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April 30, 2001
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This third section of the 4 section newsletter contains:=20

* A Post World War II Immigrant-Sopron-Germany-Canada-USA
* Vienna - Graz Research
* First Immigrants
* Myrtle Beach, SC Austrian Restaurant-Source of Strudel


Hello, my name is Julius Karl Steiger, I was born in Oedenburg (Sopron) on=20
January 29, 1944. My family fled to west Germany ahead of the Russian advanc=
towards the end of the war. We settled in Derttingen (village), near Werthei=
am Main. After awhile we moved to Wertheim and there I attended the Gymnasiu=

On April 30, 1957 my family immigrated to Canada, we settled in Kelowna,=20
British Columbia where I grew up. My parents still live there. In 1978 I=20
moved to the USA and lived in several western States. I have lived in Omaha,=
Nebraska since 1989.

My wife is quite an enthusiast when it comes to Genealogy . She started on m=
ancestors recently. I have quite a bit of information already, but it will=20
take awhile to get things organized. I have recently received a two page=20
photocopy of a letter (a sort of declaration),- that my father sent me. It i=
written by hand and dated from the middle 17th century. It describes the=20
Knighthood of Anton Steiger, who was a Knight of the Blue Earth. He also had=
a castle, I believe it was the Amstein Burg, but I am not certain of this ?

I have managed to only translate a few lines from this letter because it is=20
written in the Old Style German writing. I can make out several lines fairly=
easily but then most of it is just too hard to decipher for me. I can make=20
out many names that apparently were guests of Anton Steiger that are listed=20
in History books and were the top of Society and Royalty at that time.=20

My grandmother who fled with us from Oedenburg died in Germany and she told=20
me about Oedenburg and very often about the Burgenland and its beauty, the=20
grapes, the wines etc. She missed her home and the area terribly and died=20
heartbroken never having seen it again. Her wish was to return just once, bu=
she just wasn't lucky enough and she passed away. I was a young boy then, an=
she told me often about the estate that the Russians just took from us, and=20
how we all had to flee for our lives and so forth. I will send you some=20
material about the past, what I know and what I was told by my grandparents=20
and my parents.

I have been thinking about a holiday and would enjoy the land of my birth of=
that I am certain. Anyway what information if any can you or your readers=20
help me with on this issue of the Knighthood of the Blue Earth of my ancesto=
and any information on the Castle or estate if it wasn't bombed out ???
Julius Karl Steiger, Bellevue, NE 68123

Fritz K=F6nigshofer replies: Dear Julius (and Donna),

Gerry Berghold asked me whether I would have an idea for pointing you to=20
information on the noble family Anton Steiger von Amstein, your possible=20
ancestors. Let me first of all say that you are welcome to send me a copy o=
the two pages you have. I'll be happy to read them for you and let you know=
what they say (if I am able to decipher them).

There is a small hamlet in the mountains west of Weiz (and north of Graz)=20
called Amstein. However, it is so small that I wonder if it could be the=20
place after which the family was named. I am copying Charles Wardell on thi=
message who is not only a member of the Burgenland Bunch, but runs the GenWe=
query boards for Austria and knows some excellent links to Internet material=
on Austrian nobility. Perhaps he might be able to identify something about=20
the family. Further, if you ever have an opportunity, try to get your hands=
on the Siebmacher Wappenbuch (book of the coats of arms) for Austria, and th=
general index of all Siebmacher volumes. I'll put this lookup on my list fo=
my next visit at the Hungarian Library in Budapest (though I do not know whe=
that may be).

I'll check the Kempelen on Hungarian nobility at my local LDS Library whethe=
the Steigers were also registered as nobility in Hungary (since your=20
ancestors were from Oedenburg/Sopron) and let you know soon in case I find=20

When I searched the web, I found that a Hermann Steiger Edler von Amstein wa=
an explorer of the Hermann's Cave near Kirchberg am Wechsel (which is in=20
Lower Austria, near the border to Styria, and not too far to the west from=20
the Burgenland and Sopron (about 30 miles at most), though the landscape in=20
between is very hilly. The website states that Hermann Steiger von Amstein=20
explored this meanwhile famous cave in 1843 when he was the administrator of=
the nearby castle of Feistritz (whose owner was a Freiherr von Dietrich). =20
Please check the website yourself at=20
http://www.showcaves.com/english/at/showcaves/Hermanns.html , and (in German=
at http://www.cave.at/hermannshoehle/hherf.html , where you will even find a=
picture of Hermann Steiger.

VIENNA - GRAZ RESEARCH (Unger, K=F6nigshofer, Schuch)

(ED. Note: The Burgenland after all is a small place and population spillove=
to nearby communities is a fact of life. It's impossible to restrict our=20
research to the confines of today's borders. Quite often we receive queries=20
about Vienna or Graz. Unfortunately, we do not have those excellent LDS=20
church and civil microfilm records for these places, but all is not lost.=20
There are other records. If your search takes you to these cities, read on.)

