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Subject: [BURNETT-US] John Burnett's two wives...
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>From : (David and Shirley Wagstaff) Date : Fri, 3 Aug 2001
>15:22:47 -0700 (PDT)

>"Burnett Families and Their Connections" states John Burnett IV who was
>born in 1730 and died 22 May 1809 was married by 1780 to Sarah Johnson.
>Sarah Johnson was born 1763 and died by 1851. Apparently both were born
>in VA, died and were buried in Spartanburg County, SC.
>Was Sarah Johnson a second wife to John Burnett IV? I have them listed
>with 11 children, most of whom were born in SC. If Sarah was not the
>first wife does anyone know who the first wife may have been and if
>there were children between John Burnett IV and the first wife?
>Also....Col Phillip Johnson is listed as father of Sarah Johnson. Does
>anyone know who her mother or siblings may have been.
>Shirley in Oregon


Hi Shirley,
Nice hearing from you. You have presented some good questions. My first
suspicion that John had at least two wives came from his will. Whenever a
man names his wife as . . . my BELOVED WIFE [SARAH BURNETT]... it usually
means a second wife. He also said, ... during her natural life time to
whose care I commit the RAISING & EDUCATION OF MY YOUNGER CHILDREN while in
their state of MINORITY... = meaning a second family of children. I have
tried to answer your questions through the records. Thanks for writing.
Regards, June

>From The Burnetts and Their Connections, Vol. 1:69-74.

lBlll) JOHN BURNETT (IV). son of John Burnett III and Catharine Newbill
John was born about 1730 on Piscataway Creek in Essex County, Virginia and
died 22 May 1809 in Spartanburg District, South Carolina. His birth year of
1730 was based on the following deed.Here are cousins: William and his
brother John Jr, sons of Thomas and Sara; cousins: John Sr who married
Catharine Newbill and their sons, John Burnett and Benjamin Burnett, both
being age 21 to witness a deed.

1757 Aug 15 - Essex Co. VA - Deed Bk D-28:5-7
WILLIAM BURNETT to JOHN BURNETT JR both of South Farnham Parish.. 80 acres
it being the moiety or half part of the land that did belong to their
FATHER, THOMAS BURNETT, late of this county, deceased.. said land adjoining
land of JOHN BURNETT SENR., John Petties orphans.. Wm. Smith and SAID JOHN

The records show that John Burnett Jr. had at least two wives. The first
marriage was before 1772-3, however her name is unknown. Because it is
believed that Leonard Burnett, born about 1774-5 was the eldest son of John,
his mother may have been a daughter of Leonard Carden and gave her son his
name. Leonard Cardin was frequently named along with the Burnetts in the
early deed records of Mecklenburg County, Virginia. The Carden records were
not researched.
A deed in Spartanburg County, South Carolina shows the Burnetts and Cardens
were neighbors there too:

1817 Nov 25 - Deed Bk P:366-8 - Recorded 1 Dec 1817
Larkin Carden & Betsy his wife of Spartanburg to Richard Thomson of same..
$700 for 500 acres on both sides of Sholy Creek of Pacolett River near the
Boiling Spring joining Taylor, Nathan Centers spring branch & BURNETT..
Where LARKIN CARDEN lives, part of 1,000 acre grant to LEONARD CARDEN SR.
Wit: Woodson Burnett, Edmund Fowler.

In item #9, John said in his will: . . . as all the rest of my children
not here named have received their full share of my property at or after
their marriage. Item 10- I cannot do equal justice to ALL by leaving
anything to them now, except a trifle to each of them by way of
acknowledgment to them that they are MY CHILDREN. In item 11, 12 and 13,
John left 5 shillings to each: his son Leonard, his daughters Martha Bishop
and Susannah Wood. John did not name his children in sequence according to
their ages. At age 79 or thereabouts, he said in his will that he was in a
very weak and fragile state of body.

