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June 30, 2001
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This second section of the 4 section newsletter contains:

* It's A Long Way To St. Peterfa
* More Immigrant Addresses-South Bend, IN


Earl writes:
There's no way you could have known it at the time, but one of the things you
the set in motion when you created the BB was me.

Although I didn't join your group until a few years after it was born, I'm
still holding you partly responsible. One day I innocently inquired on the
Web if anyone might have heard of my grandfather and I was steered to the BB.
My life hasn't quite been the same since.

BB member John Lavendoski not only found my grandfather's place of birth,
Szentpeterfa, Vas, Aus-Hun (Prostrum in German), he provided me with 8
generations of ancestors who came from the same village. (I immediately
started worrying about the size of the gene pool) I knew I had to go there
someday soon. A natural caution prevented me from sharing this happy thought
with my wife.

There was a kicker in this flood of information, however. It seems my
grandfather was not legitimate. At first I took this pretty hard. But then I
realized there was nothing I could do about it. And there was nothing my
grandfather could've done about it. And probably not my ggrandmother, either.
I like to think she was spotted by some passing stranger from a far distant
place and they were swept away by their passions. (It increases the gene

Also in studying the LDS records I noticed that an entire column was devoted
to illegitimacy so it must not have been such a rare occurrence.

Now you don't just hop on a plane and find yourself in Szentpeterfa, Hungary.
You have to want to go to Szentpeterfa. You have to desperately want to go to
Szentpeterfa. I finally broke the news to my wife. "Oh, wonderful! I've
always wanted to go to ST. PETERSBURG!!!"

When I explained it was the other Szt. place and threw in Budapest and
Prague, she really took it quite well. Not so our travel agent. She felt we'd
be far better off going to Hawaii. I told her that as far as I knew none of
my ancestors had ever been near a surfboard.

Our trip got off to a non-flying start with a 5 hour delay at LAX. Lufthansa
pilots were not sure they wanted to fly. I didn't mind the wait. When I get
on a plane, I want it to be with a pilot who really wants to fly.

We arrived in Budapest many, many hours later where I amused the natives with
my own special brand of Hungarian. I'd been studying the language for some
months and even my teacher was beginning to get discouraged. She did,
however, write a very nice letter to Fr. Schneller warning him I was on my
way. I was hoping to find some sort of record of my mother's birth which
occurred years after the LDS records for Szentpeterfa stop.

Budapest was in bloom. Every tree and flower was offering its best. So was
the Hungarian State Opera where we saw a shattering production of "Madame
Butterfly." Barbara started crying at about the second note and I held out
until at least the fifth.

But lurking behind all this pleasure was the knowledge that we would soon be
on a train to Vienna and a Hertz car rental office. John Lavendoski had
advised me that the best way to get to Szentpeterfa was to drive there from
Vienna since the highways in Austria are much better than those in Hungary.

I was apprehensive because I speak no German but John didn't think that was a
problem. So I got an international license at the Auto Club where the only
qualification was $18 and I got nervous again at the thought of a lot of
people like me on the road.

I had nothing but fond memories of Vienna where Barbara and I had stayed at
the Imperial Hotel some 20 years ago. But the cab ride from the train station
to Hertz revealed it's a far different place today. It's been ruined by the
automobile as have so many other cities of the world. Logic would dictate
that with more cars on the road every year we should be making them smaller.
Instead were making them larger. We're making tanks to better express our
road rage.

We finally arrived at the Hertz office and it seemed a very good omen when I
spotted the Imperial Hotel across a small street not more than half a block

Tomas stood behind the counter wearing shoulder-length hair and a smirk. I
had requested a Mercedes. No chance. We were getting an Opel and we'd better
like it. (As it turns out we did. Although at one border crossing I couldn't
unlock the trunk for inspection.) I told him we were headed for Oberwart and
asked for a map. He produced one and quickly drew too many arrows on it. Then
he pointed. All we needed was A23 over the canal.

We loaded the car and were off. The first thing I realized was that it was
impossible to go in the direction Tomas had pointed. No left turn was
permitted there. At the next corner no right turn was permitted, and I
discovered that was the pattern for all of Vienna. Every direction I wanted
to turn was not permitted. I was only allowed to go the way I didn't want to
go. Barbara had the map with all the arrows but couldn't find her glasses.
And Barbara without her glasses is like touring with Ray Charles.

