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From: Clara Hughes Tirrell <>
Subject: Re: [BS-L] photo from found bible
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 2000 23:26:26 -0400
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Dear Jeffrey,
Is this the chat area??? 17 messanges is getting to be spam

At 05:46 PM 06/09/2000 -0700, Jeffery G Scism wrote:
>On Fri, 9 Jun 2000 16:59:08 -0700 "Melinda O." <>
>> This picture looks like I did in the early 1970's. Look at the
>> sandals she
>> was wearing. We all worn that kind back then. Also her dress, we
>> called
>> them "Granny Dresses". That was the style. If you looked at my
>> year book
>> from 1971-1974, we were all dressed that way. Hippies and flower
>> children.
>> Our hair was parted down the middle. You could also buy fabric at
>> the
>> fabric store that was pieced together like a quilt. I sewed alot
>> back then.
>> We had it then, and you can still find it today. I think you have a
>> newer
>> photo in an old bible.
>> Melinda
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>> From: Jeffery G Scism <>
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>> Subject: Re: [BS-L] photo from found bible
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