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This first section of the 4 section newsletter contains:

* Immigrant New World Addresses In Allentown, PA
* Schachendorf History Question

(Hundreds of surnames with villages of origin and subsequent Pennsylvania
addresses. We are very pleaased to bring you this series courtesy of Phyllis
Sauerzopf and Bob Strauch.)

ED. Note:In addition to proper spelling of surnames and Burgenland villages
of origin, the name and address of new world (US) settlement place is of
equal importance. If you have this data, you have a tool to search other
genealogical sources. Census records, city directories, court house files,
local church records, cemeteries etc. can then all yield up more data.

Those of us born where immigrant ancestors settled frequently have this
information; however, later generations may have only vague recollections or
family tradition. One source of US origin can be ethnic publications, printed
here in the United States, to which immigrants subscribed.

Most of our "Auswanderung period" immigrant ancestors could read and write,
although their schooling was limited. The Empire believed in literacy and
most children of the "Auswanderung" period attended school through the
equivalent of our sixth grade. This was my grandmother Sorger's level of
formal schooling in Güssing. She read German novels and cook books, a few
German language newspapers and also a German weekly dedicated to
Austro/Hungarian immigrants. This was in addition to reading books, magazines
and newspapers written in English. Her ability to write English was limited,
but she wrote well using German script.

For immigrants, reading ethnic publications was and is a link to the "Heimat"
and they were eagerly shared among friends and relatives. I remember my
retired "Uncle Louie" (great-uncle Louis Hadle, born Vas Megye, Hungary 1878,
to US 1902) visiting weekly and exchanging his German language newspaper for
his sister-in-law's German magazine. He was always served a glass of whiskey
and I'm sure this had something to do with the regularity of his visits.

While not certain, I believe the traded magazine was published by National
Weeklies, Inc. Winona, Minnesota and printed in the US. This same
organization also published the German-Hungarian Family Yearbook or
Deutsch-Ungarischer Familien Kalendar- Ein Jahrbuch der Deutschen aus Banat,
Batscha, Burgenland, Slavonien, Ungarn und Oesterreich (We mentioned this
publication in previous newsletters. Chicago correspondent Tom Glatz sent me
some pages showing Chicago area immigrants. The Kalendar was an annual
publication listing subscribers' names and addresses and the name of their
European village, a way to locate and keep track of former family, neighbors
and friends.

BB member Phyllis Sauerzopf () contacted Bob Strauch, our
Allentown BG correspondent (Bob has no email address) for tickets to an
Allentown Austro/Hungarian Vets Club affair and Bob showed her a 1951 copy of
the Kalendar. They thought it would be of interest to the BB membership and
Phyllis agreed to key the data and send it to me.

Phyllis writes: "I would be happy to copy all of the names from all of these
towns and email them to you. Bob Strauch graciously told me if I have any
questions to call him. The front cover of the Calendar is in German type
script: (aus Oesterreich on one line), then für das Jahr 1951. There is a
large picture of a church on a hill with mountains behind it. It also shows:

Zwanzigster Jahrgang
Preis $1.00
N A T I O N A L W E E K L I E S, I N C.
Printed in U.S.A.

(ED Note: I've searched the net, but I've not been able to determine if this
organization is still extant. If anyone has further information, please let
me know.)

SUBSCRIBERS FROM THE 1951 "Deutsch-Ungarischer Familien Kalendar"(courtesy
Phyllis Sauerzopf and Bob Strauch)

Phyllis writes: "There are some misspellings of villages and surnames (and
street names) but I will print them as spelled. There are some that are not
from Burgenland, but from other parts of Hungary, and Romania and elsewhere."
(ED.-we have added some suggested spellings in parens where appropriate. Data
includes name, village of origin, spouse name, village of origin, house
number and Allentown street. "Aus" means "out of" or "from." Majority of the
villages are from southern Burgenland. Allentown street names are in the 1st,
6th, 9th, and 10th wards. These wards (contiguous) almost comprised a
Burgenland village although they were also home to other ethnic groups
including Italian, Ukrainian, Syrian, Russians and earlier Palatinate
Germans. Allentown does have "1/2" addresses.)


