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Subject: [BS-L] Re: BlackSheep-D Digest V02 #735
Date: Sun, 7 Jul 2002 14:27:06 EDT

Well, Conniesue

We have a few topics that are more or less verboten, like, one of our members
recently fell afoul of the law - that's off limits; we had a lengthy
discussion on the recent Ninth Circuit Federal Appeals Court and their
decision on two little words in the Pledge to the Flag, but that's been
pretty well run into the ground. A big "party" to celebrate the Fourth is
just about running down - we're in the cadenza phase of that one, but swiftly
in its wake is Bastille Day, to be celebrated on the Fourteenth.
You see, for some reason, this particular "forum" seems to have attracted a
lot of people with imagination.

If you have not yet become a member of the IBSSG, you will need to "dig up" a
disreputable, felonious or otherwise shameful or scandalous ancestor, in
order to "qualify." Failing in that, a member of royalty would do.

Beyond that, we often compare notes on ancestral stories or issues of
ancestral research.

So, if you have anything to offer, as to Bastille Day, your own potential
IBSSG qualification, interesting ancestral stories, or research challenges,
you can probably get something going.

As for me, when something pops up that attracts my attention, I take a shot
at it, as often as not, inappropriately. But it's an easy group in which to
get a discussion started. Try it.

Herb Melendy, IBSSG

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