Additional records show Leonard to be the eldest along with his sisters,
Sarah who married James W. Bishop and Martha who married Henry Bishop.
These two were possibly the progenitors of the Spartanburg County, South
Carolina Bishops. The Wood family Bible record shows Susannas birth date
as 15 March 1782 and from Sarah Johnson Burnetts declaration for a pension
on her husbands Revolutionary War record, she said she married John in
1780. The following deed shows they were married before October 9th.

1780 Oct 9 - Mecklenburg Co, Va - Deed Bk 6:94 - Recorded: 9 Oct 1789
John Burnett & Sara his wife of Mecklenburg to WILLIAM JOHNSON.. 15 lbs for
100 acres in Mecklenburg on the N. side of Roanoke River on the N. side of
Saffords Fork. Lines: Wm. Adams, John Wilson, COL. PHILLIP JOHNSON. /s/
John (+) Burnett.. /s/ Sara (*) Burnett

Sarah Johnson was born 1763 and died 1851 at the home of her
youngest daughter, Mahala Tillotson. Sarah was possibly the daughter or
some near-kin to Col. Phillip Johnson of Mecklenburg County. Phillip
Johnson was named in the early Mecklenburg County records along with the
Burnetts. I did not research the Johnsons.

John wrote his Will on the 6th of April 1809 and died a little over a month
later. He named the following children (there may be others who did not
survive him).

Children of John Burnett and first wife, a daughter of Leonard Cardin?
1B1111) LEONARD BURNETT, b. about 1774-5 in Mecklerburg Co, Va; d. Sep/Oct
1851 in Davidson Co, Tn, testate, age about 76-7; m. 10 Dec 1798 Mecklenburg
Co to MARY CLARK, b. 1774 VA; d. 1856 Davidson Co. They lived in SC in 1798
and was in Davidson Co by 1805.

_) SARAH BURNETT, born about 1776-8; was one of the elder children. She
married JAMES W. BISHOP; In his will, John named his daughter, SARAH BISHOP.

2) MARTHA "Patsy" BURNETT, b. 1779 in Mecklenburg Co, VA; still living
1860, age 80 in Spartanburg Dist, SC with her husband, HENRY BISHOP, age 86;
they married before 1800 & are listed on Spartanburg Census: 1810, p.183;
1830, p.320; 1840, p.130; 1850, #908: Henry age 74 SC, Martha 70 VA; 1860,
#515; had at Least 4 sons & 10 daughters.

Children of John Burnett and 2/ Sara Johnson:
lBlll3) SUSANNAH BURNETT, b. 15 Mar 1782 in Mecklenburg Co, VA; d. 21 Feb
1872 in Ralls Co, Mo, age 90; m. JAMES WOOD, b. 1777; d. 1866, son of John
Wood who m. Maiden Dea Seay.

lBlll4) JOHN BURNETT JR, b. about 1784 in Spartanburg, SC on Fawn Branch;
d. 22 Nov 1869 in Etowah Co, AL; His parents moved to SC about the time of
his birth; John was a witness to his Uncle John Burnetts will in 1828; m.
JERUSHA DAVIS (1792-1868), dau of John Davis. John & Jerusha moved to NE
section of Alabama.

1B1115) CARTER BURNETT, b. 10 Sep 1789 in Spartanburg Dist, SC; d. there
1878; m. in Spartanburg, 30 Oct 1811 to JANE TEMPLETON (1794-1870+); Served
War of 1812 with bro,
Woodson; both were pensioners.

1B1116) WOODSON BURNETT, b. Jan 1792 in Spartanburg, SC; d. there 1 Sep
1886; buried between his 2 wives; m. 1/ about 1816 to his first cousin,
SUSANNA BURNETT; m. 2/ 21 May 1861 to JULIA ANN STRICKLAND, born 1847. He
had at least 23 children, 15 by Susan & 8 by Julia.

7) CYNTHIA BURNETT, born about 1792 in Spartanburg; died after June 1860 &
before 21 May 1861.

