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Subject: [BS] Family Sayings
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2008 05:05:27 GMT

My GGrandmother and GGgrandfather were out for a Sunday drive and he
was looking at the wheat fields (in Kansas). He apparently wasn't paying
much attention to the horse team and they ended up getting off the road
and bumping around in a field. The old buggies didn't have the suspension
our cars had today so it was quite a ride getting back on to the road.
After the whold incident was over, Grandma (looking straight ahead) only
said,"Goes where you look, Tom."
The Tuckwood descendants use that for several situations.
Jeff Carr of TX

Cool saying! Any others out there that someone would be willing to share?
I've always found family sayings like this fascinating. I'd share my own,
but honestly, nothing comes to mind right now.


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> Speaking of shucking corn . . .
> My grandmother told me that her mother and father would go buggy-riding of
> a Sunday afternoon near their home in Sleeth, Indiana (near Delphi), back
> around the 1890s. They'd stop at other farmers' roadside stands and see
> what they had to offer. My grandmother said that at one stand, her mother
> noticed that the corn was advertised at 2 cents an ear, but was not
> shucked. Her mother sniffed and said, "Corn's not shucked -- drive on!"
> That expression has come down in our family and is now in its fifth
> generation of use (by my daughters) to mean something has not come up to
> our standards and we're going to keep looking for better.
> Karen Rhodes, IBSSG
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>> "Eleanor Prieskorn" <> wrote...
>> > Our home say's "Ears of corn" or corn on the cob<
>> I've always thought of it as "ears of corn" if in the field or prior
>> to
>> being cooked. Cooking or preparation for cooking turns it into "corn on
>> the
>> cob"--which Bobby turns into corn OFF the cob anyway! LOL
>> And then there's feed corn which can either be whole (w/cob) or
>> shelled.
>> Either way, it has to be shucked first--removing the husks/nature's
>> wrapper.
>> Guess this is stuff that all y'all city-folk never really had much
>> reason
>> to contemplate... ;-)
>> Best,
>> SueB-TLC
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