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From: Josephine Jeremiah <>
Subject: Re: [B&S] Deal runner
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 15:37:13 +0100
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In article <000b01c67339$40869610$>,
Delia Gleave <> wrote:

> Last week's "Worst Job in the World" television programme [sorry,
> overseas people] had Tony Robinson interviewing a retired deal porter.
> They demonstrated running nimbly up and down narrow planking ramps
> carrying 20 foot lengths of wood.

HI Delia,

I must remember to watch that programme as I enjoy watching Tony Robinson
in Time Team.

This talk of porters carrying long lengths of wood from ships reminds me
that Plate 167 in The River Nene: A Pictorial History (which no one is
likely to have) shows timber being unloaded in this way from a ship at
Wisbech on the east coast.

The picture was taken in 1912. However, the ramps look a little more
substantial than what has been mentioned, but nevertheless the unloading
was being done by hand as can be seen by the three porters carrying the
timber. Stacks of timber were on the quayside. This picture reminds me of
old postcards of Bristol Docks showing the stacks of wood in the timber

And I've just had another little flash of memory -- my 4x great-grandfather
John Pearce MORRIS of Hotwell Road, Bristol was a timber dealer in the
early 19th century so would have been familiar with deal runners or deal


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