*ALBRECHT, Elise, 640 Whitehall Street.
*AUGUSTIN, Franz und Julianna KOTER, aus Konigsdorf. 720 Mohr St.
*BENDEHOVITS, Stephan, aus Harmich (Harmisch), und Johanna KISS, aus
Gross-Ernstdorf (Gross Ehrendorf). 455 Whitehall St.
*BAUER, Charles, aus Konigsdorf, und Fannie GROLLER, aus Kohfidisch. 162 Oak
*BAUER, Frank, aus Gukenmirn (Kukmirn), und Karolina KLOIBER, aus Raks (Rax).
811 St. John St.
*BLAUKOVITCH, Gustave, aus Konigsdorf. 327 N. 2 Street.
*BLAUKOVITCH, Rudolf, aus Konigsdorf, und Mary WESCHLER, aus Neustift. 215
Chew St.
*BRANDL, Anton, und Rose PERI, aus Zaling (Zahling), Burgenland. 147 Chestnut
*BRUNNER, Julius, aus Ober-Neusiedl, und Theresia HEILMAN, aus Urlersdorf.
433 Ridge Ave.
*DALKNER, John, und Grence DOLHNER, beide aus Dobersdorf. 540 N. 4 St.
*DAPLER, Gustave, aus Altendorf (NÖ?), und Katherina DAPLER, aus
Chechaslavark (Czechoslovakia?). 415 N. 2 St.
*DECKER, Franz, aus Konigsdorf, und Bertha PANNER, aus Limbach. 170 Chew St.
*DECKER, Theresia, aus Zahling. 4221/2 East Court Street.
*DEUTSCH, Charles, aus Deutsch-Kaltenbrunn, und Theresia PIMMPERI, aus
Wolfau. 228 Liberty St.
*DEUTSCH, Ernst, aus Krobotek, und Emilia WEBER. 621 N. Penn St.
*DEUTSCH, Johann und Anna WUSCHER, aus Mogersdorf. 415 Washington St.
*DEX, John, aus Zahling. 420 Greenleaf Street.
*DOBITSCH, Stella, geb. Trausch (Drauch?), aus Poppendorf. 170 Gordon St.
*EBNER, Anton, aus Kohfidisch, und Maria JUSITS, aus Deutsch Ehrensdorf.
3801/2 Washington St.
*EBNER, Stephan, und Anna WELFER, aus Kohfidisch, Burgenland. 742 Meadow St.
*EHRITZ, Jos., aus Konigsdorf, und Loici (Lucy?)HRITENFELDER, aus Hendorf
(Henndorf, Styria?). 433 Railroad St.
*EHRITZ, Rudolf, aus Krobotek. und Anna BARTOWITS, aus Weichselbaum. 730 N. 4
*ERITZ, Raimond, aus Krobotek, und Bertha ZENS, aus Wallendorf. 903 N. 4th St.
*ERNST, Frank, aus Kukmirn, und Johanna PREINIGER, aus Minnifof-Libau
(Minihof-Liebau). 229 Bryan St.
*FRANZ, Karl, aus Konigsdorf, und Theresia RESLER (Rössler?), aus Eltendorf.
931 Cedar St.
*FREISMUTH, Joseph. und Rosina FREISMUTH, aus Kukmirn. 214 Gordon St.
*FRITZ, Mrs., aus Neumarkt. 433 N. Oswego St.
*FRITZ, Cilli, geb. MIRTH, aus Eltendorf. 542 N. 4 St.
*FRUHWIRTH, Josef - Heating and Plumbing - aus Güssing, und Katherine
MIKOVITS, aus Hosendorf (Hasendorf). 1624 Tilghman St.
*FUCHS, Johann, aus Linbach (Limbach), und Mary STROBL, aus
Rudarsdorf(Rudersdorf). 525 Cedar St.
*GARGER, Johann, aus Elitz, Oesterreich, und Josephine SCHIMENEK, aus
Konigsdorf. 160 Turner St.
*GERGER, Stella, aus Stegersbach. 165 Gordon St.
*GIBISER, Johann. aus Zahling, und Theresia JOST, aus Zahling. 515 Tilgham
(Tilghman) St.
*GILLY, Johann, aus Neustift, und Maria SCHUBITS, aus Klein-Petersdorf.934
Penn St.
*GLOIBER (Kloiber?), Catherina, aus Raks. 811 St. John St.
*GRANITZ, Frank, aus Deutsch-Minihof, und Theresia HODL, aus Wallendorf.
527 N. 4th St.
