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From: Jeff Scism <>
Subject: Re: [BS] Qualification_ request
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2007 05:00:47 -0700
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1. Bigamy. Qualified.
2. Bigamy (before he became a Mormon.) Qualified.
3. Qualified.

Diane, you may now use IBSSG after your name in genealogy correspondences.

Jeff Scism, IBSSG

Diane S wrote:
> I believe it is a special honor to be a member of this society since we are admitting what is probably prevalent in most families...
> My nominees are:
> 1. Thomas Wozencraft b. 1 Jan 1768 Llansanffraid-yn-Elfael, Radnorshire, Wales d. 9 Jun 1852 Clarke County, Ga.
> married 24 Dec 1812 Clarke County, Ga. for the 2nd time without getting a divorce from his wife in Wales.. Sarah 'Sallie' Wright - 9 children.
> Thomas is my 3rd great-grandfather.
> 2. Thomas Urly (Early) Blake b. 2 Nov 1776 Granville County, N.C. d. 8 May 1855 Sulphur Springs, DeKalb County, Alabama
> married abt 1796 Elizabeth Owen (1776 - 1833), then "At the end of June, 1820, Thomas, 43 had an adulterous affair with 18 year old Lucinda Hunter. Lucinda gave birth in January 1821, and Thomas was forced to marry her. Elizabeth Owen, his wife of 24 years, left him and their children. Thomas and Lucinda had eleven more children.
> "Lorette Nixon reports that shortly before his death Thomas Early Blake converted to Mormonism. He was probably inspired by Lucinda's brother-in-law Abraham Owen Smoot, husband of his second wife's half-sister Margaret Thompson McMeans. Abraham, who may be related to Elizabeth Owen, was a close associate of Salt Lake City, Utah, of the Mormon Church's charismatic leader, Brigham Young."
> I am descended from the first wife, Elizabeth Owen, and Thomas is my 3rd great-grandfather.
> 3. Josiah Cowan York, Sr. b. 15 Oct 1799 Washington County, Tenn., d. 1879 Polk County, Ga., ironically husband of poor Sarah Blake. Josiah's accomplishment were many - he fought the Seminole when he was just 18, however by the time he migrated to then Carroll County, Ga., he either was already a member of the notorious Pony Club (information on request) or he joined shortly afterwards. According to the Cherokee, his brothers, Thomas and Allen, and his brother's-in-law, the Philpot brothers, and their father, were all members. This 'club' detested the Indians, burned their crops, stole their livestock, and in general made life miserable for any that came across their paths. He was the first magistrate of the new county but the 'club' ran the county and the grand jury, the treasurer's office, etc., but when tasked to clean out the 'nest' of thieves, he did so under his new responsibilities, which later included rounding up the Cherokees and march them to Alabama for the beg!
inning of the Trail of Tears. Later some Cherokees brought suit against members of the 'club', and Josiah's name was mentioned along with the Philpot men - 'Old Man' Philpot (Richard) was very much despised and known to be a 'leader'. Josiah is my 3rd great-grandfather.
> I can continue with my half-breed Cherokee kin, some of whom wore face paint and fought with the Indians... and they too are direct... at least two more of them were known to prefer the Indians to the White man - all well documented... however three will do, for now.
> Thanks for considering my application.
> Diane Stark Sanfilippo
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Jeffery G. Scism, IBSSG

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