listed as the late Ebenspanger Lipót [Leopold], a
shopkeeper in Alsó Lendva [then in Vas county, today Lendava in Slovenia],
and Rozalia nee Weisz of Alsó Lendva. The death was reported by Janka [Jean]
Kürschner nee Ebenspanger [possibly a daughter of Henrik?].

O Subject: An unexpected Klucsarics entry in the civil death records of Nagy
Kanizsa, Zala county

Dear fellow BB members,
In searching the newly available films with the civil death records of Nagy
Kanizsa in Zala county, I hit upon a Klucsarics entry which may be of

Accordingly, on July 2, 1902 at Teleky utca 3 in Nagy Kanizsa, Angella
Klucsarics died at age 22, cseléd [maid], born in Nagy Medves
[Grossmürbisch]. The parents are listed as unknown, i.e., the poor young
woman apparently had no close relatives or acquaintances in town who could
have provided more data on her. Perhaps one of you has come across this
Angela, born around 1880.

O Subject: Unexpected Teklics find in the civil records of Nagy Kanizsa

Hello, fellow BB members. I am currently searching through the civil death
records of Nagy Kanizsa, county Zala (1895-1906). Perhaps one of you might
be interested in the following Teklics find.

On January 28, 1902 at Kölcsey utca 7 in Nagy Kanizsa: death of Lujza
Teklics, roman-catholic, magánzó (woman with her own [financial] means), 65
years of age, born in Szent-Péterfa. Her parents are listed as the late
Antal Teklics, földmives (farmer) in Szent-Péterfa, and Maria nee Knepf of
Szent-Péterfa. The cause of death was senile debility (i.e., age). The
death was reported by Lujza Schoth nee Schmiedh, apparently a postmaster (or
letter carrier).

It is clear from the record that the notary public who wrote it was not
familiar with German names, therefore I assume that Knepf might possibly be
Knopf. It is also of interest that the person making the report apparently
knew the names of Lujza's parents which would not be a given if Lujza Teklics
had no relatives or close acquaintances in this town.

(from Internet/URL Editor Anna Tanczos Kresh)

If you have ever pondered this question, there is now an online source that
may help you decide. The 8/28/00 issue of the Ancestry Daily News contained
an article by Juliana Smith entitled "Comparing Genealogical Software"
<http://www.ancestry.com/library/view/news/articles/2248.asp>; which reported
on The National Genealogical Society's NGS Magazine's "The Genealogical
Software Report Card" <http://www.mumford.ab.ca/reportcard/index.htm>; by Bill
Mumford. This report card lists 14 different programs and compares them in 12
areas: planning tools, data recording, analytical tools, source
documentation, reports, charts, publishing, multimedia, Internet,
portability, additional tools, and convenience items.

o Hello Vienna, Hello Austria <http://www.hello-austria.com>; - Austria's
International Television Magazine; RealPlayer clip of segments of a
television program on the Emigrants' Museum at Güssing with Dr. Walter
Dujmovits may be downloaded here; click on Recent Shows, then choose Show
32/2000, then choose Emigrants Museum in Güssing; or try Show 32/2000
directly at
<http://www.hello-austria.com/shows/00/32/f2.ram>; [Donna Stockl]

o Weiner Zeitung <http://www.wienerzeitung.at/frameless/english.htm>; -
started in 1703; possibly the oldest surviving daily newspaper in the world;
German and English; features politics, business, culture, general news,
sports [Margaret Kaiser]

o Austria Today <http://www.austriatoday.at>; - English language daily
newspaper; good way to see the news from the Austrian perspective [Klaus

o CZECH-L Mailing List
<http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~elainetmaddox/index.htm>; - an
e-mail list for genealogical research in the past and present territories of
the former Austro-Hungarian Empire including the Czech Republic, Bohemia,
Moravia, Silesia and border countries.

o Christtagmorgen
<http://www.austro-hungarian-genealogy-translations.com/xmasmorn.html>; -
Christmas morning scene by artist Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller (1793-1865)
[Felix Game]

o WORLD WAR I GERMAN SOLDIERS' WAR GRAVES - see article by Robert Lipprandt
published in Missing Links genealogy newsletter, Vol. 5, No. 31, 2 August
2000 at RootsWeb E-zines <http://www.rootsweb.com/~review/e-zine.html>;
[Robert Lipprandt]

o Austro-Hungarian Land Forces 1914-1918
<http://www.glenn.jewison.btinternet.co.uk/index.htm>; - organisational
history of the land forces of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy from just prior
to the outbreak of the WWI until the collapse of the monarchy in 1918
[Phyllis Sauerzopf]

