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Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 11:44:58 +0000

La Retraite

Originally at foundation as a Catholic Order of nuns concerned with
organising retreats and other spiritual events, and by association became
involved in Catholic Education in European countries, primarily. With the
renewal associated with the Second Council of the Vatican in 1960s¹ the
Order of La Retraite renewed itself and changed the focus of its work, as
education was now more generally available through State provision, the
communities of nuns looked to other areas of pastoral and charitable

In the United Kingdom a number of Secondary Schools were operated and I
believe some still are, but a number were either closed or passed to other
education trustees to manage.

In Bristol La Retraite at one time operated as a Catholic Grammar School for
Girls, and in 1974 with the reorganisation of Catholic education in the City
of Bristol, coupled with the renewal programme above, the school had a
phased closure merging pupils to other schools, typically Catholic
Comprehensive Secondary Schools (11-16 years), with 16+ students joining the
then newly created Saint Brendan¹s Sixth Form College, at Brislington,
Bristol. The College currently has 1200 16-19+ students and is able to offer
a very varied and wide programme of education 16-19. This Sixth Form College
solution in 1974 has served the Catholic community very well in the
intervening years. St Brendan¹s Sixth Form College, still statistically in
the top rank of performers across the UK.

To return to La Retraite High School for Girls, Bristol. The school was
located on Clifton Hill, Clifton, Bristol. The buildings remain and are in
other use for alternative therapy and the treatment of cancer. With part of
the premises still in use by the nuns who have returned to their former
charitable and educational work as directors of Spiritual Retreats. The
retreats on line website is shown as link in case you consider an on-line
visit suits your purpose.

Sisters of La Retraite
Emmaus House
Pastoral Retreat Centre
Clifton Hill
Bristol BS8 4PD

Good hunting
Peter Harrison
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> Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 13:38:50 EST
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> Thanks to Happy for suggesting this may be the orphanage that I am seeking
> at Westbury-on-Trym.
> I recall the La Retraite name but have it in my mind that it was in Redland?
> Did not realise it was a convent.
> Does anyone have further info?
> Bev

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