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May 31, 2001
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This fourth section of the 4 section newsletter contains:

* Philadelphia, Trenton, St. Louis & Milwaukee Immigrant Addresses
* Pittsburgh Ethnic Clubs
* Unger Book Status-A Success
* Try A Search Engine
* BB Staff and Web Sites

(from Phyllis Sauerzopf and Bob Strauch).

Philadelphia, Pa.:

*BIELLER, John, aus Bad Tatzmannsdorf, und Anna WETZLER, aus Deutsch St.
Michael. B. R. 5965 Palmetto St. Philadelphia 20, Pa.
*EBERHARDT, Daniel, aus Gamischdorf, und Maria HERMAN, aus Gamischdorf.
4456 N. Reese St.
*FRAUENHOFFER, Rosa, geb. IFKOVITS, aus Stegersbach. 1343 N. 5. St.
*HANDLER, Johann, aus Fieberbründl bei St. Johann, Stmk., und Johanna
BISCHOFF, aus Stegersbach. 2930 N. 3. St.
*HERBST, Karl, aus Mogersdorf, und Maria PAULUS, aus Rax. 241 E.
Eleanore St.
*HERBERT, Karl, aus Mogersdorf, und Maria PAULUS, aus Rax. 241 E.
Eleanore St.
*KRAMMER, Karl, aus Gamischdorf, und Ernestine KLOLBER, aus Gamischdorf.
1536 N. Lawrence St.
*PAAR, Frank, und Elisabetha PAAR, aus Rokendorf, Kom. Oedenburg. 115
Duncannon Ave.
*SIMON, Richard, und Genovefa GRABNER, aus St. Margarethen a. d. Raab,
Stmk. 2502 N. Orianna St.
*STOECKL, Witwe Hedwig, geb. PEISCHL, aus Stegisbach. 5043 N. 4. St.

Trenton, NJ:

*CHERRY, Victor, aus Oberradling, und Anna ESSERT, aus Palanka, Bacska.
107 Liberty Ave., Trenton 10, New Jersey.

St. Louis, Missouri:

*BUTSEK, Louis, aus Serciza, Burgenand. 1926 E. Grand.
*CHANITZ, Michael, J., aus Rechnitz. 4407 Strodtman Pl.
*DEUTSCH, Franz, aus Badesdorf, Burgenland, und Theresia SCHMIDT, aus
Deutsch Schützen. 5389 Arlington St.
*FRUEHWIRTH, Stefan, und Theresia UNGER, aus Strem. 8555 Oriole St.
*GARGER, Georg, aus Edlitz, und Theresia PANNY, aus Tudersdorf. 3433 N.
14. St.
*GREGORITZ, Carl, aus Rehgraben, und Theresia SWETICH, aus Steinfurt.
1421 Destrehan Street.
*HUGMAN, Georg, und Elisabetha UNGER, aus Deutsh Schützen. 3417 Blair
*JANDA, Louis, aus Voslau, Oesterreich, und Maria WOLFART (PICKEL), aus
Worth, Burgenland. 3333 S. 13. St.
*KAPPEL, Josef, aus Bernstein, Bgld., und Polte BADER, aus Gloggnitz,
Nieder Oesterreich. 724 Wilmingon.
*KNOPF, Martin, aus Deutsch Schützen, und Maria AMANN, aus Stanasic,
Bacska. 2920 S. 13th.
*KNOPF, Michael, aus Deutsch-Schützen, und Anna UNGER, aus St. Louis,
Mo. 666 Doddridge St., St. Louis 15, Mo.
*KREINER, Karl, aus Backs, Bgld., und Rosa WIENER, aus Jennersdorf. 4024
4024 N. 9. St.
*MAGDITCH, Maria, geb. PEHR, aus Deutsch Schützen. 3420 Blair Avenue.
*MAYER, Franz, aus Temesvar, B. R. und Bertha SCHMIDT, aus Boverteck,
Burgenland. 139 Loretta Avenue.
*RESETARITS, Simon, und Maria STIPSITZ, aus Stinatz, Burgenland. 3013 S.
18. St.
*SCHALK, Constantin, aus Woerth, Steiermark. 3422 Eads Ave.
*STRINNI, Andreas, und Maria KNOPF, aus Deutsch Schützen. 3335 Klein St.
*STRINNI, Josef, aus Deutsch-Schützen, und Julia GIBISER, aus
Neu-Stift. 3921 Blair Ave.
*SWETICH, Andreas, aus Rehgram, Burgenland. 8578 Partridge St.
*UNTERREINER, Franz, aus Klein-Jecsa, B. R., und Theresia SCHUNERITSCH,
aus Sandsee, Bgld. 2135 Alfred Ave.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

