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From: Jan Garland <>
Subject: Re: [BS-L] Qualifier?
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 09:59:48 -0700
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This seems to be from the Sargent genealogy, presently searching for my
copy of the book:

Thomas Sargent, son of William Sargent (1), born at Salisbury,
Massachusetts, June 11, 1643, married, January 2, 1667, Rachel Barnes,
daughter of William Barnes of Amesbury, Massachusetts, at Salisbury. She
was born February 3, 1648, died 1719. Her will was proved at Salem in
1719. He died February 27, 1706. Both died and are buried at Amesbury,
Massachusetts, in the Ferry cemetery. He was a farmer and lived on Bear
Hill. He took the oath of allegiance and fidelity at Amesbury before
Major Robert Pike, December 20, 1677. He held various town offices and
was lieutenant of the militia company. He was one of the most prominent
men of his day in Amesbury. His will was dated February 8, 1706, and
proved at Salem, April 8, 1706. It was signed Thomas Sargent and named
his wife, five sons and the four daughters then living. All the children
were born at Amesbury. They were: 1. Thomas, born February 24, 1669,
died young. 2. John, born March 27, 1672; died November 9, 1690. 3.
Mary, born October 14, 1674, married John Sanders. 4. Hannah, born July
23, 1675; married a Mr. Somes. 5. Thomas, born November 15, 1676. 6.
Rachel. born August 12, 1677; married, December 14, 1704, William
Currier, of Amesbury. 7. Jacob, born October 1, 1678. 8. William, born
December 1, 1680; died May 15, 1711. 9. Joseph, (see forward). 10.
Judith, born June 2, 1687, (twin of Joseph); died May 22, 1688. 11.
Judith, born July 1, 1689; died September 15, 1715. 12. John, born May
18. 1692.

And from The Great Migration Begins:
[Under 'William', the immigrant, this is the same Thomas]

THOMAS, b. Salisbury 11 June 1643; m. Salisbury 2 March 1667/8 Rachel
Barnes. (Found not guilty of fathering Sarah Osgood's child, October
1668 [EQC 4:64].)*

*Records and Files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County,
Massachusetts, 1636-1686, 9 volumes (Salem 1911-1975)

Not sure what to make of what you wrote about Osgood being his wife.

Hubby does have the Quimby line through Esther Quimby, wife of Ebenezer
Sargent, born 1754, but that line goes through Moses Quimby, to
Jeremiah, to John, to Robert Quimby b. 1623 m. Elizabeth Osgood. No
direct line to Thomas Sargent, son of William, or to any other Osgood,
that I have found.

Jan G.

sorry about the duplicate, Aleta

> In a message dated 08/09/2000 11:00:15 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
> writes:
> << This one's in my husband's line. He is a direct descendant of this
> William Sargent, son of immigrant William Sargent, through his
> grandmother, Eva Sargent, deceased:
> WILLIAM, b. Salisbury MA 2 January 1645/6; m. in Amesbury, MA 23
> September 1668 Mary Colby, daughter of ANTHONY COLBY. He was ordered to
> be whipped or pay a fine for fornication, 12 April 1670. >>
> Jan G., did this William have a brother Thomas? If so, Hubby is descended
> from a sibling of Thomas' wife, Sarah OSGOOD. Hubby descended from Elizabeth
> OSGOOD m. Robert QUIMBY. If you have data for Thomas, could you pass it
> along? All I have is his name.
> Aleta, IBSSG, Charter Member
> Ogden, Utah
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