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Subject: ROLL CALL: Harrinton-Sullivans from Co.Cork Ire. to NY,ILL.,Mi,S. Dakota
Date: Fri, 28 Aug 1998 12:21:02 EDT

Introduction: My name is Ruth (Sullivan) Barth of Vida, Oregon which is about
25 miles East of the Eugene/Springfield area. I've done research on my Irish
relatives and will share what I know. Some of my Irish relatives haven't
found me, yet, ha!

I'm going to type what O'Dwyer's book says for might give more clues plus add
more info. in hopes someone will recognize names and contact me:

Riobard O'Dwyer's book: "Who Were My Ancestors?: Genealogy (Family Trees) of
the Allihies (Copper Mines) Parish, County Cork, Ireland" says the following
page #117 : "DANIEL HARRINGTON (Coabach) and lst marriage to ELLEN KELLY
(This lst marriage is my line) were of Cummers, Ballydonegan area. Ellen was
from the Kealogue district. Children:
1. MARY HARRINGTON, (my line) born April 1828 married her 3rd cousin Patrick
Harrington; (more family history below)
2. JOHANNA HARRINGTON, born about 1830-40 married Danieleen O'Sullivan
(Croumhane), son of Daniel O'Sullivan (Croumhane), Gort, Urhan, and was Den
O'Sullivan's grandmother;
3. SEAN HARRINGTON, born July 1832, (more family history below) known as Sean
A'Chumair (my note- also Chumair,Cummer,Cumair,Cumar) settled down at home and
married Catherine O'Sullivan (Cairde), daughter of Cornelius O'Sullivan
(Cairde) and Margaret Harrington, Kilmacown (Eyeries Parish), and Previously
Ciunlough (or Canalough);
4. HONORA HARRINGTON, born April 1835;
5. MARGARET HARRINGTON, born Mar 1838;
6. PETER HARRINGTON settled in upper Ballydonegan and married Peig (Anna)
O'Sullivan, daughter of Michael (Anna) O'Sullivan, Inchinteskin, Eyeries
(more family history below).

DANIEL HARRINGTON'S #2 marriage was to MARGARET MURPHY and they
lived at Cummers, Ballydonegan also:
Margaret, sister of Dendi Mor Murphy (who went to Barnes), was from
1. ELLEN HARRINGTON, born March 1842;
2. CATHERINE HARRINGTON, born March 1845 married Peter O'Shea, son of Timothy
O'Shea and Mary (or Margaret?) Harrington (Trokirre), Ciunlough.

According to O'Dwyers book, Ciunlough has variations in the spelling of this
townland; such as, Ciunloch,Counlough, Canalough.

(See O'Dwyer's Allihies book, page 115 for info. on family)
Mary Harrington married her 3rd cousin Patrick Harrington (do not know Pat's
parentage or siblings). Patrick and Mary (Harrington) Harrington were married
28 Jan. 1845 in the Church of St. Michael, Catholic Parish of Allihies,
Diocese of Kerry, in Cluin (Townland). Witnesses were Daniel Harrington and
Edward Power.
They were married by Rev. Michael Maher.
Mary Harrington was born may, 1826 in Ballydonegan, in Catholic Parish of
Castletownbere (which is in Diocese of Kerry), County Cork, Ire.
Apparently, her husband Patrick and their oldest sons emigrated to USA prior
1862 for only Mary Harrington and their daughters are listed as passengers on
S.S. Etna when they emigrated in Nov., 1862 at the port of New York City.
After Mary and her daughter's arrival in 1862, they apparently went soon to
Cook Co., Illinois or to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan to be with her
Patrick Harrington, and sons. It is believed Patrick worked in the iron mines
in the
Upper Peninsula either in Houghton Co. or Marquette Co. areas.

Patrick and Mary Harrington had 3 more children born in the USA---believe
a Joseph Jerome "Joe" Harrington born 19 Feb., 1864 and Helen "Nellie"
born 2 April, 1866, and another child which nothing is known for probably died

