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February 28, 2001
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This fourth section of the 4 section newsletter contains:

* More Immigrant New World Addresses- Northampton, PA
* Member Correspondence-Frauenkirchen
* Member Correspondence-Fuller Park, IL
* Bob Unger Comments On Fuller Park Book
* Eisenberg-Eisenburg Confusion
* It Pays To List Your Data In OZ
* To Order Book- "Burgenland Panorama"
* Austrian Museum Update
* Staff Masthead and BB URL Addresses
*See BB Homepage for Member & URL Changes*



*AUGUSTIN, Anna, (probably Königsdorf). 1666 Railroad St.
*BAUER, Floria, aus Rauchwart, und Mary HATTLER, aus Ginisdorf. 482 E.10th St.
*BUGNITS, Joseph, aus Pernau, und Catherina LAGITCH, aus Schilting. 834 Main
*CSAR, Karl, aus Ulersdorf, und Mary GASPAR, aus Moschendorf. 806
Washington Ave.
*CSENESITS, Paul, aus St. Kathrein, und Mary FRUHWIRT, aus Edlitz. 132 W. 14
*DEUTSCH, Alois, aus Reinersdorf, und Theresia KISS, aus Kathrein. 1386
Newport Ave.
*DEUTSCH, Eugene, aus Northampton, Pa., und Juliana SZERENCSIS, aus
Reinersdorf, No. 9 East 8. St., Wind Block
*DRAGOSITS, Joseph, aus Kroat.-Chancsendorf, und Theresia MARTH, aus
Kathrein. 1362 Newport Ave.
*GOOL, Frank, und Maria DEUTSCH, beide aus Reinersdorf. 9 E. 8. St.
*GROHOTOLSKY, Josef, und Anna STOISITS, aus Reinersdorf. 11 E. 8. St.,
Northampton, Pa.
*GROF, Joseph, aus Schalendorf, Burgenland, und Theresia SCHNEIDER, aus
Eberau. 1642 Poplar St.
*GROHOTOLSKY, Frank, aus Reinersdorf, und Hermina WAGNER, aus USA. 939
Main St.
*HAMEL, Rudolph, aus Deutsch-Erensdorf, und Anna PELZMANN, aus Bocksdorf. 730
Main St.
*HEIDL, Leonhard, aus Northampton, Pa. und Lena REINICH, aus Moschendorf. 312
E. 9. St.
*JANDRIS, Martin, aus Deutsch-Csancsandorf, und Anna KARNER, aus
Ober-Neusiedl. 138 Canal St.
*JANDRISEVITS, John, aus Kroat. Chancsdorf, und Agnes KLUSCARITS, aus Kroat.
Chancsendorf. 128 Star St.
*JANDRISOVITZ, Joseph, aus Reinersdorf, und Agnes GRODOLSKY, aus Reinersdorf.
1337 Canal St.
*JOST, Frank Sr., aus Ynzenhof, und Julianna KROBOTH, aus Gerersdorf. 204 E.
21. St.
*KERBACHER, Joseph, aus Deutsch-Chancsandorf. 7 E. 8. St.
*KISS, Stephen, aus Deutsch-Ernsdorf, und Rosia GESCHEL, aus Gaas. 339 E. 8.
*KOPFER, Robert, aus Deutsch-Ehrensdorf, und Theresia TITZ, aus
Kroat.-Ehrensdorf. 320 E. 9. St.
*LAKY, Stefan, aus Moschendorf, und Mary STUBITS, aus Harmisch. 842
Washington Ave.
*LANG, Fritz, aus Eisenberg, und Theresia KRATZL, aus Moschendorf. 727
Lincoln Ave.
*LEGATH, Robert, und Maria KOPFER, aus Deutsch-Ehrensdorf. 552 Washington St.
*MAIKITSCH, Jos., aus Gross-Mirbisch, und Anna GRINWALD, aus Gaas. 565
Washington Ave.
*MARAKOVITS, Edward, aus Poniz, und Mary DRAGOVITS, aus Kroat. Chancsendorf.
1364 Newport Ave.
*MARAKOVITS, Johann, aus Winten, und Mary STUBITS, aus Harmisch. 467 E. 10th
*MARSCH, Charles, aus Mochendorf, und Emma GROHOTULSKY, aus Reinersdorf. 952
Washington Ave.
*MARTH, Alex, aus Gissing, und Mary KERN, aus Strem. 2127 Siegfried Ave.