8) MAHALA BURNETT, born about 1796 in Spartanburg; died after 1851; m.
MITCHELL TILLOTSON. Her mother, Sarah lived with Mahala & bequeathed all
her possessions to her for the kindness & care she had given in her latter
years. Mahala was also her mother's executor in 1851. They were not on the
1850 Census of Spartanburg.

9) LOWERY BURNETT, b. about 1798 in Spartanburg Dist, SC; m. 1 Sep 1817 in
Bibb Co, AL to ALSEY/Alice? BISHOP, b. 1807; living 1830 in Rutherford Co,
NC; 1850 in Spartanburg & missing thereafter; had at least 18 children.

A) THURSA/Thurza BURNETT, b. ca 1802 SC; m. JAMES TEMPLETON, b. 1802 SC;
both living 1850 in Spartanburg (p.260); both age 48. James a farmer with
$1500 in real estate value; A Mary Templeton, age 81 (b. 1769) was living in
the house along with two young girls: Eliza Templeton, age 6, Mary
Templeton, age 4.

1809 Apr 13 - Spartanburg Dist - Estate File #460 - Recorded: _____
Last Will of JOHN BURNETT SENR, written; [DIED 22 MAY 1809]
perfectly sound in Mind & Memory, thanks be to God for the same - And
calling to mind that it is appointed unto all men once to die, I have
thought fit & proper to make & ordain this my last Will & Testament in
Manner & form following - Viz: First of all I commit my Body to the dust to
be buried at the discretion of my Executors & my Soul into the Hands of
Almighty God who gave it. And as for such worldly goods as it hath pleased
God to bless me with - all I give & dispose of as follows:
First after paying all my just debts (if I owe any) & funeral expenses:
#2-I give one (1) tract of land lying on FAWN BRANCH & whereon MY SON JOHN
NOW LIVES, to my TWO SONS, JOHN & CARTER BURNETT to be equally divided
between them in such manner as they may agree upon..
#3-I give to my TWO SONS, WOODSON & LOWREY BURNETT in reversion [residue]
after their MOTHERS DECEASE, the LAND I NOW LIVE ON, to be equally divided
between them in such manner as they may agree upon
#4-I give to my SON, CARTER BURNETT my three year old bay colt.
#5-I give to my SON, WOODSON BURNETT, my black mare
#6-I give one bed & furniture to my DAUGHTER, CYNTHIA BURNETT
#7-I give another bed & furniture to my DAUGHTER, MAHALA BURNETT
#8-I give another bed & furniture to my DAUGHTER, THIRZA BURNETT
#9-All the remaining part of my estate real or personal including goods &
chattels of every kind which I possess together with all debts due to me &
BURNETT during her natural life time to whose care I commit the RAISING &
#10-I cannot do equal justice to ALL by leaving anything to them now,
except a trifle to each of them by way of ACKNOWLEDGMENT to them that they
are my CHILDREN.
#11-It is my will therefore that 5 shillings be paid to MY SON LEONARD
BURNETT out of the debts due to my estate as soon as collected.
#12-It is my will that the same sum be paid to my DAUGHTER, MARTHA BISHOP
#13-It is my will that the same sum be paid to my DAUGHTER, SUSANNAH WOOD
#14-These sums to be paid by my Executors when the debts are collected.
#15-After the DECEASE OF MY SAID WIFE, SARAH BURNETT, all the property
above bequeathed to her during her natural life time is to REVERT to ALL MY
CHILDREN in general to be equally divided between them
#16-I do hereby constitute & appoint my BELOVED WIFE SARAH BURNETT & my
friend CYRUS SEA Executors of this my last will...

