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March 31, 2001
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This second section of the 4 section newsletter contains:=20


This visit took place between June 28, 1939 and October 19,1939, spanning=20
several weeks before and after the start of World War II. War clouds were=20
looming over Europe for some time. Hitler had already sent his troops into=20
Austria and annexed the country to Germany some months earlier. This=20
concerned my mother and she decided to make a quick trip to the village of=20
her birth, Kukmirn in the Burgenland District of G=FCssing, to visit her agi=
mother who was about 80 at this time. My mother, born ROSE MARIE DULD, was=20
one of the younger ones in a large family. Only her twin brothers FRANK and=20
CARL were younger. Her father was MATHAIS DULD, and her mother was JULIA nee=

Concerned that this might be the last time that she would be able to see her=
mother and other family members, my mother made arrangements to visit The=20
Burgenland as soon as possible. She booked passage on the steamship=20
S.S.MANHATTAN bound for Hamburg, Germany, with intermediate stops in Ireland=
England, and France. The ship departed New York on June 28th, 1939, at a tim=
when the Atlantic was already starting to fill with German U-boats.

My mother kept a small pocket-sized diary of her trip. She was able to=20
show only brief daily high points of her activities, and wrote in the old=20
style German Kurrent script. The diary came into my sister's possession=20
upon the death of our parents. My sister Emma, and I thank our cousin Elsie=20
and her friend Annemarie for the work and effort they put into the=20
translation of this old script. Without this translation, my sister and I=20
could not have shared in the pleasures, joys, and anxieties our mother=20
experienced during her visit to her mother, our maternal grandmother.=20

While personal data has been omitted, we do share generic information with=20
the Burgenland Bunch in the event some BB members can glean genealogical=20
history from my mother's contacts in the Burgenland. We capitalized names fo=
ease in finding them within the text. Some names were not clear, but we will=
continue trying to translate them. As I can, I plan to scan images of these=20
names, and make them available to BB members at a later time.=20

Following is a paraphrased summary of the diary and our mother's joyous=20
reunion with family and old friends, but which ended with a frightening and=20
disturbing turn of events for her. We will see her experiences through her=20

Bob Loeffler=20
URL: www.c-zone.net/lvipubl/=20


On June 28th, I arrived at dockside and boarded the S.S. Manhattan just=20
prior to departure time at 12 noon. It was a beautiful day. We settled=20
in and then for the next two days, we enjoyed good weather on our journey=20
across the Atlantic. =20

On the third day, June 30th, I didn't feel too well. I got dizzy and was on=
the verge of becoming seasick. But the next two days were better. The=20
weather was nice and the food was excellent.=20

On July 3rd, I got up early because I could not sleep. There was a storm an=
the ship was shaking. It was very exciting. Tomorrow we arrive in Ireland,=
but I have very sad memories of this day because 13 years ago I lost my dear=
sister. But I am happy that I am on my way to see my Mother whom I hadn't=20
seen for over 25 years.

On July 4th, we landed in Ireland, which has beautiful countryside, at 11:00=
in the evening. It rained and was overcast. After a short stay, we continue=
on to England and arrived at 7 a.m. on July 5th, also a cold and windy day.=20
After another brief stay, the ship sailed very slowly across the channel for=
France. We arrived in France at 4:00 in the afternoon. The ship was not=20
scheduled to leave for Hamburg until 11:00 the next morning, so many of us=20
got off the ship and went to the beach. We couldn't speak French but had a=20
lot of fun with the local people.

On July 6th, the ship sailed for Hamburg and we arrived at 12 noon. The=20
weather was beautiful and there were many ships in the harbor. Hamburg is=20
a beautiful harbor. This was my last day on the ship. At 6:30 the next=20
morning I boarded a train for F=FCrstenfeld, Austria and arrived at 9:30 PM.=
Then I went to my friend RESIE SCHOBER where I stayed until noon on=20
Sunday. We also visited RESI SICHINGER (sp) and MR. FEDMANN.=20

Later, on July 9th, we drove to Kukmirn. We went into the village and over=20
the hills for a joyous reunion with my Mother who barely recognized me. =20
My brother SAMUEL DULD was in F=FCrstenfeld so I did not see him this day. =20
ROSI recognized me right away, but she had a mean dog that almost pulled=20
the clothes off my body. The next day Mother and I went to the tailor and=20
were warmly welcomed. MR.LUDWIG L=D6FFLER opened his wine cellar for us. =20
We drank wine and had a lot of fun reminiscing.

