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April 30, 2001
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This second section of the 4 section newsletter contains:=20
* An Unforgettable Visit To The Burgenland
* Ethnic Card Game?

Continued from Newsletter No. 94A dtd March 31, 2001.

This visit took place between June 28, 1939 and October 19,1939, spanning=20
several weeks before and after the start of World War II. In this section,=20
we conclude the diary of ROSE MARIE DULD (mother of Bob Loeffler)written=20
during her visit to Kukmirn, Burgenland, the village of her birth. Her fathe=
was MATHIAS DULD, and her mother was JULIA nee PUMMER.

(diary continues)
Aug 23rd: Today we went to LACKNER'S to say goodbye. I had a lot of fun=20
with the TWINS and they wanted to go to America with me. HANNA was there.=20
Also SAMUEL. Everyone was lovely and good. I spent the next day also=20
seeing more neighbors to say goodbye. I still had lots to do. Tomorrow at=20
5:30, I will leave by bus to F=FCrstenfeld. Mother is busy packing for me.=20
She packed food and all the neighbors came to say goodbye. Also LAURA and=20

Aug 25th: This morning I got up at 3AM. One hour before I had to leave=20
Mother, we had what we thought to be our last breakfast together. Mother=20
and SAMUEL went with me to F=FCrstenfeld, and Laura went with me to Vienna.=20
ROSI and KARL also were at the train station. I left at quarter to ten from=20
F=FCrstenfeld and was in Vienna at 3:30PM. We went to HANNA's sister-in-law'=
home at 4:45PM. They were very friendly, and put us up for the night.

Aug 26th: Today I woke up at 6AM. I slept very well. HANNA, ELLY and I went=20
to the agency USA Line. They told me that I cannot sail on the ship=20
President Roosevelt. I have to wait for an answer from Hamburg on Monday,=20
to see if I can get booked on a German ship. I am very tired and=20
disgusted. I was sorry I didn't stay with my family in New York, but I=20
also wanted to see my dear Mother. I went back to HANNA's sister-in-law=20
garden house. I am going crazy trying to get back home. Every one is=20
scared that the war will start.

Aug 27th: Got up at 8AM and had breakfast. ELLY's husband came and went to=20
Heiligenkreuz. HANNA stayed with me until the next day. I will probably=20
find out then if I can go home and when my ship will leave. I wish only=20
one thing - to be home with my family and celebrate. I'm already sick.=20
Maybe tomorrow. Now I must go back to my Mother. But with God's help I=20
will get back home soon. The people here are very friendly and they want=20
to go for a walk, but I didn't want to go. Hope with God's help everything=20
will be OK.=20

Aug 28th: Today I went to my agent again for the latest information. They=20
to get back to Mother's house because all the trains were used for the=20
military. But today HANNA and I were able to get on a train to=20
F=FCrstenfeld, but had to change trains three times. My luggage was very =20
heavy. I am hoping I will get home very soon to my dear family. I'm sick but=
there is nothing I can do.

Aug 29th: Today HANNA and I are at RESI HAFNER'S in F=FCrstenfeld. We arrive=
from Vienna last night at 11PM. Everyone was waiting for me but I didn't=20
think I would make it. Later my Mother came. I was sorry that she was very=20
upset about my situation. We both went home to wait for the time for me to=20
go to the USA. SAMUEL was here. He had a very bad cold and could hardly=20
speak. My only wish was to go home soon if it's God's will.

Aug 30th: Today I should have been on the ship leaving Hamburg. Instead, I=20
am sitting here writing about my misery. Mother says some day everything=20
will be OK. She just can't give up hope. Mother is cooking dinner but I am=20
not hungry. SAMUEL and the rest can't sleep very well. I am still waiting=20
to hear from the agent.