*MARTH, Frank, aus Moschendorf, und Theresia POLZER, aus Eberau. 1067 Main St.
*MARTH, Joseph, aus Moschendorf, und Elisabeth PELZMANN, aus Bocksdorf. 353
E. 11. St.
*MARTH, Louis, aus Glossing, und Rose PELZMANN, aus Pokstorf. 1284 Newport
*MARX, Mike, aus Hasendorf, und Josephine DERKITS, aus Gross-Mürbisch. 137 W.
14. Street.
*MORTH, Alois, aus Moschendorf, und Katharina MATTIS, aus Moschendorf. R. 2.
Northampton, Pa.
*OBERADARTS, aus Reinersdorf, und Emma LAIMAN, aus Bocksdorf. No. 2 Wind
*PANY, Ignatz, aus Dudersdorf, und Elizabeth GARGER, aus Elitz. 561
Washington Ave.
*PELTZMANN, Michael, aus Boksdorf, Burgenland, und Maria PELTZMANN. 1397
Stewart St.
*PFLIGLER, Georg, aus Steinfurt, und Theresa FRICH, aus Inzenhof. 812 Main St.
*PINTER, Franz und Theresia SCHWAB, aus Moschendorf. 950 Lincoln Ave.
*PRICKLER, Frank, aus Unterbildein, und Mary KOGER, aus Unterbildein. 803
Lincoln Ave.
*PUSKOVITZ, Felix, aus Reinersdorf, und Hedwig GRATZL, aus Moschendorf. 565
Washington Ave.
*RECHER, S. Johann, aus Gaas, und Rose A. TOTH, aus Moschendorf. 816 Main St.
*RADAKOVITZ, Paul, aus Scholidorf, und Cecilia SCHRAMMEL, aus Güssing. 351 E.
9. St., Northampthon, Pa.
*RECKER, Johann. 337 E. 9. St.
*REINICH, Frank, und Kate SEIER, beide aus Moschendorf. 470 E. 12. St.
*REITER, Franz, aus Unter Bildein, und Theresia GRAFF, aus Schalidorf. 1504
Newport Ave.
*SCHADL, Rudolf, aus Rabfiditsch, und Anna SCHADL, aus Gerersdorf. 702 Main
St.--- Gasthaus und Restaurant.
*SCHMIDT, Balthasar, und Margreth TOTH, aus Gaas. 1340 Vienna St.
*SCHMIDT, Stephen, aus Pernau, Ungarn, und Julia KORNHEISL, aus Oberlaa bei
Wien. 411 E. 8. St.
*SCHLAFFER, Franz, aus M. Nabrdje, Slav., und Josefine, aus Eberau. 448 E.
10th St. aus Eberau,. 457 E. 11th St.
*SCHOCK, Joseph, aus Grosspetersdorf - Bricklayer and Plasterer - und
Josephine SCHOCK. 304 E. 10. Street.
*STUBITSCH, Louis, aus Hamich, und Ida KEGLOWITSCH, aus Kroat. Chanscendorf.
1382 Newport Ave.
*SCHUH, Louis, aus Kroat.-Ehrensdorf, und Mary JANDRISOVITZ, aus
Kroat.-Chancsandorf. 164 Star St., Northampton, Pa.
*SERENCSITS, August, aus Kroat.-Chancsandor, und Anna MALITSCH, aus
Kroat.-Chancsandorf. 1362 Stewart St.
*SEIER, Anton, aus Moshendorf, und Julia MULZERT, aus Neustift, Burgenland.
R. 2, Northampton, Pa.
*STELTZMANN, Paul. aus Gross-Mirbisch, und Maria LEIGEB, aus Langzall. 474 E.
10. St.
*STRANZL, Alois, aus Urbersdorf, und Mary STUBITS, aus Scharkor. 814 Main St.
*SZABARA, Michael, aus Edlitz, und Rosina KARNER, aus
Deutsch-Ehrendsorf. 349 E. 9th Street.
*SZERENSITS, John, aus Kroat.-Chancsandorf, und Caroline LEGATH, aus
Deutsch-Ehrensdorf. 459 E. 11. St.
*TRINKL, Adolf, aus Heiligenbrunn, und Anna DRAGOWITHS, aus Tohbeiy. 334 E.
9. St.
*WOLFER, Frank, aus Kirchfidich, und Maria PANNY, aus Tutersdorf. 832 Main St.
*WOLFER, George, aus Kohfidisch, und Magdalena SCHLOFFER, aus Steinfurt. 1666
Newport Ave.
*YFSITS, Joseph. 445 E. 10. St., Phone 3898, Northampton, Pennsylvania.