On July 11th, I went into the village to register. I spent this day at=20
Mother's house writing and mailing letters. Later I took a nice walk in=20
the nearby forest. =20

On July 12th, I went to Zahling to visit RUDOLF L=D6FFLER, relatives of my=20
husband FRANK LOEFFLER where I enjoyed a meal and wine. They were very=20
nice people. I also went to see JOHN L=D6FFLER. In the afternoon, I=20
visited ROSIE LACKNER. They have beautiful children. I also went to see=20
JULIE REICHL, where we had some more wine.

Today is July 13th. I went to see my brother JOSEPH DULD. He looks very=20
old, and has a lot of work to do. I also saw JULIE UNGER who was sickly=20
and not too well. The next couple days I got up early. The air was=20
clear. Later I went to see MRS.____?_____ who was also sickly and=20
doesn't want to live anymore. She always worked very hard. FRANZ JOSEPH=20
sent his children to her to bring up.

On July 16th, Mother and I went to see my brother SAMUEL DULD, RESL, and=20
MITZL, the niece of SCHNEIDER. We went to Heilegenkruz to see ELLA and JOHN=
where we had some good wine. They have a very nice boy. After that, we drov=
to Koenigsdorf to visit JOSEPH ERNST who owns a restaurant. We had a very=20
nice Sunday and Mother enjoyed it very much.

It is July 17th, and Mother and I slept late. We stayed at home all day=20
and discussed what kinds of gifts we can get for our American relatives. =20

Then on July 18th, I went to visit ROSIE HAFNER in F=FCrstenfeld and did a=20
lot of shopping. Rosie bought my Mother a bedspread and a new outfit for=20
my brother Samuel. I bought some gifts for my loved ones too. After=20
shopping, we went home by bus. I saw many people that I knew. I did not=20
see REICHL because he was in Canada for four years. Even though=20
I was very tired, I still went to the forest every day. It is beautiful.

On July 19th, Mother and I went to visit ADOLF REICHL. Another very hot=20
day. We wanted to visit this afternoon but had a visit from TINA PERLET. S=
we stayed home and enjoyed our rest. The next day I went to Koenigsdorf with=
ROSIE HAFNER who picked me up by car. Later we returned to Mother, looked a=
pictures and had a good time while munching on apples and pears.

July 21st: I am staying close to home because I am waiting for the postman=20
but I didn't get anything from Robert, Celia, Emma, or Frank. I still=20
don't know what is going on (politically.) Later we went to the REICHL'S=20
in Limbach. We gave them some pictures of the children and didn't stay=20
too long because it was so hot. The next few days I worked in the house,=20
washed clothes, and did some writing before the mailman comes. I am=20
already homesick. My Mother is very good to me, but I think she senses my=20
loneliness. On Sunday, we wanted to go to church but it started to rain,=20
and in the afternoon, we had company again. Samuel was not here but the=20
LACKNERS were here. HAMMER and SCHNEIDER came later. They left at 9:30 PM.=20
We had some nice conversations.

July 24th: Today is a very nice day. I got up late and have nothing planned=20
for today. KOGELMANN's mother came at 8:00AM. She is not well but I don't=20
know what is wrong with her. I stayed home all day with my Mother. JULIE=20
visited us also. The next day was also a very nice day. I wrote=20
a letter to EDIE. I hope to hear from my relatives.=20

July 26th: Today I hope I will receive a letter from America. I already got=20
some mail. I got three letters, one from Cilly, Emma, and Robert. It made=20
me very happy. I stayed with my Mother all day. But the next day I visited=20
RUDOLF WAGNER in Limbach and bought some things for my Mother.

July 28th: Today I went with RESI to buy one pumpkin. I found a very large=20
one - big and nice. It looks like it will rain. Someone wanted me to help=20
thresh the wheat. I did for a while but I got a pain and a stiff back.

July 29th: Today Mother and I went to ROSE HAFNER. She bought different=20
things. At quarter to six we went back home by car and visited GOLDMAN on th=
way. We finally got home at 10:00 o'clock in the evening. We had a very nice=
day together.

July 30th: I went to Heiligenkreuz to ELLA. I wouldn't be able to see her=20
anymore because she will be away. We had to go to Koeningsdorf to get the=20
car. It was very nice today, not too hot. I got home at 10:00. We wanted to=20
go to ST.GOTTHART in Hungary but we couldn't go over the border. We decided=20
to stay in Austria. We had nice conversation. I am very tired now.