*[Reversion = that which reverts or returns; residue; remainder]

1850 Sep 1 - Spartanburg District, SC - Will Bk D:314 - Vol 3:246, Section
Last WILL of SARAH BURNETT, written 1 Apr 1850; Proved: I Sep 1851
I, SARAH BURNETT being weak & feeble in body but of sound & disposing mind &
memory do declare the following to be my Last WILL & Testament:
Item 1 - I wish my body to be buried in a decent manner & all my just debts
& funeral expenses be paid
Item 2 - ALL the remainder of my estate which I may possess at my death of
any kind whatever - I give to my daughter MAHALA TILLOTSON for the reason
that she has been kind to me & nursed & cared for me in the latter part of
my life & has made great sacrifices on my account - I do hereby constitute &
appoint my daughter MAHALA TILLOTSON Executrix of this my Last WILL &
Testament hereby revoking sit others.
In witness whereof I hereto set my hand & seal this I April 1850.. /s/
Wit: Holemon Cannon, Elijah Hammett, John Brooks...
1851 Sep 1 - Spartanburg WB D:314
TILLOTSON [I did not find Sarah Burnett listed on the 1850 Spartanburg
County Census]

Sarah could use her 1/3 dower of John's land, etc, but her estate would
revert back to his heirs after her death; JOHN'S WILL OVERRIDES, cancels,
contradicts, nullifies Sarahs will...All her estate to revert back to all
his children to be equally divided, except what he left her in fee simple.
However, the other heirs may not have contested her request.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

1755 Jul 15 - Mecklenburg Co, Va - Court Order Bk 21:196
PHILLIP JOHNSON vs John Smither.. for force and injury.. a jury ordered..
[Note: this Phillip Johnson born by 1734]

Apparently there were several men named Phillip Johnson in the early records
of Virginia. I noted the following references:
1760, a Col. Ph. Johnson was listed in James City, Va in The Record of
Bruton Parish Church, by Rev. William Archer Rutherford Goodwin, The Dietz
Press, Richmond, Va 1941.
1759-1767 - Chesterfield Co, Va Order Bk 3:91
1755-1762 - Henrico Co, Va Court Orders p.405
1759-1762 - York Co, Va Judgments & Orders 3:117,123,134,197

1776 Feb 4 - Mecklenburg Co, Va - Deed Bk 4:426
Ursula Talley of Mecklenburg to John Burnett of Lunenburg.. 30 lbs for 100
acres on N. side of Roanoke River.. N. side of Saffolds. Lines: Wm. Adams,
Wit: PHIL (x) JOHNSON, Nathaniel (+) Burnett, Edward Colley.

1780 Tax List Mecklenburg Co, Va - List of Cluverius Coleman:
John Burnett - 5 whites - 4 blacks
Nathaniel Burnett - 7 whites, 3 blacks
Elizabeth Burnett - 11 whites - 8 blacks
Godfrey Burnett - 3 whites

1780 Oct 9 - Mecklenburg Co, Va - Deed Bk 6:94 - Recorded: 9 Oct 1789
John Burnett & Sara his wife of Mecklenburg to WILLIAM JOHNSON.. 15 lbs for
100 acres in Mecklenburg on the N. side of Roanoke River on the N. side of
Saffords Fork. Lines: Wm. Adams, John Wilson, COL. PHILLIP JOHNSON. /s/
John (+) Burnett.. /s/ Sara (*) Burnett

1783 Mar 9 - Mecklenburg Co, Va - Deed Bk 6:234
Nathaniel Burnett to PHILLIP JOHNSON.. 300 acres on Meherrin River...lines
of John Burnett.. Beginning at mouth of Cedar Branch on River to mouth of
Bare Branch to JOHNSONS. /s/ Nathaniel (+) Burnett. /s/ Frances (x)
Burnett. Wit: Lewis Green, Edward Colley, John (x) Lipford.

1810 Mecklenburg Co, Va Tax List:
James Johnston
John S. Johnston
Isaac Johnston
Allen Johnston
Burwell Johnson
Caleb Johnson
William Johnson
James Johnson
Thomas Johnson.


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