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Subject: Buzbee-Caple Genealogy--Harold Miller:Columbia, South Carolina
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 23:00:53 EST

I have 45 pages of this book and Gaila suggested that I try to re-cap this
and send to the list I don;t think that there is much in the 45 pages that I
have that most have not read somewhere else.

Just remember that he wrote the book in 1979.

The Buzbee's in this account is thought to have descended from one of the few
Busby immigrants who came from England to the Colony of Virginia during the
early to mid-1600. Early Virginia records contain many references to these
Busby settlers but adequate information for establishing family relationships and
lines of descent have not been found.

This genealogy deals with one branch of the Busby family that migrated into
South Carolina. While there is no proof, circumstaniel evidence leads to the
belief that this branch descends from William Busby who, with his wife and ten
children left Virginia and settled in South Carolina prior to 1748 when he was
granted a tract of land by the King of England in what is now Richland County.
William and his family were probably the first Busby's in South Carolina.

The earliest proven ancestor of this line was Benjamin Buzbee who is believed
to have been a descendant of William, perhaps a grandson.
Benjamin was born about 1774. He married Rachel Rambo about 1795 and they
lived in Orangeburg County, SC. He died there between 1825-1830. Several of his
childrenleft South Carolina in the mid 1800s and scattered into several states
including Alabama, Arkansas, Florida & Mississippi. This genealogy traces the
family of their son Stephen who was born in Orangeburg County in 1817, married
Margaret Ann Elizabeth Baltzegar, left South Carolina in1850, and settled in
Saline Co., Arkansas where their daughter Frances Bethanie Buzbee married John
Fuel Caple.

(There is a lot in here about Busby's in Colonial Virginia of which I believe
most of us have seen. He shows the Busby's who came to virginia who got land
as headrights.

Mr. Miller talks about the Busby's in North Carolina and mentiones a Thomas
Busby leaving a will that mentions his children and others such as Simon and
Martha Busby, their children, Ann born in 1725, Elizabeth, born 1729, who
married Grimes Holcombe and twin sons Drury & Miles, born in 1732. He talks about a
John Busby who died in Bertie Co. Mr. Miller says that Descendants of North
Carolina Busby's migrated into South Carolina but this is not thought to be the
direct line to which this Genealogy is addressed. The evidence shows that this
line to which this genealogy deals with here went directly from Virginia to
South Carolina.

He says in this book that William Busby who removed from Virginia to South
Carolina prior to 1748, being born around 1700, perhaps was son of Thomas Jr. &
Mary Busby of Prince George Co., Virginia, although William was not mentioned
in Thomas' will.

He mentions about William getting the tract of land of 500 acres, Benjamin
Busby getting the tract of 150 acres. He tells about the others who also got
land in Craven County. The ten children to which William Busby referred to in his
1748 land grant petition have not been identified at this time, however it
would seem reasonable to assume that William, John, Benjamin, Henry and Nathan
were sons of William since land mentioned in these instruments was in Craven
County in the same general area. Burriel and Isom likewise would have been sons
of William b ut present evidence gives no clues.

One John Busby died in 1778 in Ninety-six District, South Carolina. His will
named wife Jane and children John, Jesse, Jacob, Moses, Benjamin, Mary,
Stephen, and Jane.

A Benjamin Bizbee, thought to be a son of either William or John, above, died
in 1815 in Edgefield County. His will naed wife, Susanna and children
Benjamin, Reese, and Miles.

He gives the Busby's who fought in the Revolutional War. They were Miles
Busby and Jeremiah who fought in the SC Continental Lines in 1782-83.
the others were Jacob, Sherrod, John, Issac Busbey & Nedom Busbey.
From here on most of this will be about Benjamin Buzbee and his descendants,
He recieved several Land Grants, the records of which are on record in the
South Carolina Department of Archives and History in Columbia. In this book Mr.
Miller states that professionally Benjamin Buzbee was a surveyor. Many land
grants of the period of 1800 & 1825 bears his name as does the official 1820 map
of Orangeburg District.

Benjamin died in Orangeburg County just prior to 1830, at about fifty-five
years of age. Rachel, his wife, died November 22, 1867, at the age of about
ninty-two years. In the 1860 census she is living in Oktibbena County, Mississippi
with her son Nimrod. Rachel made her will November 26, 1855. It is recorded
in the Orangeburg County courthouse.

Children of Benjamin Buzbee and Rachel Rambo:
1. Margaret Buzbee, born 1775 and married ___ Johnson. Her name
may have been Margaret Louise according to Minnie Buzbee's records. She was
the daughter of Margaret.

2. Levitha Busbee - Born about 1824

3. Bennet M. Buzbee - Born in 1800; married Mary______. left Orangeburg
County after 1850 and went to Jefferson County, Florida.

4. Bethany Buzbee - Born about 1804

5. Asa Buzbee - Born in 1806; married Tobitha________, removed to
Bibb County, Alabama, prior to 1835. His name was spelled Busby in the census
and land records. Bibb County records show land transactions by him in 1837,
1858, and 1859.

6. Nimrod Buzbee - born in 1809, married Charlotte ________, and removed
to Oktibbeha Co., Mississippi. His name was spelled Busby in census records. He
died in 1860.

7. Clarissa Buzbee - Born in 1814, married Thomas Davis in Orangeburg
County about 1839. She and her family along with her brother, Stephen's family
left Orangeburg County in 1850 and went to Saline County, Arkansas. Shortly after
arriving in Arkansas her husband died. she never re married. In 1880 she was
living in Bryant Township in Saline Co., Arkansas.

8. Stephen Buzbee - born April 28, 1817 in Orangeburg Co., SC. The Father
died when Stephen was about 10 years old. Stephen married Margaret Ann
Elizabeth Baltzegar in Orangeburg.

The remainder of this book pertains to Stephen and his descendants.

I hope that this will help someone.


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