July 31st: Today I did not go out of the house because I was too tired and=20
needed to rest. But the next day I went to G=FCssing (to arrange passage=20
home). I have to write to Vienna or go there by myself. I got home at 4:00=20
o'clock. I bought something very nice for Mother. It was a coffee machine=20
and a coffee grinder. She was very happy with her gifts.=20

Aug 2nd: Today I rested under a tree in the garden. In the evening, I=20
visited my brother SAMUEL. We ate a lot of fruit and drank juice. They=20
gave me some milk to take home to Mother. The next day I went to the=20
village to mail a letter to Vienna and visited many friends. It was very=20
hot. Also went to JOSEPH BRUNNER.

Aug 4th: I was at home all day. Did some cleaning. I also stayed home on=20
Aug 5th to write some letters. Later I visited my brother SAMUEL again and=20
ate a lot of fruit again. And I took some fruit home.

Aug 6th: Today Mother and I went to church. It was a nice sermon. Later in=20
the day we had a delicious dinner and sat in the garden. Then a brief=20
storm came and we hurried inside. The storm did a lot of damage. Most all=20
of the fruit fell off the trees. After this, we went to the LACKNER's. We=20
played with the TWINS and had good conversation. We went to UNGER. They=20
had a lot of wheat.

Aug 7th: Today I slept very late. Mother doesn't feel very well. She thinks=20
she will die. Yesterday she was crying. I tried to stop her from crying.=20
She was waiting for the postman for a letter. It's 9:15AM. The weather was=20
nice but there was a dry spell and the people barely have any water in the=20

Aug 8th: I visited my brother JOSEPH DULD but didn't stay long. They=20
started to thresh the wheat but I didn't stay. It was too hot. HANNA and=20
JOSEPH came and we went for a ride and returned home at 10:00 o'clock PM.

Aug 9th: Today I went to the village to the post office. I sent everything=20
to Vienna. I also received two postcards from Cilly and Elizabeth. I also=20
received a postcard from Celia. She was on vacation in Canada. I'm getting=20
anxious to go home. I wish I was already home.

Aug 10th: Today I didn't go anywhere. It is too hot. I did some washing.=20
Did nothing special for today. I also stayed home the next day. I was very=20
happy because the mailman brought four letters from Robert, Emma, Celia,=20
and GUNTHER.=20

Aug 12th: Today I went to Limbach to WAGNER. I bought many things for my=20
Mother. I wrote some letters after I got home. FRANZ ENTLER came to see me=20
and we talked and laughed a lot. Later my brother SAMUEL came and we took=20
a ride together and did some more talking.

Aug 13th: Today is a holiday but it's too hot and we didn't do anything=20
because Mother cannot do anything when it's hot. It's now 2:00PM and HANNA=20
was here. We took a walk and bought a liter of wine. We had good=20
conversation and got home by 8:00 o'clock. HANNA is a dear person and I=20
like her a lot.

Aug 14th: Today it rained lightly. We got news from Vienna. I also got a=20
letter from Elizabeth. I went to get some milk for my coffee, that=20
evening. The next day we had visitors and they stayed late. It rained all=20
night and all day. I wanted to go to F=FCrstenfeld but didn't go because the=
weather was too bad.

Aug 16th: Today it rained again. It's very good for everything. I went and=20
visited some friends and they were very nice.=20

Aug 17th: Today, and the next day, I didn't do anything special because it=20
was still raining. It's good for everything. In the afternoon, we went to=20
see my brother SAMUEL. We cracked a lot of jokes.

Aug 19th: Today was a nice day. I went to F=FCrstenfeld, to RESI, and stayed=
until 4:00PM. Then we went to a beer garden. Mr HAFNER came with us. I got=20
home at 9:00PM on the last bus. Mother thought I wouldn't come back home=20

Aug 20th: Today we went to the village again. The little and big children=20
played theater. I laughed a lot. After this we went out and had dinner. I=20
danced a lot with my brother. I saw many friends. This would be my last=20
Sunday at home. Mother was not too tired. She enjoyed herself. At 8:30, we=20
went home. At 10:00 o'clock we ate more and then went to bed and slept until=
7:30 in the morning.

Aug 21st: Today I am very fresh and went to my brother JOSEPH to say=20
goodbye. I stayed there until 5:00PM and he was very nice to me, and was=20
sorry I couldn't stay longer. He gave me a lot of pumpkin seeds. It was=20
hard to say goodbye to JOSEPH. The next day I got a letter from Cilly. I=20
did some house cleaning. My Mother and I stayed home alone. We talked and=20
ate. She is a very dear Mother.(to be continued in newsletter no. 95A)
(Newsletter continues as no. 94B)

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