In a message dated 2/1/01 Bob Unger () writes:

Many thanks for BB newsletter #92. The info triggered a reaction on my part=
that could possibly lead to finding info about my grandmother, Mary Bernitz=20
Unger. I have been searching for info about her for over 20 years and thus=20
far I still have not learned of her birth place.

In the 92 addendum there is a statement : <By the way, I have long since gon=
through LDS's Vienna residency records for female bearers of the name=20
Juracic hailing from Szentp=E9terfa...>

I was not aware that the LDS had Vienna residency records for females. Do=20
you know the number of those records? The following is what I know about my=20
grandmother Mary Bernitz Unger:

1. She gave birth to a child, Theresa, born 9 April 1888. I don't think
that she was married at the time, because after arriving in the USA she
married my grandfather and stated on their marriage license that she had
not been previously married. However, my grandfather always accepted
Theresa as his child. Theresa came to the USA after my grandparents
were settled and was always considered part of the family. Until I
found their USA marriage license I assumed that they were married in

2. My grandfather served his apprenticeship in Vienna from the period
of 25 September 1887 to 29 October 1889. Therefore it was during his
apprenticeship that Theresa was born. I have my grandfather's original
certificates, document these dates as fact. He served his
apprenticeship for Mr. Schoner, Siebenstern, Nr. 19, 7th district,
Vienna. It is now called the Siebenstern-Brauwirtshaus, Siebentergasse
19, 1070 Vienna. I visited that establishment a few years ago and
inquired if there were any old records by Herr Schoner and was told that
the old owner may have records but they did not know how to contact the
old owner. As I recall, I asked Albert (Schuch) if he had any suggestions=20=
said he would look into it when he had the time, but it possibly fell
through the cracks. Thus I conjecture that my grandmother may have also
worked at the above mention inn with my grandfather.

Maybe the LDS Vienna records can provide some info. Any help you can
offer will be greatly appreciated.

Gerry Berghold replies:
The Vienna residency records are quite voluminous and it has been quite some
time since I used them. You will find them in more or less alphabetical orde=
The film nos. I used were number 1327786 and 1327787 (included "L" series) s=
if you look forward of those numbers (13277XX)you should find the "B" series=
and of course much higher the "U" series. I would suggest you look under all=
possible spellings of "Bernitz" like also "Bernits" "B=F6rnits", etc.=20
Unfortunately I don't have the LDS catalog pages for this series copied but=20
you should be able to find them under Vienna in the catalog.

I'm copying Fritz Konigshofer to see if he can add anything to your search a=
he has used this film series extensively and his knowledge of Viennese=20
records is much better than mine. Let me know how you make out. If we have n=
luck maybe we can pose the question to the membership in one of the future=20

Fritz K=F6nigshofer writes: Bob, Gerry sent me your message.

The Vienna residency records ("Meldezettel") as filmed by LDS are huge but=20
have limitations. First of all, they practically cover only the time betwee=
about 1895 and, at most, 1925. LDS have filmed another set of Vienna=20
residency records, and these are the ones covering people who lived in Vienn=
from 1925 to the end of WW II. In other words, the way I interpret the=20
Vienna residency records so far, they cover people who moved to Vienna or=20
changed addresses between roughly 1895 and 1925, or lived through at least=20
1938. The 1895-1925 records are sorted into a male and female section.

>From your message, it looks to me as if your grandparents may have emigrated=
before the available Vienna residency records could have captured them. It=20
may still be worth a try to look them up. Do you have an approximate date=20
when Maria Unger left Vienna?

When was Maria born? If she was from Southern Burgenland, it might very wel=
be that she first tried her luck with a job in Graz. The City Archive of=20
Graz has very accurate residency records dating back to 1876, and covering=20
the time before 1888 very well, though there may have been several Maria=20
Ungers living in Graz at any time. If you believe it is a possibility=20
(age-wise) that Maria Unger worked in Graz, you could either write to the=20
City Archive of Graz, or I could check their residency records when I get my=
next chance to visit Graz (perhaps in the coming summer). The residency=20
records of Graz have been filmed by LDS, but I practically refuse to work=20
with the films as they are not 100% complete and much more difficult to=20
search than the paper records. However, this is a possibility. For the=20
1876-1892 residency records, four separate books were maintained for each=20
starting letter and first vocal, i.e., 4 books for Bi or Sa, etc., i.e., the=
LDS films must be checked through four sequences of each phonetic two-letter=

Another avenue to suggest are the parish records of Vienna, especially since=
you have a precise birth date of Theresia. Unfortunately, only the male=20
births were indexed by the civil authorities (for reasons of registering the=
names for the obligatory military draft at age 18). However, I believe that=20
you could try your luck by writing to the (many) parishes of Vienna, startin=
with the ones serving the 7th district and surrounding areas. Unmarried=20
mothers often bore their babies at the "Geb=E4rhaus" though I do not know wh=
this was located and which parish served it.Was Maria Unger roman-catholic?