Aug 31st: This morning I got up very early and made breakfast because=20
Mother is feeling dizzy. Mother stayed in bed until noon and felt better.=20
Today I went shopping for Mother. We got ration cards for food because all=20
the rich people were buying everything up, and the poor people had nothing=20
to eat. So, everyone got ration cards. Rich or poor now get the same.=20
Today the people have more hope, and I hope there will not be a war so I=20
can go home. If I can't go home, I don't know what I will do here.

Sep 1st: This morning at 3 AM the war started. All the people are so=20
disgusted. They don't want to work. Many men went away (drafted-?).=20
Everybody hopes the war won't take too long.

Sep 2nd: Today it rained. Many airplanes are flying around. The Hungarian=20
border is closed and we are afraid they will bomb us. I AM A PRISONER HERE=20
AND I AM SICK. I'm praying that I can go home with God's help.

Sep 3rd: It was still raining. Mother cooked dinner because it's Sunday.=20
After dinner, she laid down for a while. She is still in very good shape=20
for her age. I don't know what I would do without her.=20

Sep 4th: Today I got up early. The French and the English declared war on=20
Germany and it looks pretty bad. I know God will do the right thing.=20

Sep 5th: Today I got some milk for Mother. She cannot sleep very well=20
because she worries a lot. I wish everything would come to a fast end so I=20
could go home to my family. This is my great wish.

Sep 6th: Today I went again for milk for Mother. I did a little work for=20
Mother. I was also worried. Today some neighbor boys went somewhere=20
(drafted?) and now it's very quiet in the village. I just hope I won't get=20
sick. I'm so lonely. I'm so far away from my family. I hope God will take=20
good care of=20
my family, and that I can soon get back to them.

Sep 7th: Today Mother and I spent all day with SAMUEL. The time went by=20
very quickly while visiting them. I miss my friends. The next day I went=20
to the village to buy things for Mother so she has it for the future.=20
After, we stayed home all day.

Sep 9th: I did some cleaning for Mother. I miss the warm weather we have in=20
America. We listened to the radio again. Today is the day I should have=20
arrived in New York. Celia would have been on the pier to pick me up. And=20
I'm not there. I wish I can get home soon with God's help.=20

Sep 10th: Sunday and we stayed home to wait for RESIE SCHOBER. We had a lot=20
of pears and plums and she promised to come and pick some up. But she=20
didn't come because she couldn't get on the autoban because of the=20
military traffic. So mother and I went to MR FUCHS. While there, we=20
listened to the news on the radio. Everything looks worse than before=20
because the French are now fighting in the war also. I'm so tired. I want=20
to go home to my family.

Sep 11th: Today I went to my brother to help him harvest potatoes. I'm=20
helping him because I don't have anything else to do while I wait for news=20
of my ship. The next day I received a letter from my family from America.=20
I went to the village because it's such a beautiful day. On the radio=20
today they, the Germans, said "good things" about the war. I hope it won't=20
take too long anymore.

Sep 13th: I wrote to Cilly. I feel sick because I miss my children. Today=20
and tomorrow, I will go to FUCHS to listen to the radio and get the latest=20
news of the war. Everything is still the same.

Sep 15th: Today is my birthday. Mother made apple strudel for us. We went=20
to _____?______ and it rained hard. I got all wet. In the evening I went=20
back to FUCHS to listen to the radio.

Sep 16th: Today I went to SAMUEL to help him with the potato harvesting.=20
Now they are finished with everything. Today I tried to find out if I=20
could go through Holland to New York. They said in a few days I will find=20
out. Mother takes little naps every day so she keeps up her strength. I=20
listened to the radio again and the German's said "it looks pretty good=20
and that they are making progress."

