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Subject: Re: [BlackSheep-L] BlackSheep Stories
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 16:25:19 -0500

Now this is a humdinger! I like this one. Myra ewe will fit in very
On Tue, 23 Jun 1998 16:38:04 EDT writes:
>Here's my Blacksheep story.
>George Edward POWELL, born 2/4/1856 in Montgomery, AL was my paternal
>grandfather, known to the family as George Edward LEWIS, same pob,
>before his death in July 1939, he gathered his family around him and
>told them
>that his real surname was POWELL, and that he had been married
>previously (no
>divorce) and that he had children from that marriage. My mother, now
>deceased, recalled some men who came to visit. George introduced them
>friends, but later told them that the men were his brothers.
>An older cousin told me that the story he was told was that my
>and some of his "friends" were involved in some cattle rustling up
>around the
>Red River, and a man was murdered. His "friends" told him that if he
>"take the rap" and disappear, that they would take care of his family.
> I have
>no way to verify this story since all of the old folks are gone.
>Guess that
>makes me the "old folks" now. Ouch!
>He supposedly took the name of a one time employer whom he greatly
>George Edward Powell (Lewis) married Mary Edna Harris in 1896. She
>was born
>Rogers, AR in 1876. They were living in Oklahoma Territory in 1897
>when their
>f irst
>child was born IN 1897. Goerge died in July 1939, in Marlow, Stephens
>OK, and is buried there.
> Myra Chambers
>Ewes not fat, ewes just fluffy.
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