She kept urging me to stop and ask directions. I resisted. What was the
point? Unless we lucked onto someone who spoke English, what good would it
do? Eventually she wore me down and I pulled over to a hotel doorman standing
on the sidewalk. While Barbara was speaking to him, I was showing my map to
the hotel's limo driver. Then I happened to glance up and saw the Hertz
rental office. We were parked in front of the Imperial Hotel. After 35
minutes of hard driving I'd gone half a block

The limo driver gave me a second map, drew some more arrows, and pointed.
A23. Over the canal. I felt better. So did Barbara. The doorman thought she
looked the same as 20 years ago. We were off again and within 15 minutes I
was willing to concede that I might not know where I was. This time I pulled
over to a policeman and Barbara looked so distraught that he said, "Follow
me." We were given a police escort out of Vienna!

The Burgenland is astonishingly beautiful. It's surely how the world was
meant to be. For our ancestors ever to have left it, their need must have
been very great.

"From America?" Fr. Schneller asked as he approached us. We had arrived after
the last mass at St. Peter and St. Paul's chuch in Szentpeterfa. I nodded.
Clearly he had been expecting us. He indicated a handsome looking woman who
introduced herself as Vernoica Teklits and said she'd be happy to act as
interpreter. Fr. Schneller wanted us to follow him to the rectory.

The large book containing birth records lay open on a table and Fr. Schneller
pointed to an entry. A chill ran through me as I saw my mother's name and the
date: "8 Aug. 1902"

I either read or somebody told me not to expect too much of a first
genealogical trip. That I'd be very lucky to find anything. As you can see,
I'm one lucky guy.

P.S. We were given a wonderful lunch by Veronica's sister, Agnes, and later
taken to see the house where my mother was born. The Pinka river is at the
foot of the property.

(Ed. Note: This concludes the addresses which we started publishing in
newsletter number 95. Our thanks to Bobby Strauch for loaning us the material
and to Phyllis Sauerzopf for a monumental data entry job.)

South Bend, Indiana (Listings with Germany and US origins removed)