Patrick Harrington died before 1870---probably about 1867-1869 either in
Michigan or
Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois for on the 1870 Chicago, Cook Co., ILL. census
on 10 June, 1870 in 12th Ward (p.29, 296/429) Mary Harrington is listed with
husband in the house. Also, on the Chicago City Directories of 1869/70 Mary
Harrington is listed at address as r. rear 418 Hubbard, and as WIDOW of
Mary (Harrington) Harrington died 16 Dec., 1917 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles
California. She was buried 17 Dec., 1917 in Calvary Cemetery there.
(See O'Dwyers Allihies book, page 115 for additional info. on family)
There children were:
1. (My line)JOHANNA HARRINGTON, born 10 May 1846 Lack, County Cork, Ireland.
Christened 15 May 1846 in Church of Eyeries, Lack. Married PatrickO'Sullivan
b. about 1840 in Co. Cork, Ireland but no not know his parentage or
siblings?...does anyone know this lineage??????
Patrick and Johann (Harrington) Sullivan lived
in Negaunee and Ishpeming, Marquette Co., Michigan where Patrick was a miner.
Patrick died in 1891 in Ishpeming, Michigan due a fight where his skull was
fractured and he died on the street. The offender, Thomas Toomey, was brought
to trial but
got off---made FRONT PAGE headlines in Michigan paper (which I've a copy).
I was told by family members that Patrick died in a mining accident which I
found out thru research was NOT true. He died due to the above fight.
Prior to his death, Patrick Sullivan had taken his wife and family to Dakota
(now Meade/Pennington Co., SD) in about 1889 to file a homestead. Money was
scarce there so Patrick went back to work the mines in Michigan and sent money
back to his family on the homestead.
2. MARY HARRINGTON born 10 Aug 1847 in Lack. Christened 29 Aug 1847 in
Eyeries Church. Died 24 Janf 1920 in Marquette, Marquette Co., Mi. Married
Patrick J. Harrington in about 1865 in Mi. She died 28 Jan., 1920.
3. CATHERINE 'KATE' HARRINGTON born Nov 1849 in Lack. Christened
14 Nov 1849 in Eyeries Church. Married #1 Daniel Sheehan about 1871 in
Calument,Houghton Co., Mi. #2Daniel C. Lynch.
4. JULIA HARRINGTON born 20 Nov. 1855. Married James B. McNenny (McNinny)
3 May 1871 in Chicago, Cook Co., ILL. #2 Timothy Byron Hayes about 1885.
After Julia's first husband died, Julia came to Dakota Territory in 1884 with
widowed mother, Mary Harrington, to claim a homestead. She married Timothy
in 1885 in Dakota Territory.
5. HONORA HARRINGTON, born 1857 and died before 1870.
6. JOHN OR JAMES HARRINGTON, born 1858 in Clash and Christend 2 Jan 1858
in Eyereis Church. Probably died young, for nothing else known.
7. HONORA ANN 'ANNIE' HARRINGTON, born 1858 died 1899 in Meade Co., SD
Married Lawrence M. "Larry" Donovan 22 Dec., 1878 in Holy Name Church,
Chicago, Cook Co., ILL.
8. MARGARET HARRINGTON, born about 1859 Lack. Christened 29 Nov 1859 in
Eyeries Church.
9. PATRICK HARRINGTON, born April 1862, died before 1870.
10. JOSEPH JEROME HARRINGTON 'JOE", born 19 Feb. 1864 in prob. Mi.
Married #1 Annie Shea 18 Feb 1892 in Lead, lwrence Co., SD. #2 Myrlte McCants
on 3 May 1914. Joe died 27 Sept 1948 in Los Angeles and buried in Calvary
Cemetery---same cemetery as his mother.
11. HELEN 'NELLIE' HARRINGTON, born 2 April 1866 in prob. Mi. died 16 Marh
1887 iRapid City, Pennington Co., Dakota Territory and buried at Mt. Calvary
Cemetery there. Married Jeremiah Malcolm "Teddie" Fortier on 25 Aug, 1886 in
Rapid City.
12. (male or female) HARRINGTON - unknown

Sean (also known as John) (A'Chumair) Harrington & Catherine O'Sullivan
(Cairde) of
Cummers, Ballydonegan: Children:
1. DANIEL HARRINGTON, born Aug. 1858 went to the USA;
2. JOHN HARRINGTON, born April 1860;
3. JIM HARRINGTON, born May 1861 went to Meade County, S.D. and married Mary
Foley. He died in South Dakota in 1940. Jim had children (not all of them):
a. Jim Harrington, who settled in the ranch and was married there.
b. Joe Harrington
c. Mary Harrington, born June 1864 married Patsy (Dendi) Murphy, son
Dendi Mor Murphy and Honora Harrington (Caobach), Barnes,
4. PATS HARRINGTON, born Jan. 1867, (more family history below) known as Pats
A'Chumair, settled in the home place and married Johanna Harrington (Gow),
daughter of Peter Harrington (Gow) and Catherine Harrington (Cahirmilebo);
5. PETER HARRINGTON, born Feb. 1871 went to Anaconda, Montana.
6. ANNA (or Johanna) HARRINGTON, born June 1873 married Patsy (Cain)
Houlihan, Eyeries Village, son of Cain Houlihan and Mary O'Neill, Dreenagh,

