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From: The Peddicords <>
Subject: Re: Busby Book
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 16:53:58

Not sure if the other email has hit the list yet. My ISP seems to be having
a problem as well as I. We had a snow storm and we keep losing power. I
have already found Charles IV.

I think Charles' wife is Effie/Essie and Essie Naomi is a different lady.
Essie Naomi descended from Needham Busby born Johnston Co NC 1752. Essie's
Grandfather was James Hilliard Busby who moved to Texas abt 1850 to Upshur
Co. Her Father was John Gideon Busby, mother Pheraby Rosamond Taylor. As
far as I know, Essie Naomi never married, and was a retired school teacher.
Effie/Essie Charles wife, I know nothing on her. I do know that Charles III
parents were Charles Lindsay Busby II and Iris Dell Wise and his
grandparents were Charles Lindsay Busby and Viola Mae Kearns. Oh heck, his
great grandparents were Stephanes Busby and Margaret Rebecca McLean. 8*)

Not sure who Lillian Payne Busby is. Did the book give any info on her.
Would love to know more about the Busby's in the book. 8*) (This is my
angelic smile, or if you perfer puppy-dog look in begging mode) hehe!!

Charles from my understanding was quite active in research until about 1993
and then his health started to fail and he finally passed away in 1997. His
wife preceded him by about 3 or 5 years. He made many trips to Salt Lake
and is sorely missed by the Busby Clan for sure. He was willing to help one
and all, shared everything. I know I miss him. Later Barbie

>I just received a book on Bouknight genealogy. Rebecca Bouknight
>married James Hilliard Busby, both of South Carolina. They moved to
>Upshur Co., Texas. The author Ivan Bouknight credits Essie Naomi Busby
>and Lillian Payne Busby for information. This Essie is from Lone Oak,
>Texas. Is this the same Essie? Lillian recently died in Sept 1997,
>also of Lone Oak, Texas. There are several marriages of Busby's and
>Bouknights listed in this book. Not sure of lineage on some? If these
>Busby's are connected?...maybe we need to check listings in Lone Oak?
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