In this respect, you should write an e-mail to the City Archive of Vienna=20
describing your search. Tell them that Maria Unger lived in Vienna from=20
about xxx to yyy and had the child Theresia on April 8, 1888. Say the fathe=
was likely Mr. Bernitz who worked in an apprenticeship at the inn M.Sch=F6ne=
Siebenstern No. 17, 7th district, but that Theresia was born out of wedlock.=
Ask the City Archive whether they have a means to find out the parish where=20
Theresia was baptized or whether they have her birth record, and what parish=
would it have been if Theresia was born in the Geb=E4rhaus (for uneheliche=20
Kinder). Since there absolutely must be a birth record of Theresia somewher=
in a parish or archive in Vienna, I feel that this avenue would be your best=
bet to also find out more about her mother. The e-mail address of the City=20
Archive of Vienna is . If for any reason the address=20
does not work for you, please let me know as I have a backup e-mail address=20
for them.

Obviously, if there is a chance that Maria Unger was still in Vienna in the=20
early 1890s, you could obtain the relevant residency records from LDS. In=20
this case, I'd be glad to advise you on the most likely film numbers for=20
female Ungers. The Vienna residency films are difficult to identify as the=20
ordering system is phonetic and not always logical (for instance K=F6nigshof=
comes before K=F6nig in the male records, but after K=F6nig in the female=20
records!). I am just mentioning it because there are gaps when searching=20
these records, requiring great patience.

Bob Unger replies:

Many thanks for the prompt and detailed response regarding my search for
information about my grandmother, Mary Bernitz Unger. =20

Unfortunately my grandmother arrived in the USA in 1892, three years
before the start of the Vienna residency records. Thus it appears that
looking at those records would not be a good option. =20

My grandmother was born on 9 May 1869 - information provided by my=20
grandfather for her death certificate. Her place of birth on that=20
certificate simply lists the country, Germany, with no city or village=20
designated. Since she was born in Germany, the option of looking for her in=
the Graz records doesn't appear to be a good option. =20

Your suggestion to look at the Vienna parish records appear to offer the bes=
chance for finding information. Both my grandmother and grandfather were=20
Lutherans. I have found my grandfather's birth records for the Lutheran=20
Church in Eltendorf, Burgenland, Austria. Also, both my grandparents were=20
members of the Lutheran Church during their lives in the USA. So there is a=
good chance that my grandmother was a Lutheran while she was a resident of=20
Vienna. Thus, I will send an email message to the City Archive of Vienna=20
asking for their help. I will keep you informed of my progress.

Albert Schuch also writes: Help needed with Vienna Lutheran Church records

Bob, Today I phoned the Oberkirchenrat to talk to Ms. Stangl - the lady in=20
charge of the archives. She told me the following:

The archives is charging a fee for answering genealogical inquiries, which=20
amounts to 600 Austrian Schillings ($40) per hour. I explained that your=20
inquiry probably would not involve a lot of searching, and she said that a=20
search of e.g. only five minutes would of course not cost 600 Schillings. On=
can also set a time limit in order to keep the costs under control.

I told her that I would forward this information to you and asked if=20
inquiries can also be submitted via email. She then gave me the email-addres=
of the archives which is Ms. Stangl said that she is=20
able to read English but would prefer to answer in German.

Do you want to proceed despite the fee? If you do, please let me know if you=
want me to email the information to the archives in German. In that case=20
please also let me know if you want to set a time limit for the search.


Last two issues we asked members to provide name, village, year of birth,=20
date of emigration, where settled and source of data for Burgenland immigran=
ancestors who emigrated between 1870-1880. We received two and they are=20
listed below (new *). Did we miss any? We'd now like data for any who=20
emigrated between 1880 and 1890 (We expect a large number.)

1777-Neutal- Lorenz Sch=F6nbacher-1752-North Carolina
1845-Untersch=FCtzen- Grabenhofer=20
1849-Obersch=FCtzen- Josef M=FCcke-Tennessee
1853-Eisenstadt- Franz Walter
1854-Purbach- Kloiber, Reimer, Trummer-Texas=20
1856-Bubendorf- Ignatz Koegler (and family). Winstead, Minnesota
1857-Deutsch Gerersdorf- John Sherman (and family). Winona, Minnesota*
1857-Neckenmarkt- Ladislaus Raab (and family)*
1858-Lebenbrunn- Ladislaus Grosinger (and family), Henderson, Minnesota
1874-St. Andr=E4- Josef Schmidt and family.*

Robert Schmidt () writes:=20
In response to your

This thread: