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This special edition of the newsletter includes:

* Report From Gerry Berghold's Trip
* Final Invitation To BB Minneapolis Picnic
* Burgenland Choir Cantus Felix Coming To North America
* Hannes Graf Joins Staff-Picnic Pictures & Music
* Staff Listing


In 1974 we came to Austria for the first time, unknown Auslanders, knowing no
one. In July 2001, we came for the fifth time and were overwhelmed. We came
originally to seek ancestors, we have since found ancestors, cousins, friends
and the Burgenland Cross of Honor. Molly and I are still recovering from this
wonderful experience. We would like to share some of our trip memories with

The help of Albert Schuch, Klaus Gerger, Walter Dujmovits and others in
preparing for our trip.

Albert Schuch and Elizabeth Zalka as they greeted us on our first day at the
Hotel Burgenland in Eisenstadt.

Elizabeth (a former palace guide) familiarizing us with Eisenstadt and the
Esterhazy Schloss-a private tour.

Fritz Königshofer meeting us at the Haydn Museum followed by a talk with
intendant Walter Reicher and later his personally guided tour. Behind the
palace scenes of the Haydn Festival.

Cousin Klaus Gerger joining us at the RC Diocesan Archives-the silence as we
reviewed the earliest Güssing, Heiligenkreuz and Rechnitz Church records.
Help arriving in the person of Regierungsrat Josef Altenburger from St.

Walter Reicher explaining the history of the Haydnsaal and taking us through
the many steps and stations of the Kalvarienberg. "Many stairs Gerry, but God
will guide you."

Heuriger (wine and food) in Rust with Burgenland Bunch members Gerhardt and
Martine Lang and daughter-in the courtyard of a building from the 16th
century. Meeting and dinner with BB member Ingrid Linhart.

So many German books purchased at the Landesarchive and elsewhere that they
had to be posted home by friends. Gifts of books, food and wine.

Inge Schuch arriving at our hotel to guide us to her parents' home in
Kleinpetersdorf. "Grumpen and Töpfen Strudel" prepared by her welcoming
mother, followed by a Schuch family tour of Bernstein, Mariasdorf Kirche and
Castle Lockenhaus. The magnificent woodwork in the home of Inge's father, a
retired "Tischler." Inge's ever ready help when my "deutsch" failed me.

"Summit" meeting of Burgenländische Gemeinschaft (BG) and Burgenland Bunch
(BB) at the Stegersbach home of Walter Dujmovits and family-delicious lunch
prepared by Mrs. Dujmovits. Wine, camaraderie, agreement on important issues
and plans for the future.

Tour of the Güssing Auslander Museum by Walter Dujmovits Jr. Special stand
provided for BB Auswanderer Surname book. Copies of the book to
Landeshauptmann Niessl and others. The books were prepared by Klaus Gerger
from Home Page lists maintained by Tom Steichen and Bill Rudy.

Meeting the Güssing Gerger Family in their home in the shadow of Güssing
Castle- more cousins. Joined by Klaus Gerger's wife Heidi and daughters Vicky
and Eva.

Being guests of BB members Heinz & Hildegard Koller at the Güssing
Burgspiel-an evening of fine entertainment at the castle-the medieval home of
the Batthyanys. Heinz in period costume. Meeting Frank Hoffmann, castle play
production manager. The castle now has a lift from the parking lot, a wine
cellar and a restaurant.

Sunday morning violinist Toni Stricker Concert at reconstructed St. Emerich's
Church, Ronok, Hungary-the Kollers providing reserved seats in the very front
of the church.

The Burgenländische Gemeinschaft picnic, among the wine cellars of
Moschendorf, a pure Burgenland festival. Interviews with ORF (Radio-TV
Austria) and meeting so many BB and BG members. Everyone's pleasure over my
award. BB members and parents from as far away as Vienna joined the
festivities with 200 visitors from America.

BG president Walter Dujmovits and vice-president Ewin Wienhofer presenting me
with an honorary BG membership pin & parchment scroll.

Landeshauptmann Hans Niessl investing me with the Ehrenzeichung des Landes
Burgenland. My thank you in German, ending with "Ich bin ein Burgenländer."
The emotional singing of the Landeshymne.

Meeting, lunch and guided tour with historian Ivan Bariska and wife in
Köszeg, Hungary arranged by the Kollers, Inge Schuch as interpreter and Klaus
Gerger as chauffer and guide. Later viewing the 13th century Cathedral at
Jak, and after many adventures, finding the Pinkamindszent, Hungary cemetery
of my Tarafas ancestors.

Visiting the Güssing Cloister Archives with Brother Marcellus. The
"Schatzkammer" of the Cloister library and special viewing of Cloister
treasures, incunabula and early Güssing records.

Tour of Rosenberg, with Heinz Koller and the Gergers. My grandfather Sorger's
home! Sought twice and never found-now found at last with the knowledge that
the house nos. had changed. Wine with newly found Wagner and Gerger cousins.

Burgenländische Gemeinschaft "Buschenschank" (Weintaufen) in an old wine
"Kellerstöckel" in Glassing Bergen with BG members, Miss Burgenland and
visitors from America. A night of much "gemütlichkeit." Singing "Show Me The
Way To Go Home" with Walter Dujmovits.

Viewing the old Sauerzopf home of Albert Schuch's aunt in the
Stegersbachhauser region-restoration in process. Another period Burgenland
home and a hearty welcome.

Cemeteries and war memorials in family villages-the memory of those long gone.

Visit with Bankerlsitzer editor Peter Sattler and wife in Rudersdorf and new
Berghold cousins (Schabhüttl)in the Gasthaus across the street, once a
private stage stop for the Batthyanys. Visit with the Gröller family in
Neustift-another period "bauer" home with antique farm artifacts in
outbuildings and barn.

Visits with cousins Gilly in Poppendorf and Friedl in Heiligenkreuz. Much
"essen" und "trinken" and family talk. Traffic bound for Hungary roaring by
on the E66.

Viewing an enlarged Güssing Castle museum and the special collections on loan
from Castle Schlaining. More books.

Frielichtsmuseum in Gerersdorf. Old Burgenland buildings and artifacts and a
display of wonderful reverse paintings on glass in "Burgenland" style.
Finding a Panonnian "peasant" painter in the work of Mijo Kovacic.

An irate goose attacking Molly at Castle Bernstein when she ventured too

Meeting in Vienna for a farewell gourmet dinner in a Burgenland staffed
restaurant hosted by Inge Schuch with Albert Schuch, Elizabeth Zalka and
Viennese friends. Wien, Wien nur du allein. A memory to last forever.

And we remember last, but not least, the constant and ever attentive presence
and planning of the Schuchs, Gergers, Kollers, and Dujmovits' to make sure we
lacked for nothing. No visitors were ever so well treated.

Editors Note: Pictures taken by BB members may be seen at a special website
created by Contributing Editor Hannes Graf. Go to:


The 4th Annual Minneapolis Burgenland Bunch Picnic will be held Sunday, 12
August, 10:00 - 3:00, at Wabun Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Same place as
in past years. See BB webpage for map. We look forward to seeing our old
Burgenland Bunch friends and relatives and meeting new people.

Please bring your picnic lunch, drinks and anything else you may need. Also,
bring a dish to share with others. Let's have some new contributors this
year! Maybe strudels and pastries! The shared salads, desserts and other
items are always delicious and much appreciated! Don't forget your
documents, pictures, family histories, and books for show and tell.

This year's fee will be $5.00 per person. Children under 18 free. This
covers the rental cost of the shelter on the picnic grounds and other
incidentals such as the cake, door prizes, name tags, etc. The shelter rental
is the main driver behind having to charge a fee. Please pay when you arrive.
If expenses aren't recovered, we can't continue having the picnic. This would
be a shame as there is a lot of networking, information sharing, and finding
of new relatives that occurs every year.

RSVP's are not required. Please, just come, check-in, get a name tag, pay the
fee, and have a good time!!! We hope for great weather. We have been lucky
in past years. See you there! Susan and Hap


The choir "Cantus Felix" is travelling to North America in August. The
Burgenländische Gemeinschaft has the pleasure of inviting Burgenländers and
friends to three events:

Toronto, Canada:
Sunday, 19 August
131 McCaul Street, Toronto, Ontario M5T 1W3
10:00 a.m. Mass
11:00 a.m. Concert - Parish Hall

Tuesday, August 21
Coplay Sängerbund
205 S., 5th Street, Coplay / PA 18037
7:30 p.m. Concert

New York / New Jersey:
Sunday, August 26
Holy Trinity Church
Harrison Street / corner Hope Ave, Passaic / NJ
10:00 a.m. Mass
11:00 a.m. Concert in the Parish Hall

Choir leader: Franz Stangl
Krottendorf 100, 7540 Güssing


The choir CANTUS FELIX was founded in the fall of 1991 by students of the
Musikschule Güssing - students of choir leader Franz STANGL - and friends.
The choir now has 23 members, all from Southern Burgenland. Their repertory
ranges from sacred to secular songs from all ages of composition. CANTUS
FELIX gives 30 to 40 concerts per year. Appearances to date include concerts
in various Austrian provinces, in Belgium, Croatia, and Hungary.

* 1993 and 1994 Concert trips to Croatia
* 1996 Concert trip to Nijlen (Belgium)
* 1998 Songs for the Christmas charity "Licht ins Dunkel" of the Austrian
Broadcasting Company (ORF)
* 1999 Benefit concert for the charity "Neighbor in need"
* 1999 and 2000 Participation in the Güssing castle plays ("Landflucht")
* 2000 Participation in the ORF production "Supreme choirs"
* 2001 Concert trip to Canada and the United States

Choir leader

Franz STANGL Born 1962 in Oberpullendorf; grew up in Raiding; resident of
Güssing since 1968. Studied trombone and church music at the University for
Music and Performing Arts in Graz and Oberschützen. Tought at various music
schools between 1981 and 1996; was appointed headmaster of the Musikschule
Güssing in 1996.

Organist at the Güssing cloister church (since 1976); member of the "Missa
Rhythmica" ensemble (1979-1994); member of the Stadtchor Güssing (since
1986); leads the Singkreis Krottendorf (since 1990); plays the trombone in
the brass band "Tromba Quisinia" (since 1991); serves as musical director of
the "Güssing castle plays"; has performed in musical productions and the
annual carneval cabaret of the "Kulturvereinigung Güssing"; has participated
in numerous radio and tv productions.

* Music for the "Güssing castle plays" (since 1994),
* Musical for children "Princess Rose" (1997) and
* numerous choir pieces.

ED Note: You may even have a distant cousin in this choir. Family names are
Stangl, Csar, Fischl, Graf, Kemi, Krachler, Weber, Zankl, Jandrisits,
Hofbauer, Weber, Decker, Hochwarter, Hofbauer, Jautz, Luisser, Stifter,
Strobl, Fassl, Fikisz, Haaf, Reitner, and Wusits.

We have a new staff member in Johannes (Hannes) Graf. Hannes lives in Vienna
and will maintain the membership list. He has already put it in alphabetic
order. Hannes and his wife Elfie were at the Moschendorf picnic where they
presented me with three books. He has also created a website of some great
photos taken by Klaus Gerger and Eric Kumbusch and is starting a Burgenland
music website. For membership purposes he's using the following address:

If you'd like to see some picnic pictures and hear some music , take a look
at the picnic website page (may take a while to load) that Hannes has put
together at: http://members.chello.at/lagraf1/Gerry/

and listen to the Amerika Lied (the emigrant's song) at:


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