*ANDERT, Andreas und Elizabeth SCHWARZBAUER, aus Pamhagen. 1924 S.
Kendall St., South Bend Ind.
*ANDERT, Josef, aus Pamhagen, und Theresia VACIL, aus Cleveland, Ohio.
1707 S. Catalpa Ave.
*BAAR, Joe, aus Frauenkirchen, und Theresia BAAR, aus Pamhagen. 735 N.
*BANFI, Oscar, aus Oedenburg, Ungarn, und Ida BOKOR, aus Oedenburg. 2121
S. Miami St.
*BIRSCHITZKY, Stefan, aus Frauenkirchen, und Elizabeth PROMINGER, aus
Frauenkirchen. 2026 S. Scott St.
*BOEHM, Adolf, aus Unterschützen, und Franziska MITTERMAYER, aus South
Bend, Ind. 1825 Mohawk St.
*BUZOLITS, Isidor, aus Kr. Minihof, und Rose SCHEIDL, aus Raiding. 1801
S. Kemble Ave.
*BUZOLITS, Michael, aus Kr. Minihof, und Magdalena FUCHS, aus Lakenbach.
926 N. Eddy.
*CZEMAR, Joseph, aus Kr. Pullendorf, und Rosalia KEYLOVICH, aus Gross
Mutschen. 1314 S. Franklin St.
*Deutsch Fortbildungs Verein von South Bend, Ind. 1541 S. Prairie Ave.
Pråsident, Josef ANDERT, Pamhagen; Sec., Johann WOLF, Worth, Oester.
*DRAGAN, Ernest, aus Deutsch-Kreuz, und Agnes PRIKOSOVITS, aus Kr.
Minihof. 2118 S. Kemble Ave.
*ECKER, Witwe Johanna, aus Raiding, und Sohn Josef ECKER jr, aus South
Bend, Ind. 1402 Kemble Ave.
*ERDOS, Franz, aus Arad Barzava, Rom., und Agnes FORKAS, aus Kr.
Minihof. 2121 S. Kemble Ave.
*FIRTL, Franz, aus Kolnhof, Ungarn, und Marai BUZOLITS, aus Minnihof.
2208 S. Kemble Ave.
*FREITAG, Alois, von Lungitz, Oesterreich, und Elizabeth WEIS, aus
Frauenkirchen. 1802 S. Nash St.
*FREITAG, Franz sen., aus Hartberg, Steiermark und Maria SINGER, aus
Hartberg. 1806 S. Oliver St.
*FUCHS, Andreas, aus Dreiskirchen, und Leopoldine SCHEIDL, Raiding. 1802
Kemble Ave.
*FUMITS, Witwer Josef, aus Stegersbach, und Tochter Hermine SCHAUB, aus
South Bend, Ind. 1822 Prairie Ave.
*GAUGL, Witwer Johann, aus Stegersbach, Steiermark, Oesterreich, und
Wilhelm GAUGL, aus New York City. 124 E. Eckman St.
*GOEPFRUIT, John, aus Pannhagen. 1625 Sibley Ave.
*GRAF, Frank, aus Ilmitz, und Ester PAP, aus Mihaly, Ko. Odenburg. R. 5,
Box 206.
*GRUEBER, Witwe Louise, aus Hartberg, Steiermark, Oesterreich. 1801
Prairie Ave.
*HAAS, Herman, aus Pollau, Steiermark, Oesterreich, und Ethel WINKLER,
aus South Bend, Ind. 1637 S. Pulaski St.
*HAUDLER, Johann, aus Lungitz, Oesterreich, und Josefine HAUDLER, aus
Westfalen, Deutschland. 1310 W. Duboil St.
*HESCHL, Karl, aus Leitersdorf, Oesterreich, und Maria WIGER, aus South
Bend, Ind. 183 S. Douglas St.
*HUTTER, Josef, aus Haratschon, und Anna KROTTNER, aus Heretschon. 2118
S. Olive St.
*JESKE, Emil, und Elisabeth DEGROVITS, aus Pamhagen. 1805 S. Scott St.
*JORDANICH, Eduard, und Magdalena VUKOVICH, aus Kro. Minnihof. 414 W.
Indiana Ave.
*KEGLOVICH, John, aus Geresdorf, und Katharina, aus Gross Mutschen,
Burgenland. 630 W. Indiana Ave.
*KEGLOVITS, Rosa, aus Rehgraben. 124 E. Eckman St.
*KIRISITS, Johann, aus Stegersbach, Steiermark, Oest., und Theresia
WUKOVITS, aus Stegersbach, Steiermark, Oest. 1422 W. Indiana Ave.
*KIRISITS, Vinzent, aus Stegersbach, Steiermark, Oest., und Theresia
SIDERITZ, aus Stegersbach, Steiermark, Oest. 1711 S. Oliver St.
*KISINGER, Joseph, aus Ungarn, und Rose BUECKER, aus South Bend, Ind.
1525 Catalpa Ave.
*KISS, Josef, aus Hedervar, Ungarn, und Paula GRUNDTNER, aus Magyar
Kimle, Ungarn. 529 W. Indiana Ave.
*KOVACH, Mary, aus Wien. 415 E. Kersey St.
*KOTZENMACHER, Andreas, aus Pamhagen, und Barbara EBELING, aus
Würtemberg, Deutschland. 602 W. Indiana Ave.
*KORN, Julius, aus Deutschland, und Franziska WEINZETL, aus
Pamhagen. 1630 S. Taylor St.
*LEHMAN, Ludwig, aus Kalisch, Deutschland, und Katharine ZWICKL, aus
Tadten, Oesterreich. 1717 S. Scott St.
*LEIER, Franz, aus Pamhagen,und Katharina
SCHEIBLHOFER, aus Todlen. 522 W. Indiana Ave.
*LENTSCH, Matthew, aus Frauenkirchen, und Mary HAFNER, aus
Frauenkirchen. 750 W. Indiana Ave.
