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From: Josephine Jeremiah <>
Subject: [B&S] Glass manufacture, Bristol,1793-4 (was 1775 Bristol Directory ...)
Date: Wed, 05 Nov 2008 12:11:39 +0000 (GMT)

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Bernpeg <> wrote:

> More important trades in Bristol were china and glass making so I will
> list here details of china and glass makers taken from the above 1775
> directory

> Temple Street
> No 91 CANNINGTON Richard & Co, glass warehouse

> Thomas Street, temple
> No 69 - 70 (between) VIGOR, STEPHENS & Co, glass makers

Hi Bernice and Listers,

Thanks for the list of glass makers in 1775, Bernice.

Some of them were still in business in Bristol in the 1790s.

Here's an extract from Matthews's New History of Bristol or Complete Guide
of 1793-94 about the manufacture of glass in the city:

The great demand for glass bottles for the Bristol Water, for the
exportation of beer, cyder aad perry; for wine, and for the use of Town and
Country, keep the various bottle glass-houses here constantly at work. The
call for window glass at home, at Bath and in the Towns about Bristol; , In
the western Counties, Wales, and from North to South wherever the Bristol
Trade extends, and the great quantities sent to America, employ several
houses for this article.

Here are likewise two houses, in which are made white or flint glass, and.
phial bottles. They who are Strangers to the working of window glass, and
to the blowing of white or flint glass, which is formed into such a variety
of modes and forms, may gratify their curiosity of observing these curious
operations, by presenting a small gratuity to the workmen, who living in
hot climates are very glad of some suction to moisten their clay. The times
and places of attending these processes are as follow:

At Vigor and Co's glass-house, Redcliff-back, flint or white glass is
worked every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; and at Cannington and Co's,
and Wadham and Co's, called the Phoenix glass-house, both near Temple-gate,
on the fame days.

At Vigor and Co's glass-house in St. Thomas-street, window glass is made
every Monday and Saturday in, the morning ; and at the crown glass-house in
St. Phillips (sic) on the same days.

The glass trade has been a very considerable manufactory, for many years in
Bristol ; it is now rather on the increase, and perhaps there is more
manufactured here than in any place in England: The number of glass-houses
is about twelve, situated toward the out-skirts of the Town, and in the


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