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There are also some BURNS in the Final Dawes Rolls listed as "Choctaws by Blood". I have not obtained the applications or cards but in the "Index to the Final Rolls of Citizens and Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes in Indian Territory", Page 13 of "Choctaws by Blood" are listed:
Name Roll Number
Burns, Joseph 7485
Burns, Mabel 7487
Burns, Alexander 7502
Burns, Jackson 7503
Burns, Lizzie 7504
Burns, Alice 7505
Burns, William 7506
Burns, Lester 7507
Burns, Jack 7594
Burns, Nancy 7595
Burns, William 8793
Burns, Jane 8794
Burns, Alphy 8795
Burns, Henry F. 8872
Burns, Jane 8873
Burns, George Dewey 8875
Burns, Robert Lee 14787
Burns, Lawrence B. 15431

So there are other tribes than Cherokee. The Choctaw came primarily from Mississippi and got as far north, I think, as Southwestern TN. Chicasaw were also prevalent in the TN and Southern KY area. The Cherokee were not the only ones to go through a "Trail of Tears" - all the civilized tribes had their own stories.


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> Some of you may know that ....some of the Burns are suppose
> to have been
> Indian...and some of us would love to prove that.....the
> tribe is suppose to
> be Cherokee.....
> In some of my travels in the south found the following in a
> library....
> copied from the book
> Records of Easter Cherokee Ancestry in the US Court of Claims
> 1906-1910
> Volume 1
> applications 1-1550
> compiled by
> Jerry Wright Jordan
> If you can find this book the application referring to Burns
> starts with
> appl 500...page 194 in book...it is lengthy but will parts here
> Application for
> Wm. P. HYDE and children.
> starting at the bottom of page 196...
> I claim Indian blood through my mother. She always claimed
> to have Cherokee
> blood. I have never received any money from the Government
> and never have
> made application prior to this time. My mother never
> received any Indian
> money. My mother was a recognized white woman and was never
> enrolled. I
> have seen my grandparents, John and Sallie Leatherwood. They lived in
> Haywood C. N.C. They both claimed Indian blood. They never
> lived with the
> Indians as Indians but lived amongst them. My grandfather
> was a recognized
> white man and a voter. I do not know why he was not
> enrolled. In 1835 my
> grandparents lived on Johnson's Creek, Haywood Co NC and
> again: "Cordelia
> Moody is my wife. She claims Indian blood through the same
> line I do. She
> never received any Indian money from the Government and her
> parents never
> received any that I know of. Her parents were never enrolled
> that I know
> of. I did not know Edward Leatherwood, nor his wife,
> Elizabeth Walker and
> she was the daughter rof Betsey walker. I cannot say when
> Betsey Walker
> died. I do not know if she lived during my mother's
> lifetime. I never
> heard my mother speak of having seen her. I cannot say
> Betsey Walker was
> living in 1825. Do not know when she lived or when she died.
> I do not know
> where she was born but have heard that she lived somewhere
> near here and was
> suppose to have owned the land where Bryson City is now
> built. I do not
> know if she or her husband owned the land where Bryson City
> is now built. I
> never hear what kind Indian blood Betsey Walker had nor how
> much Indian
> blood. I head others say that she was a full blood Cherokee.
> I never heard
> my mother say this. Never heard my grandfather say this. I
> have heard
> William P. Hyde say so. I do not recollect anybody else
> having said that
> Betsey walker was a Cherokee Indian except WM Penn Hyde. I
> head him speak
> about his first six or eight years ago. Willm Penn Hyde 65
> years of age,
> (the one referred to above in the testimony of Harvey L.
> Moody) testified at
> Bryson City Nc as follows: "My grandmother who was a
> Leatherwood. She
> married Ben Hyde. Betsey Walker was her mother. The
> evidence that I have
> according to the affidavits I have shows she was a full blood. Betsey
> Walker was captured by the soldiers and given to a white man
> name Walker who
> raised her. The man who raised her lived near Dillsboror,
> jackson co NC.
> He also raised Richard her brother. When the treaty was made
> I think Betsey
> Walker was in Macon co. I never say Betsey Walker. Betsey
> Walker died in
> Macon Co and was buried there. My grandmother lived and died
> in Swain Co
> about a mile from Bryson City. She died about 1841. I do
> not know if my
> mother received any Indian money from the government . I have never
> received any Indian Money. I remember when Chapman made the
> payment in
> 1852. I did not share into his payment. I remember when
> Hester enrolled
> the Indians. I did not make an effort to be enrolled then.
> I have lived
> among the Indians most of my life but was never admitted to
> tribal councils.
> My mothers was a recognized white woman. I have always been
> recognized as a
> white man and a voter. Eliza J. Seay, 65 years of age,
> testified at Bryson
> City NC as follows: I claim Indian blood through my father
> Uriah Burns. My
> father never received any Indian money from the government.
> He claimed his
> Indian blood through his father Hezekiah Burns. Hezekiah's father was
> Arthur Burns who married a daughter of Betsey Walker. I have
> always heard
> that she was a full blood Cherokee and was captured at the time of the
> Treaty. My grandfather lived in Georgia and Alabama and came
> and stayed
> with us when he was about 15 years old. My grandfather
> lived with the
> white people. We have always passed as white people yet I have always
> claimed Indian blood. The men in our family have always
> voted. SAM BURNS
> went to Georgia and the sister lived on Johnathan Creek in
> Haywood Co NC.
> She was Allie Leatherwood. My great grandfather lived in
> Haywood Co when my
> mother was first married. I claim all my Indian blood through Betsey
> Walker........etc etc.....
> I have left some of the application out but maybe the names will mean
> something to some one.....
> Joyce Bullard McEntire
> Oklahoma
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