*MATTASITS, Alois, aus Holling, Ungarn, und Maria BUSCH, aus Haratson,
Oesterreich. 2201 S. Kemble Ave.
*MAZALL, John, aus Ungarn, und K. BEIDINGER, aus Burgenland. 1311 S.
*MASCHLER, Witwe Theresia, aus Raiding. 2125 S. Oliver St.
*MAYERHOFER, George sen., aus Harotschon, Oesterreich, und Minnie
*MAYER, Hermine Fr., aus Wien, Oesterreich. 1307 E. Jefferson Blvd.
*MIHOLICK, Mathias, aus Gross Warasdorf und Cecilia
SLIPKOVITS, aus Gross Mutschen. 407 W. Indiana Avenue.
*MITTERMAYER, Ignaz, aus Holling, Komitat Oedenburg, Ungarn, Gen.
Insurance-Reisebureau. 129 S. Lafayette Blvd, South Bend 12. Vertreter
der National Weeklies-Zeitungen in South Bend, Indiana.
*MITTERMAYER, Emerick, aus Eisenstadt, und Margaret MARKRAY, aus Wien,
Oesterreich. 1818 N. Orleans St.
*MULLNER, Leopold, aus Pamhagen, und Elizabeth SCHEIBLHOFEr, aus Tadten.
1635 S. Franklin St.
*NAGY, Frau Anna, aus Sziplak. 1310.
*NEUMETH, Peter, aus Pali, Kom. Oedenburg, Ung., und Aurelie GRUNDTNER,
aus Ung. Kunlink, Kom. Wiesenburg, Ung. W. Washington St.
*ODUSCH, Moritz, aus Oedenburg, Ungarn, und Son Franz ODUSCH, aus South
Bend, Ind. 1617 S. Chapin St.
*OSWALD, Franz, aus Stegersbach, Steiermark, Oest., und Martha OSWALD,
aus South Bend, Ind. 1814 S. Catalpa St.
*PAAR, Alexander, aus Holling, Kom. Oedenburg, Ung., und Paulina
MILLITIUS, aus Pamhagen, Oesterreich. 610 W. Indiana Ave.
*PAIRITZ, Johann, aus Kohlenhof, Kom. Oedenburg, Ung., und Maria
PAIRITZ, aus Kohlenhof, Kom. Oedenburg, Ung. 2210 S. Oliver St.
*PALATIN, Frau Katharina, geb. KEGLOVICH, aus Geresdorf. 1211 S.
Franklin St.
*PALKOVITS, Mathias, aus Illmitz, und Leopoldine ANDERT, aus Pamhagen.
611 W. Calvert St.
*PANTZER, George, aus Neckenmark, und Anna KIRISITS, aus Stegersbach,
Steiermark, Oest. 1534 S. Swygart St.
*PASMANN, Leopold, aus Raiding, und Katharine MAYERHOFER, Oesterreich.
2004 S. Taylor St.
*PILLER, Anton, No. 2, aus Wolfs, Kom. Oedenburg, Ung., und Katherine
VARGA, aus Wolfs, Kom. Oedenburg, Ung. S. Oliver St.
*PILLERS, Paul, aus Kohlenhof, Kom. Oedenburg, Ung, und Tochter Minnie
PELLERS, aus South Bend, Ind. 2112 S. Arnold St.
*PILLER, Anton, No. 1, aus Kohlenhof, und Julia STEINHOFER, aus
Pamhagen. 1923 S. Chapin St.
*POLZ, Alexander, aus Dresden Sachsen, Deutschland, und Anna RUDY, aus
Deutsch-Schützen. 628 N. Cushing St.
*PRIKOSOVITS, Franz, aus Minihof, und Maria ZABO, aus Nebersdorf. 606 W.
Indiana Ave.
*PRIKOSOVITS, Thomas, aus Minnihof, und Julia WEINZETL, aus South Bend,
Ind. 606 W. Indiana Ave.
*REINER, Emerich, aus Tadten, und Florence GRUMMANN, aus South Bend,
Ind. 1904 S. Scott St.
*SCHEU, Frank, aus Neckenmark,Oesterr. 1807 S. Scott St.
*SCHEIBLHOFER, Martin, aus Tadten, und Christine Hofner, aus
Frauenkirchen. 801 E. Miner St.
*SCHEIBLHOFER, Witwe Christine, aus Tadten. 522 W. Indiana St.
*SCHERDL, Josef, aus Raiding, und Maria MASCHLER, aus Raiding. 2125 S.
Oliver St.
*SCHEU, Johann sen., aus Neckenmark, und Maria WINKLER, aus South Bend, Ind.
1621 S. Pulaski St.
*SCHEU, Johann sr., aus Neckemmark, und Rosa BUSCH, aus Haratson, Oest. 1807
S. Scott St.
*SIDERITZ, Adolf, aus Stegersbach, und Maria GERGACZ, aus South Bend, Ind.
*SIDERITS, Eduard, aus Stegersbach, und Agnes SIDERITS, aus Ungarn. 314
S. Meade St.
*SIDERITZ, Robert, aus Stegersbach, und Theresia LUKOVICH, aus South
Bend, Ind. 1017 W. Duboil Ave.
*STEINHOFER, Johann, aus Pamhagen, und Anna GRABNER, aus Holling, Kom.
Oedenburg, Ung. R.R. 4, Box 422.
*STEINHOFER, Franz, aus Pamhagen, GND, Oesterr., und Maria KOPPY, aus
Pamhagen. 1633 Florence Ave.
*STRANZ, A., aus Pamhagen, und Kathrine THURINGER, aus Pamhagen. 1017
Thomas St.
*STRANZ, Stefan, aus Pamhagen, und Rosalia DEGOVITS, aus Pamhagen. 1712
S. Scott St.
(T to Z continued in Newsletter 97C)


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