*GRANITZ, Julius, aus Mogersdorf, und Julianna WILFINGER, aus Heiligenkreuz.
986 N.6 St.
*GRANITZ, Louis, aus Deutsch-Minihof, und Maria HOLLER, aus Steingraben. 539
N.4 St.
*GROLLER, Josef, aus Neustift, und Theresia SCHARNITZ, aus Eltendorf. 909 N.
Penn St.
*GROFF, Anastasia, aus Olbendorf, Oesterreich. 820 N. 4 Street.
*HAAS, Joseph, aus Kothezichen, und Maria KLEPEIS, aus Strem. 6161/2 Jordan
*HAAS, Karl und Hermina KLEE, aus Güssng. 824 N. Penn St.
*HARDNER, Ignatz. 325 Railroad St.
*JOST, Edmund. aus Inzenhof, und Theresia JOST, aus Inzenhof. R. 2
Coopersburg, Pa.
*JOST, Johann und Anna BARTOLEVITS, aus Mogersdorf. 4151/2 Cedar St.
*HEBENSTREIT, Josef, aus Wien, Oesterreich. 864 Penn St.
*KEGLOVITS, Michael und Anna FRISCH, aus Sulz. 324 N. Law St.
*KISS, Josef, aus Kroat. Ehrensdorf, und Anna ROSENKRANTZ, aus Boksdorf. 2019
Union Blvd.
*KLOBOSITS, Josef, aus Steingraben, und Theresia DRAXLER, aus Neustift. 940 N
6th St.
*KEBER, Josef und Theresia JOST, aus Jennersdorf. 313 Railroad St.
*KONIGSHOFER, Emerich, aus Poppendorf, und Julia STOBL, aus Kaltenbrunn.
100 N. 2nd St.
*KUDER, Johann, aus Allentown, Pa. und Catherina HOFFMAN aus Northampton, Pa.
918 S. 10th St.
*KURNIG, Johann, aus Steiermark, Oesterreich. 550 N. 4 St.
*KURTZ, Adolf, aus Rabfidisch, Ungarn, und Julia ZOTTER, aus Kukmirn. 149
Chestnut St.
*LEGATH, Albert, aus Deutsch Ehrensdorf, und Anna GRAZL, aus Moschendorf. 940
N. 4th St.
*KEGLOWITSCH, John, aus Sulz, und Mary SCHLEDER, aus Sulz.
318 N. Jordan St.
*LORENZ, Franz und Julianna VENUS, aus Dobersdorf. 325 N. Law St.
*LORENZ, Josef, aus Dobersdorf, und Louisa FIEDLER, aus Raks (Rax).
407 N. 4. St.
*MARX, Joseph, aus Poppendorf, und Anna GLOBUSITS, aus Steineacher (?).
829 Greenleaf St.
*MAYER, Adolf, aus Mogersdorf. 316 Railroad St.
*MAYER, Adolf, und Mutter Theresia, geb. Deutsch, aus Mogersdorf.
316 Railroad St.
*MAYER, John, aus Mogersdorf, und Rosei LERDERER, aus Mogersdorf. 547 Park St.
*MIRTH, Alexander, und Julia ROSSLER, aus Eltendorf. 622 E.
Lusgnehana(Susquehanna) St.
*MITARA, Johann, aus Bosaro, und Mary MITARA aus Stara Bistrica, Slavonien.
512 N. Meadow St.
*MULZET, Albert, aus Inzenhof, und Maria GOSSY, aus Woppendorf. 903 N.Penn St.
*MULZET, Frank. und Anna SCHOBER, aus Deutsch-Kaltenbrunn. 762 N. 10 St.
*MULZET, Joseph, aus Inzenhof, und Hedwig HAMMERL. aus Caropolis, Pa. 628 S.
Carldon St.
*NIKLES, Johann, aus Neustift, und Julia JOST, aus Zahling. 909 N. 4 St.
*OSWALD, Frank. aus Deutsch-Schutzen, und Hilda POSCH, aus Coplay, Pa.
748 Meadow St.
*PANDL, Julius, aus Neustift. 4181/2 Liberty St.
*POANDL, August, aus Zahling, und Rosa WIRTH, aus Eltendorf.
428 Front St.
*POANDL, Herr und Frau. 309 Ridge St.
*POANDL, Anton, und Rose PERL, aus Zaling (Zahling). 147 Chestnut St.
*POLTZER, Michael, aus Kirchfidisch, und Cecelia KNAUTZ, aus Raabfidisch. 160
Oak St.
*PRANDL, August, aus Zahling, und Rosa WIRTH aus Eltendorf. 239 Railroad St.