Pats (A'Chumair) Harrington & Johanna Harrington (Gow) of Cummers,
Pats and Johanna had 10 children:
1. JOHN HARRINGTON, born Oct 1897 married Nora O'Sullivan (Suonish), daughter
of Batt O'Sullivan (Suonish) and Margaret O'Dwyer, Allihies South. John's
father bought one Hodges farm for him in Ballydonegan; (more family history in
book but
will not add it here)
2. MARY HARRINGTON, born Marchf 1899 married her 3rd cousin John Michael
O'Shea, son of Dan O'Shea and Mary Downey, Scrivogue;
3. BRIDGID HARRINGTON, born Jan 1901 married (as first wife of ) Denis
Lowney, son of Denis Lowney and Ellen Lehane, Cluin;
4. MIKE HARRINGTON, born Sept 1902 (father of Jimmy Harrington, Gour) married
"cliamhain isteach" to Julia Murphy, daughter of Jer Murphy and Helen Lynch,
(Castletownbere Parish);
5. PATRICK HARRINGTON, born oct 1903 died young;
6. JOHANNA HARRINGTON, born Nov 1905 married Bob (or Robert) Walsh, son of
John Walsh and Mary O'Connell, Scrivogue;
7. DANNIE HARRINGTON, bor Nov. 1907 married (as lst husband of ) Mary
O'Sullivan (Vealaig), daughter of Michael O'Sullivan (Vealaig) and Mary
O'Leary, Killaugh. Dannie died in hospital in Cork on Sept 21st 1942 shortly
after getting married;
8. JIMMY HARRINGTON settled in the old home and married his late brother
Dannie's wife Mary; (more family history in book but will not add it here).
9. PETER HARRINGTON married "cliamhain isteach" to Mary O'Sullivan, daughter
of Dan (Owen) O'Sullivan (Uonhi) and Julia O'Sullivan (Suonish), Coomeen,
In later years Peter and his family moved to a farm in Ballyviniter, about 2
miles from Mallow;
10. CECILIA HARRINGTON (or Catherine Cecilia) married Jim Coakley, son of
Jeremiah Coakley and Elizabeth Daly, Dromore, Bantry. Jim was a Ganger with
Eustaces Company who were cutting the Dunboy Wood. Cecilia and Jim later
bought a shop in Bandon Road, Cork.

Peter (A Chumair) Harrington & Peig (Anna) O'Sullivan lived Upper
1. ELLEN HARRINGTON, born Nov 1868'
3. BRIDGID HARRDING, born Jan 1871, known as Delia, went to the USA and
became Mrs. Foley. She had a son Jerry Foley;
4. DAN HARRINGTON, born April 1872 settled in the home place and married
Margaret O'sullivan (Vallig), daughter of Denny O'Sullivan and Honora O'Shea,
5. CATHERINE HARRINGTON, born April 1874;
6. JER HARRINGTON, born Nov 1875 get killed as a young man in the USA
7. JULIA HARRINGTON, born Feb 1877 went to Detroit, Michigan and married Mike
Harrington, a Blacksmith---brother of Jim (the Smith) Harrington, North Road,
Castletownbere---son of Dan Harrington (Uonhi), a Blacksmith, and Margaret
O'Driscoll, Castletownbere;
8. JOHANNA HARRINGTON, born oct 1895 married Batt Barry, son of Dan Barry and
Julia O'Sullivan, Ahabeg, Rossmacowen (Castletownbere Parish).

Wow, that is enough for now. There are other lines within the Allihies book
that are connected to this family: For instance, page 119 on Cornelius
Harrington (Caobach) and Julia Kelly of Ballydonegan; Jeremiah Harrington
(Greasai) & Julia Lowney of
Ballydonegan; Johnny Harrington (Greasai) & Catherine O'Shea of Ballydonegan;
Mike (Johnny) Harrington (Greasai) & Nora Lynch of Ballydonegan; Jeremiah
Harrington (Greasai) & Bridgid Murphy of Ballydonegan; Jeremiah Harrington
(Gow) & Catherine McCarthy (Rohane) of Cahirmilebo; Tade Harrington (Gow) &
Mary Murphy
of Cahirmilebo; Peter Harrington (Gow) & Katie Harrington (Caobach) of

If you think you have a connection, let me know and I'll check the Allihies
book further.

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