Since joining the BB, I have read with great enthusiasm your newsletters and
am amazed at the detailed research you have done. Acting on your advice, I
was able though LDS records to document the birth records of my
greatgrandfather Wolf Rechnitzer b.1838 and grandfather Ignatz Rechnitzer
b.1872 in Frauenkirchen. Thankyou so much for your help and keep up the good
work. Sincerely, Dr. Bob Rene

Just a minor correction in this last newsletter. I know how careful you are
to be accurate. Fuller Park is a neighborhood on the near south side of
Chicago. It is not a suburb. My parents took me there many, many years ago.
Keep up the good work, so many of us appreciate all that you do so we may
learn and enjoy our Burgenlander Heritage Sincerely, Edward Wolf, Frankfort,


Yesterday I received a copy of Rudolph Unger's book entitled "The Community
of Fuller Park - Those Were the days My Friend." What a great book! Reading
it brings back many, many fond memories of my earlier days. I also received
a letter from Rudolph, in which he told me that his Unger ancestors came from
Kohfidisch, which lies due north of Güssing. His grandfather was born in
1869 in Neumarkt on Tauchental where his father was born in 1897. So, there
is a good possibility that we are all part of a large Unger clan.

Rudolph also informed me that his dad published his early years memoirs-
"Twenty-Five Years of My Life on My Homeland" - at age 83 in 1980. He said
it was a fascinating, insightful book of life in Burgenland, which
unfortunately is out of print. Thus I asked him if I could get a copy, also
asked if he would consider having that book republished. I'll keep you
informed of my progress in getting a copy of that book.

Burgenland Province Austria Queries. A new message, "New info," was posted by
Susan on Wed, 17 Jan 2001 Itis a response to "Strem, Austria and Eisenberg,
Hungary," posted by Susan on Fri, 29 Dec 2000; Surname: MONDSCHEIN,
GROLLERThe message reads as follows:--Since posting my last query, I found
from the Aug 13, 1901 Zeeland passenger list on microfilm that Michael "Mike"
and Johanna "Jennie" Gröller were from Strém, Hungary. They were married
before emigrating. On the Naturalization paper it stated they were both born
in Eisenberg, Hungary. I am going to back-track by ordering the marriages
from Strem, Austria on microfilm in the civil records and hope to find
something new.

Another message, "Eisenberg," was posted by Susan Chimento on Sun, 21 Jan
2001 It is a response to "New info," posted by Susan on Wed, 17 Jan
2001Surname: Graf, Fassel. The message reads as follows:--It was with great
interest that I read the queries and responses about Eisenberg or Eisenburg.
My grandfather, Leonard Graf emigrated from Austria in 1910. I never heard of
Eisenberg until I sent away for his naturalization papers. On the petition
for naturalization, with the information typed, it stated he was from
Litzelsdorf, Eisenberg, Hungary. The declaration of intent which is a poor
copy has the information written (in script). There it appears as though
Eisenburg is spelled with a u. Years ago, I had asked my Uncle Joe where he
was from in Austria and he said Eisenberg. Even though I've collected much
information about my family these are the only times I've run across the
placename Eisenberg.