*REITER, Chas., aus Boksdorf, und Karolina KLEMENT, aus St. Michael.
1037 Hanover Ave.
*ROESCH, Alfred, aus Munchen, Deutschland, und Cecilia GRANITZ, aus
Allentown, Pa.1020 Green St.
*ROSNER, Johann, aus Kirchfidisch. 919 N. Penn Street.
*RUISZ, Franz, aus Kukmirn. 202 Ridge Ave.
*SARKA, Ferdinand, aus Siget a. d. Wart, und Louise NEUBAUER, aus Neuhaus.
905 N. Penn St.
*SAUERZOPF, John, aus Strem, und Maria TALIAN, aus Oberpatgoria. 428 Allen St.
*SCHANDL, Adolph, aus Kothenzicken (Kotezicken), und Maria JANISCH, aus
Litzelsdorf. 453 N. 5th St.
*SCHIMEK, Franz, aus Krobotek, und Maria GRANITZ, aus Minihof. 628 Mohr St.
*SCHIMENEK, Josef und Hedwig STRINI, aus Krobotek. 5391/2 N. 4th St.
*SCHIMENEK, Paul, aus Maria Bild., und Rosa KESTL, aus Lindbach (Limbach?).
448 Allen St.
*SCHEINER, Andreas, aus Zaling, und Ida LIEBEZEIT, aus Grossmurbisch. 525 N.
4 St.
*SCHLACHTER, Joseph, aus Engeischwand, Baden, Deutschland. 109 E. Ellsworth
*SCHMALL, Karl, aus Moschendorf, und Francis EBERHARDT, aus Kroat. Ehrensdorf.
907 Penn St.
*SCHNEEMANN, Franz, aus Rudersdorf, und Theresia BODISCH, aus Kaltenbrunn.
502 N. Front St.
*SCHRAMPF, Frank. aus Limbach. und Rosa KRENN. 904 N. Penn St.
*SCHUSTER, Otto, aus Bucovina, Oesterreich, und Hermina STEINHOFER, aus St.
Neit a. d. Triesting, Oesterreich. 626 N. 4 St.
*SIMON, Josef und Julia HOLZER, aus Kohfidisch. 917 Coege(?) St.
*SPISSZAK, Fred Sr, aus Unter-Radling, und Mary TRAGOSITS, aus Sulz. 304 N. 2
*STABER, Ludwig, aus Kaltenbrunn, und Amalia KOGELMANN, aus Furstenfeld.
415 Greenleaf St.
*STEINER, Johann, aus Neustift, und Theresia TAPLER, aus ELtendorf. 346 2nd
*STROBL, Frank, aus Deutsch-Kaltenbrunn, und Anna HIMLER, aus Burgenland. 221
Chew St.
*TAPLER, Alois, aus Neustift, und Justina BEMERL, aus Spielburg, Waldmuchen,
Oberfalz, Bayern. 451 Whitehall.
*WAGNER, Rudolf, aus Kohfidisch, und Katharina PREISLER, aus Gaas. 421 Cedar
*WERL, Johann, aus Kårnten, und Josefine WERL, aus Allentown. Pa., 442 Grant
*WERNER, Frank, aus Krobotek. und Mary WEBER, No. 5 aus Krobotek. 6221/2 N. 4
*WIND, A., aus Güssing, und Theresia WAGNER, aus Limbach. 840 N. 4 St.
*WOLF, Karl, 522 Law St. Allentown, Pa.
*WUNDERLER, Johann, aus Gerersdorf, und Mary WEINHOFER, aus Limbach.
-Painting and Decorating- 836 1/2 N. 4 St.


Dear Mr. Berghold: Thanks to your help I was able to get my dual citizenship,
after 8 months of research for various records that you were able to direct
me to. When I went to the Austrian Consulate office in Chicago to finalize
all the qualification, I was told by the Consul General that Schachendorf was
famous because of the murders of citizens either pre-WWI or right after. He
didn't elaborate, and was called away. I was wondering if anyone could fill
me with the facts, as I never heard about this.
(newsletter continues as no. 93A)

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