*ADELMAN, Joseph, aus Markthodis, Bgld., und Elizabetha WEINEK, aus
Wieselburg, Ungarn. 546 N. 10. St.
*BINDER, Josef, aus Kirchfidisch, Bgld., und Katharina TIGLMAN, aus
Hðgyesz, Tolna, Ungarn. 2434 S. Burrell St., Milwaukee 7, Wis.
*KATZENBACH, Elias, aus Kistormas, Tolna Megye, und Maria VARGA, aus
Hannersdorf, Eisenburger Kom. 3807 N. 28. St.
*MERLE, Joseph, aus Ernesthaza, Ungarn, und Karoline Johanna BRUEKLER,
aus Grieselstein, Burgenland. 2039 N. 30. St.
*SCHMID, Johan, aus Heibühl, Niederbayern, und Emma ROSENKRANZ, aus
Stegersbach. 2828 N. 83. St., Milwaukee 13, Wis.
*SOPPER, Rose, geb. UNGER, aus Kðnigsdorf. - Liberty Tavern - 1127 N.
Water St.
*TRIMMEL, aus Poppendorf, und Adelheid SIDERITS, aus Stegersbach. 723
Juneau. Ave.

PITTSBURGH ETHNIC CLUB (suggested by Anna Kresh)

Ethnic clubs were very popular with the immigrants and their first generation
because they were a piece of the homeland. A place were you could hear the
old language spoken, eat ethnic food, hear ethnic music and meet other
immigrants. Following WWII and the coming of later generations they began to
die out except in the larger cities. They added much to our heritage. From
time to time we hear from a few-there are the Chicago, New York City and
Allentown-Northampton-Coplay-Lehigh Valley Clubs. There are also the Austrian
Societies that feature student scholarships. I belonged to one in Wilmington
DE (the Austrian American Society) which raises money through an annual ball
to send students to study at Salzburg. Many of these are not strictly
Burgenland clubs and I've had one group tell me "Burgenland-oh you're
Hungarian, but we'll accept you anyway!" Nonetheless, you'll find acceptance
and "Gemütlichkeit" in most.

Anna Kresh lives near Pittsburgh and she sends me some literature concerning
the Teutonia Männerchor at 857 Phineas St. Pittsburgh, PA 15212. They have a
full schedule of events as well as restaurant facilities featuring ethnic
food. They are even open for lunch. I notice they have three choirs, a
schuhplatter group, a "pool" league, a "66" club (retirees?) and even a
Schützen Verein (a shooting club). Having followed the shooting circuit for
over thirty years, some day I must do an article about the very ancient
"Schützen Vereins"-still popular in Austria and Germany. A sensible approach
to target shooting which started when they began using crossbows. The
Teutonia features ethnic festivals (they hold "Schlachfests" or butchering
festivals) and musical evenings with entertainment and dancing. I didn't
notice any strudel or goulash on any of their menus but they do feature
"schnitzels" and "würst" of all types, apple and cherry kuchen and what they
call pancakes ($2.50 extra for 4) may be "palatschinken!" Dues (as shown in
the March 2001 newsletter) are $45. They issue a very nice 8 page monthly
newsletter. We must visit Anna and have her take us there as a guest some
day! Anna's also sent the program for their Spring Concert (Frühjahrs
Konzert) 28 April 2001, featuring a chorus of 100 voices. A tremendous ethnic
"Germanic" package for limited annual dues.

Anna included the program for the 16th (March 10) Austrian Ball (dinner
dance) held by the Austrian American Cultural Society of Pittsburgh. Since
1997 they've awarded eight scholarships totaling $20M to Univ. of Pittsburgh
students for study in Austria. The program cover includes the "red-white-red"
of Austria with the Habsburg coat of arms and the Strauss monument in
Vienna's City Park.

If you live near Pittsburgh and are interested in ethnic events you'd do well
to check out both of these organizations.


