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From: "Sharon Workman" <>
Subject: Re: [BS-L] Bastille Day - Hester
Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2002 16:06:24 -0400
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Bonjour, Hester. I am happy to meet you. I don't suppose it was you who
threw my ancestors off the Mayflower (twice!) when they boarded by mistake,
My grievance is really with sloppy genealogists who made false claims, so
the legitimate passengers are not to blame.

Like your descendant, Allen, I am hard pressed to find French ancestors
except for those royal ones, and they were for the most part a miserable
lot. I bet Allen is very proud to have you in his tree.

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From: "Allen M Muckleroy" <>
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Sent: Saturday, July 06, 2002 3:35 PM
Subject: [BS-L] Bastille Day

> Bon jour, mon amies.
> I hope I am welcome to your Bastille Day celebration even though I was
> born in Holland over 200 years before the Bastille fell. My parents are
> Jacque and Jeanne Mahieu who were French Huguenots. Oh, pardonez moi,
> silly me!! My name is Hester Mahieu. My parents left France when
> religious persecution got to be unbearable for them. They settled down in
> Holland with some other Frenchmen who were of like mind.
> When I neared adulthood, some new people began to move into our town of
> Leyden. They were English and called themselves Puritans. They left
> England because the attitude there in Holland was more tolerant toward
> people of differing religious beliefs. I met this handsome young man
> named Francis Cooke and we were soon married. We had several children
> while we remained in Holland.
> In 1620, a group of us decided to try our luck in a new land called
> America. We chartered a sailing vessel called the Mayflower to take us to
> our new homes in the Virginia Colony. Unfortunately, a combination of bad
> weather and faulty navigation put us ashore far north of where we
> intended to land. The men decided to stay and try to make a new
> settlement where we had landed. They all got together and drew up an
> agreement, a sort of contract for those who wished to live in our little
> settlement. You may have heard of this contract. I believe it is referred
> to as the Mayflower Compact.
> The name decided upon for our new home was Plimoth, after the home in
> England that some of our number had left behind. You will have to forgive
> me if I did not spell it right since I never lived in England and only
> learned to speak English after I reached adulthood.
> The first winter here was very bad with many of us getting sick and
> dying. A few went back to England, but most of us who survived that first
> winter decided to stay and carve a new life for ourselves out of this
> wilderness. The savages who live in this area have helped us immensely to
> know what native plants and animals are good to eat. If it were not for
> their help, I'm afraid many more of us would have died.
> I am very glad that the oppressed people of France threw off the heavy
> burden placed on them by the King, the Aristocracy and the Catholic
> Church. Had my family remained in France, I'm certain that my descendants
> would have fought for the freedom of the French people. As it is, my
> descendants fought for the freedom of the colonists in America, which
> struggle inspired the French to rise up against tyranny and oppression.
> My 10x great-grandson, Allen, sent me this invitation since my parents
> and I are the only French ancestors he knows about for sure. He told me
> there may be some connections to the Aristocracy and the Nobility of
> France, but has not been able to definitely confirm that.
> Now, may I ask where the end of the serving line is? I would love to try
> some of the delicious-smelling food you have brought.
> Allen :-)
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