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From: "Edrie Broughton" <>
Subject: Re: Re:[BS-L] Blood types
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2001 21:34:17 -0700
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It's not a question of strongest. The factors were probably initially just
spontaneous mutations that affected nothing. They think they have been
selected for in certain racial populations for slight disease fighting
Similar to but not as dramatic as Sickle Cell Anemia. That's also genetic.
The actual disease can be fatal and is caused by a double recessive. The
actual symbols for the trait escape me at the moment but call the disease
ss. Most of us are SS, dominant for no disease and no trait. The beauty of
'Ss' is that it gives protection against the worst ancient disease of
Central Africa, malaria. If you have Ss you have a coating on your red
blood cells that make it inhospitable to the malaria protozoa. Of course
approximately one fourth to one half your children will have the ss disease
and the coating will twist and warp your child's red blood cells and in the
old days they would die pretty young and in excruciating pain.

There was an article in the magazine Discover a year or two ago and I forget
what the pluses of the different blood types are but there is research being
done on this now. I probably have that issue around here somewhere (I
inherited a gene that prevents me from getting rid of anything) and I'll try
to get the nitty gritty posted.
EdrieAnne IBSSG
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> Sherri - Thanks for the interesting information. In a nutshell, do you
> know what the "strongest" healthiest, inherited blood type would be? The
> same blood type from both parents?

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