I must admit that when the idea of having a book reprinted first came up, I
was not all that enthralled. The BB Newsletter alone takes up more time than
I wish to devote. However, when Bob Unger sent me a copy of subject book, I
couldn't resist making it available to the membership. Fortunately Bob and
the author's son Rudy Unger took full responsibility and I merely had to
provide some review and correspondence. In addition, I wasn't sure the
membership would respond. Fortunately my fears were not justified. Bob Unger
sends the following:

Unger book status report: Many thanks to all those who requested a copy of
the book entitled "Twenty-five Years of My Life in My Home," by Robert Unger,
covering the period of 1897-1922 in Burgenland. As of May 28, we had
requests for 192 copies of the English version and nine requests for the
German language version. Rudy Unger informed me that he plans to start
mailing books to those who have sent their checks - sometime in June 2001,
subject to the receipt of the books from the printer. Rudy has ordered 200
books from the printer - allowing for a few for those who read the book and
then decide that they want another copy for a gift. Because of the number of
book requests, Rudy has been able to offer the book, in paperback form for a
cost of $15.00 per copy, including shipping and handling within the U.S.A.

For those who have requested the German language version of the book, the
number of requests is not yet sufficient to republish that version. However,
we are still pursuing that matter and will keep Burgenland Bunch members
posted on developments via the newsletter.

Hopefully I was successful in responding to each and everyone who sent me an
email requesting for the book. If I some missed someone, I apologize - I
tried. If I failed to send you a response, you can obtain a copy/s of the
English version of the book by ordering it directly from Rudy Unger at the
following address:

Rudolph M. Unger
6915 Lexington CT.
Tinley Park, IL 60477

(1) Send check made out to Rudolph Unger; $15.00 per copy

(2) Include a slip of paper with your name and address clearly printed in
large letters - to be used as a mailing label for your book. This will help
Rudy Unger expedite shipping.

I was surprised when Rudy told me the price of the paper back book was only
$15.00 postpaid. It cost me $17.20 just to copy the pages. So when one
factors in the cost of packaging and postage,the cost could be well over
$20.00. Receiving requests, packaging, addressing, mailing - what a job Rudy
has volunteered to do for us. We're getting a bargain, but the best part will
come when you read the book. That experience is priceless!

Our thanks to Rudolph Unger for allowing the book to be republished.
Sincerely, Bob Unger, Burgenland Bunch Contributing editor: (No relation to
the Author of the book - at least no relationship has been established yet.)


Members Jim Seifert, Albert Schuch, Fritz Konigshofer and I have been working
on the life of Father Alexander Berghold, priest, poet and author. We've
uncovered many details of his life, which you can find in our newsletter
archives. Jim recently used the "Google Search" (c) to see what he might
find. Although he met our files, he also found some other material. You might
see what is available for some of your names.

Google Search: "Alexander Berghold'' -Friends: I was pleased to discover this
web site. Any comments? Jim

Searched the web for "Alexander Berghold''. Results 1 - 10 of about 27.
(listing a few) Search took 0.07 seconds.

Diocese of New Ulm: News & Information
... Diocese of New Ulm to establish memorial to Fr. Alexander Berghold. New
Ulm The diocesan Father Alexander Berghold Memorial Committee has initiated a
commitment ... www.dnu.org/news/110700news.html

Diocese of New Ulm: Bishop Lucker
... Flavia. The Poor Handmaids had been invited to New Ulm and encouraged
in their work at the hospital by Father Alexander Berghold, pioneer Catholic
priest. The ...

James Connelly Recounts Beginning of St
... Fr. Theodore Venn, August 1866 to December 25, 1867; Rev. Alexander
Berghold, September 1868; Rev. Fr. McGenty (three months) spring of 1869;
Rev. TC Kennedy ... www.rootsweb.com/~mnlesueu/Stthosbegins.htm

newsletter features articles on Emigration Papers, Hamburg Ship List Search,
Alexander Berghold's "Land und Leute", Bremen Port of Departure, Mail >From
... archiver.rootsweb.com/th/read/BURGENLAND-NEWSLETTER/1999-07

Berghold Origin
... who are researching family. Also any new information concerning one
Father Alexander Berghold, missionary to New Ulm, Minnesota in late 1800's.
He returned and ... genconnect.rootsweb.com/gc/Austria/Styria/

Burgenland Bunch Surnames B
... Berghold, James Seifert, Sankt Margarethen (Styria), Alexander Berghold,
b. 14 Nov 1838, d. 18 Nov 1918 in Mooskirchen (near Graz, Styria). Pastor of
Holy ...

PJ.Thomas - San Francisco
... The Indians Revenge or Days of Horror - Some Appalling Events in the
of the Sioux, Alexander Berghold, 1891, ? Last Changed on 11/19/2000.


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