Sep17th: It is Sunday, and I don't feel very well. I have a chest cold. I=20
did drink some Chamomile tea. I feel a little better now, but I'm very=20
tired from all my worries. I hope to hear in a few days if I can get on a=20
ship out of Holland, with the line Antworpen. Today is a beautiful Sunday.=20
I didn't go to church because I am still not well enough. Later we went to=20
FUCHS again, and drank 1/2 liter of wine. We listened to the radio again.=20
I want to go home to my family.=20

Sep 18th: I am sick today, have a lot of pain, and cannot move very well.=20
I'm not doing any work today. I'm listening to the radio again, while=20
Mother made plum cake. I don't know what I would do without Mother. The=20
next day it was raining again. I listened to the radio again. HITLER spoke=20
for almost 1 1/2 hours.

Sep 20th: Today was not nice and was still raining. The farmers didn't like=20
it. I went to FUCHS to listen to the radio again. I still don't feel well=20
and have pain in my chest. I pray to God to get better soon. I got an=20
answer from the Holland Line, and I wrote right back to them.

Sep 21st: I did some shopping for Mother. We have to conserve soap, but I=20
did buy some. Also I bought other groceries. I went to listen to the radio=20
again hoping the news is good and that I can soon go home. I don't want to=20
think about the whole thing or I'll make myself sick again.

Sep 22nd: Today I went to Samuel to help with the potato harvesting. I=20
ruined my shoes. I feel very sick. I have stomach problems and headaches.=20
I'm lonely for my family. I hope it will be very soon that I'll be going=20

Sep 23rd: Today is Saturday. I did some housework for Mother so the time=20
went fast. I'm going to FUCHS to hear the radio again. No news about the=20
war. No news from England. I want to go home to my husband and children in=20
New York.=20

Sep 24th: I don't feel like doing anything. Looks like rain again. The=20
village looked like everyone died because it is so quiet. In my mind I am=20
with my children in New York. I'm always thinking what this war might do=20
especially to my son Robert.=20

Sep 25th: Today it's very cold. I'm almost frozen. I went to FUCHS and the=20
radio says they are still fighting. I didn't hear from the Holland Line=20
and I am very unhappy about it and don't know what to do. Joseph had a=20
stroke. He was a soldier on the Hungarian border. They had a beautiful=20
funeral, but I didn't go because it made me sick. Today I also got a=20
letter from the cruise line. Now I have a little more hope that I can soon=20
go home, through Holland or Italy. In a few days I have to go to Vienna to=20
find out what will happen.

Sep 26th: Today I went to F=FCrstenfeld and brought a plum cake to RESIE=20
HAFNER. I went by foot and was very tired. It rained very hard so I caught=20
a cold again. The next day I went to HAFNER's. They also want to go=20
through Italy. This way I won't be alone. The Allies are having meetings=20
for ending the war. But if it doesn't happen, the war will accelerate.

Sep 28th: Today I went to Rudersdorf to MRS WORLLITSCH (WOLITISCH-?). She=20
is also from New York with her two children. She will go by way of Italy.=20
She's very scared.

Sep 29th: I did some gardening for Mother. Mother went to the village=20
shopping. She came with me to listen to the radio. I hope the end is near=20
or I will get sick from worrying. I cannot write to anyone.=20

Sep 30th: Today the Allies will decide about the war. I will stay home all=20
day and wait for the letter from the cruise line. I will listen to the=20
radio again, and hopefully I will hear something good.

Oct 1st: In the afternoon I went to F=FCrstenfeld to RESIE HAFNER and we ate=
plum cake and other foods. Then we went to K=F6enigsdorf and from there by=20
car to F=FCrstenfeld. MR HAFNER was very nice to me. He tried to cheer me up=
and told a lot of jokes.=20

Oct 2nd: I went by train to Vienna to find out about ships leaving Italy=20
bound for New York. While in Vienna we stayed at KOREYCIK (?). They told=20
me I had a chance to go to America. I sent a telegraph for more money for=20
the tickets because the ocean crossing takes longer from Italy. I am very=20
happy about going home to my family. I hope tomorrow that everything will=20
be finished. Then I will go to Mother for a few days until I must leave.=20
Right now I am sitting by MRS KOREYCIK in Vienna listening to the radio.=20
She is very friendly.