A new message, "Litzelsdorf," was posted by Fritz Königshofer on Sun, 21Jan
2001 It is a response to "Eisenberg," posted by Susan Chimento onSun, 21 Jan
2001. The message reads as follows:--Susan: While there is a little hamlet
Eisenberg just to the east of Litzelsdorf, I believe that from the context
you are citing it is evident that the meaning there is Eisenburg which was
the German name of the county. "Litzelsdorf, Eisenburg, Hungary" would have
been the normal, ascending sequence of defining the village of your
(ED. NOTE: Village of Eisenberg was called Schauka and Cseke in Hungarian, it
was in the district of Szombathely, Hungary and is now in the district of
Oberwart as the Gemeinde (community) of Deutsch-Eisenberg which includes the
villages of Edlitz i. B., Eisenberg an d. Pinka, Höll and St. Kathrein i.B. I
agree with Fritz that when you see Eisenburg shown on documents, they probaly
mean Komitat (county) Eisenburg (Hungarian Vas Megye) and not the village. I
have seen Eisenburg and Eisenberg shown as the place of origin in the US
Census for 1910-1920, Lehigh-Northampton Counties, PA. Village of Eisenberg
only had 473 inhabitants in 1873. Be aware of this when considering an
Eisenberg place of origin.)


For some time, Burgenland Editor Albert Schuch has been sending German
language immigrant queries to the Oberwart Zeitung (OZ). All you have to do
is contact him. (See previous newsletter articles concerning OZ listings.)
They frequently result in contacts like this:

Subj: Re: Verwandtensuche
(From: Susan Stahley to Albert Schuch)

Thank you very much for sending me the addresses and for posting my query! In
less than a month, I was able to send letters to the two relatives in
Moschendorf, and I heard from one of them today. Emma was able to send me
pictures of the family gravestones, a picture of herself, and sent me family
group sheets filled out with more information! I just want you to know that
you have helped me find relatives, and I know that you have probably helped
hundreds of others!

----- Original Message -----
From: "Albert Schuch" <>
To: "Susan Stahley" <>

Susan, Your Verwandtensuche-inquiry has been printed in yesterday's edition
of The OZ. Also yesterday, I received an email from Ms. Renate Dolmanits in
Güssing who is the secretary of the "Burgenländische Gemeinschaft" in
Güssing.(If you are not familiar with this organisation, see http://go.to/bg)
Ms Dolmanits told me that she had read the article and talked to it about a
visitor from Moschendorf, who happened to stop by at the office later that
day. The visitor was a lady with good knowledge about the old families of
Moschendorf who herself has spent several years in the USA. Now according to
this lady your relatives in Moschendorf are:

Ms. Emma Seier nee Schrammel (her father's name was Peter Schrammel)postal
address: A-7540 Moschendorf 163 and

Ms. Katharina Adam postal address: 7540 Moschendorf 166

Ms. Dolmanits suggested that you write for further details.


This informative illustrated book (reviewed by Burgenland editor Albert
Schuch in BB Newsletter No. 92A) may be ordered from the following (be sure
to specify English language edition):

Dr. Günter Stefanits
Landesschulrat für Burgenland
Kernausteig 3
A-7000 Eisenstadt

Price is $38 plus $18 (book is quite heavy) for surface shipping (28 days
delivery) or $26.50 airmail (8 days delivery). Dr. Stefanits may also be
contacted via email at

AUSTRIAN MUSEUM UPDATE (from Kitty Sauber ()

Just an update on the Austrian Museum being completed on Fifth Avenue at 86th
St, New York City. It is turning into a most beautiful building with
adaptations that have revived a historic mansion. One can look within,
through layers of glass entrance doors, in the evening, as it is often "lit"
(despite not yet open). No official announcement has been given, but opening
date had been slated for Spring 2001.


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