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From: "John and Sue Burns" <>
Subject: Re: [BURNS-L] William Burns ???
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 10:23:44 -0400

Sorry to have taken so long to reply. My John was born in 1780, which would
sugest that his father, (Maybe William?) would have been born around 1757 or
prior to that, I am uncertain if John had any brothers or sisters, or if so
, they were older or younger. If they were older, his father would have to
have been born earlier than 1757. There was about seven men named John Burns
in Bucks county Pa in 1800. A cousin of mine was there and went through
everything she could find and was unable to determine which one was ours.

Schuylkill is a seperate county from Bucks county. It is to the west of
Bucks county. My John however had a son born in New Philadelphia, Schuylkill
county in 1826, Edward Thompson Burns. I have traced him out and have all
but a place of death and burial. I even have a date of death but just can't
find out where.

If we have a connection here it is going to take some digging to find it I

As for the Burns that moved to N.Y. State, they were in Ontario county, and
I have only the name of the father, and two sons. The father and one son
died there and another in Michigan.

The only connection to the Buffalo area thet I have ever found was Edward
Thompson had a daughter who was living there in the 1880's, probably going
to school, and she ended up in Ohio.

>From: "Ellen Hooven" <>
>Subject: Re: [BURNS-L] William Burns ???
>Date: Sun, Jul 9, 2000, 3:54 PM

> Hello to you John Burns,
> I do not know if we have communicared before BUT; I have a very poor copy
> of a will of someone who I believe to be my great great grandfather. His
> name was Patrick Burns. He immigrated from Belfast Ireland sometime in the
> early 1800s.
> I have immigration papers from Pottsville, Skuylkill Co that say he was age
> 25 in the year 1848 ( but I have no clue how long this man was there before
> he took out those papers)
> In that will he names a son Michael( that is the name of my great
> gandfather) he also names a daughter Mary Ann, a wife Ann AND a nephew John.
> Further I have a copy of the marriage papers of Michael Burns and Ellen
> Connelly, my great grandparents. They came from The Civil war
> rchives( Michaels pension papers)
> The folks who witnessed the marriage of Ellen &Michael were Mary Carroll and
> WILLIAM Burns soooooo! I have always wondered if William was the father of
> John, and if William were the brother of Patrick.
> Last week I sent "group sheets", copies of the marriage cert. ,Civil war
> records and a check to a professional genealogist in Pa. She is going to see
> whatever she can find about Michael, maybe I can learn more about the
> family. She said she expected that I would get info in about 6 weeks.
> I think what is now Schuylkill used to be Bucks Co. Do you have any
> knowledge of that?
> We live in Buffalo NY and I am fairly new to the computer so I am not too
> good at this. Any ideas
> I have all kinds of records on the children of Michael and Ellen. I will
> gladly share whatever I have or get with you if our folks turn out to be a
> match.
> I hope to hear from you. Blessings, Ellen
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> From: "John and Sue Burns" <>
> To: <>
> Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2000 1:55 PM
> Subject: [BURNS-L] William Burns ???
>> Hello list,
>> Sorry to have made my subject matter so vague, this is simply a wild shot,
>> but I have to try.
>> My g-g-g-g-grandfather was John Burns, born 1780, place unknown. He was
>> living in Bucks County, Pa. around 1808 until at least 1813. His wife was
>> Elizabeth, last name unknown. There first son was named William, and it is
>> my hope that Johns' father was also named William, however this is only a
>> guess. I have no idea where John was born, maybe Bucks County, maybe not.
>> Anyway, if anyone has a William Burns in there records with a son named
> John
>> who may have been in Bucks County around the 1810 time era, I would
>> appreciate hearing from you. Also there was a Jesse Burns in Bucks County
> at
>> the same time, and they may have been related in some manner. Jesse took
> his
>> family into N.Y. State shortly after this time and John took his into
>> Crawford County, Pa. The two lines appear to have met again in McKean
>> County, Pa. around 1890, when my g-g-grandfather resided with an Andrew
>> Burns who had came from the N.Y. area Jesse had taken his family to.
>> Thank You for your time,
>> Like I said before, it's only a shot in the dark but I had to try.
>> John Burns
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