Oct 3rd: Today I had to run around and finally got the tickets for the=20
Ship (SS George Washington.) But I can not go right now because I must first=
get permission from the New York Ship Line, and they wanted to know if=20
I already paid the money for the ticket. =20

Oct 4th: I stayed in Vienna all week. I wrote a card to Mother but she=20
didn't receive it until Friday. Mother was very worried about me. Mother=20
was baking. RESIE and ____?____ both helped her. Now I regret that I=20
can't stay longer. In the evening all the neighbors came to say goodbye.=20
Everyone was so friendly and kind. Mother and I talked all night. Mother=20
prayed all night for me. The next day we got up at 4 o'clock. We went to=20
FRANZ for a short while. I kissed them all goodbye, and my heart was=20
breaking because I will probably never see them again.=20

(No entries for Oct 6-7)

Oct 8th: This morning we got up at 7AM. It broke my Mother's heart. I made=20
the goodbye very short, gave her a goodbye kiss, and left very fast. My=20
heart was breaking. It made me cry too because I don't think I will see=20
her anymore. We only have one Mother in this world. It was very hard for=20
SAMUEL and family too. RESIE cries a lot and very hard. JULIE went with us
to F=FCrstenfeld. We went to HAFNER's and ate there for the last time. RESIE=
drove me to Graz. In Graz I had to go to the police so they could check=20
all the papers. Then I went to the Italian consulate for a visa. I had to=20
stay overnight because we couldn't get to the consulate on time.

(No entry for Oct 9)

Oct 10th: I went to the travel office, and the agent there was so friendly.=20
He helped me because I couldn't get to the ship on Oct 13th, so he phoned=20
Vienna to straighten everything out. They wanted to know AGAIN if the=20
money was paid.

Oct 11th: Today I left Graz at 9:30 AM and went to Rome, Italy. From there=20
to Naples and there I got another fright. This agent hadn't been told that=20
everything for the trip was paid.

(No entry for Oct 12)

Oct 13th: I didn't sleep all night, but finally found out that I could=20
board the ship in Naples. The ship was scheduled to depart from Naples at=20
12:30 today. I arrived at, and boarded the ship with 3 hours to spare. The=20
next day we arrived at Algiers. The ship was stopped there at 10:10AM to=20
10PM because the French took all the German men from 18 years old to 50=20
years old off the ship. The women could stay on the ship but not the men.

Oct 15th: Today at 2PM we passed Gibraltar. On the left side was Morocco=20
and Africa. On the right side was the Spanish coast. It was very=20
interesting. On the ship I made a friend that was on the ship coming over.=20
Her name was KATRINA MEYERS. She is very nice and full of jokes. It is now=20
4:45PM and we are finally on the Atlantic Ocean. The ship goes very fast.=20
I am almost dizzy and seasick. With God's help, we will be in New York the=20
21st of Oct. I can hardly wait.

Oct 16th: Today I am seasick. I took a cup of coffee in the morning but it=20
didn't stay down. The waves are so high the ship was going up and down. My=20
friend MRS MEYERS was also very sick. Most of the people were lying down=20
in their cabins. There were 225 people on the ship, minus 18 Germans taken=20
off and arrested by the French.

Oct 17th: Today I am a little better. Today we passed the Azores, which are=20
Portugese Islands. At night we had a storm. There was a lot of noise=20
during night and it was very cold. We almost fell out of bed, so they gave=20
us life jackets. We stayed in bed two days. I think I am deaf and dizzy=20
from all the noise. But in 3 1/2 days we will be, with God's help, in New=20
York. We are just coming to the Gulf of Biscay. They say there are always=20
a lot of storms there.=20

Oct 18th: I got up late today and had a little breakfast. The ship is=20
shaking and it's cold, even in the living room. It will soon be dinner but=20
I don't have an appetite. The weather is storming.

Oct 19th: Today the weathe

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