o Reasons for Emigration
<http://www.austro-hungarian-genealogy-translations.com/whyemigrate.html>; -
Article on why our ancestors wanted to emigrate by Felix Game [Felix Game]

o St. Andrä (am Zicksee) <http://www.st-andrae-zicksee.at>; - homepage of St.
Andrä in Northern Burgenland; includes a list of inhabitants, email-addresses
<http://www.st-andrae-zicksee.at/StAD/email.html>; [Franz Lehner and Albert

o Hello Vienna, Hello Austria <http://www.hello-austria.com>; - (see under

o St. Nikolaus bei Güssing <http://www.st-nikolaus.com/>; - village homepage;
photos of many other Güssing and Jennersdorf district sites [Bill Rudy,
Silvia and Guenter Nikles]

o Sister Cities
<http://members.1012surfnet.at/gerger/BB/bvz/bvz05092000artikel.html>; -
Burgenlaendische Volks Zeitung newspaper article on the
Stegersbach-Northampton connection [Inge Schuch and Klaus Gerger]

o Brandies from Kukmirn <http://www.signale.co.at/lagler/>; - Fine brandies
from Kukmirn; fine website in German & English [Albert Schuch]

o ProGenealogists Genealogy Tools
<http://www.progenealogists.com/gentools.htm>; Division of Ancestral Quest,
Inc.; numerous genealogy links, including one to calculate a birth date from
a death date and age.

o LDS - Personal Ancestral File (PAF) 4.0 <http://www.familysearch.org>; -
Windows(r)-based version of one of the most widely-used genealogical
management programs for home computers; multi-language; free and downloadable
from LDS; click on Order/Download Products, then Software Downloads-Free; for
more info see article in BB newsletter No. 87B [Bob Unger]

URL CHANGES (revised links/descriptions)
--- Ancestral Findings <http://www.ancestralfindings.com/>; - free lookups of
World Family Tree CDs, Ship Passenger Lists, Birth, Census, Death, Land,
Marriage, State, and Military Records. [new address]

--- Genealogy CD Lookups <http://seidata.com/~genealogy/cdlist.html>; - CD ROM
lookups by e-mail; service is provided by volunteers, so please be
considerate; please follow instructions [new address]

o Genealogy Resources <http://www.rootsweb.com/~jfuller/internet.html>; -
Genealogy Resources on the Internet; easy access; click and subscribe to
hundreds of genealogy mailing lists [new address]

--- Family History Library Catalog
<http://www.familysearch.org/Search/searchcatalog.asp>; - (links to
microfilms, etc.), your local Family History Centers, and more; search for
LDS catalog entries by place (locality), surname, author, call number, film
number [improved description]

o Libweb - Library Servers via WWW <http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/Libweb/>; -
library services on the World Wide Web; for your ancestral country see
Europe <http://sunsite.berkeley.edu/Libweb/Europe_main.html>; [change in

o Names and Meanings - Dictionary of given names, their sources, and
meanings; in German;
site1 <http://www.menschenskinder-online.de/baby/name>;
site2 <http://www.vornamen.com>;
site3 <http://www.kindername.de/a-z.htm>; [original link broken; alternates

o RootsWeb <http://www.rootsweb.com/>; - premier genealogical service; all
your family names should be listed on Roots Web [link change; RootsWeb no
long accepting monetary contributions]

o Parsons Technology <http://www.parsonstech.com/genealogy/index.html>; -
Family Tree Maker, Family Origins, Archives [address change]

o Translation Team <http://www.genealogienetz.de/gene/misc/translation.html>;
- free translation service via email by Genealogy.net for genealogy-related
text only; limit 40 lines per email; fee charged for fax or mail (postal)
service; available languages include CZEch, DANish, DUTch, ENGlish, FINish,
FREnch, GERman, ITAlian, KORean, NORwegian, POLish, PORtuguese, ROManian,
SPAnish, SWEdish [ Bob Unger - address change - new name - replaces German
Translation link]

o LDS Research Help
<http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/RG/frameset_rhelps.asp>; - LDS
genealogical research aids; click to sort by document type to access Forms,
Letter-writing Guides, Maps, Research Outlines, Resource Guides, Word Lists,
etc. [address changes - replaces former links for LDS German and Latin
Genealogical Word Lists and German Letter-writing Guide]

o Hungarian Settlements - brief descriptions and information on the location
of villages in present day Hungary:
Vas County <http://testver.sednet.hu/vasm/e_alap.html>;,
Gyor-Moson-Sopron County <http://testver.sednet.hu/gyorm/e_alap.html>;,
Veszprem County <http://testver.sednet.hu/veszpm/e_alap.html>; [links broken
- these former work arounds are now broken, also]
(Newsletter continues as no. 89A)

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