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Registration Dist & Cert Number 3-1997-12-000010, Book 66 page 225
Catherine Augusta PARKER SS#528-24-4525
DOB: 27 Jul 1896, TX
DOD: 4 Jan 1997 Time of Death: 0830 Age: 100
Place: Sunset Care Center, 2353 -23rd St, Eureka, Humboldt, Ca
Usual Res: 797 Edwards St., Trinidad, Humboldt Co., CA 95570
In Humboldt County 14 years
Female, white, divorced
Education: 16 years
Occupation: School Teacher, Van Horne Elementary School, 30 years
Father: Robert Stockton DOD (note, only one D at the end of his surname), b
Mother: Viola HARCOURT, b TX
Informant: Ella D. Hardison, daughter, P O Box 784, Trinidad, CA 95570
Cause: Pneumonia (days)/ progressive degenerative dementia (yrs)
Other: Congestive heart failure, hypertension, cardiovascular disease
No autopsy or biopsy
Att. Phys: Patrick J. Dawson, lic A38998, 1727 Central Ave, McKinleyville,
CA 95519
Attended since 7/1/1992, last saw alive Jan 2 1997
Funeral Home: Pauls Chapel, lic FD-689
Cremated and Buried: 10 Jan 1997
Cemetery: Glendale Cemetery, Glendale, AZ 85309
Filed by Ann Lindsay, MD, 7 Jan 1997

Reg # and Cert # 3199812001128, Book 75, page 228
Roger Bruce HARDISON, Sr., SS#573-10-7499
DOB: 15 Aug 1920, CA Age at Death: 79
DOD: 14 Dec 1998 Time of Death: 1830
Place of Death: Mad River Community Hospital, 3800 Janes Road, Arcata, CA
Usual Res: 797 Edwards St., Trinidad, Ca 95570
In Humboldt County 16 years
male, caucasion, married
In Military
Educated 16 years
Occupation: Teacher, Trinity High School, 24 years
Spouse: Ella Viola DEFALCO
Father: Warren Emmett HARDISON, b CA
Mother: Alice BUTCHER, b CA
Informant: Ella D. HARDISON, wife, P O Box 785, Trinidad, CA 95570
Cause of Death: Respiratory arrest (10 minutes) due to COPD (20 yrs)
Other: Bleeding gastric ulcer
Operation: Over sewing ulcer & pyloroplasty Dec 1 1998
No autopsy or biopsy
Not embalmed
Att. Phys: Christopher LEE, lic G31361, 3798 Janes Rd., Arcata, CA 95521
Attended since 29 Nov 1983, last saw alive 14 Dec 1998
Funeral Home: Pauls Chapel, lic FD-689
Cremated: 18 Dec 1998, at sea off coast of Humboldt County
Filed by Ann Lindsay, MD, 16 Dec. 1998

Reg & Cert #3-95-12-00200 6 Book 62, page 35
Marshall Flynn RUCHTE SS#044-30-0128
DOB: 12 Feb 1931, IA, age at death: 64
DOD: 8 Dec 1995, Time of Death: 0615
Place of Death: General Hospital, inpatient, Eureka, CA
Usual Res: 2288 Linstrom, Fairhaven, CA 95524
In Humboldt Co. 27 years
Military: no
Education: 18+ years
male, caucasion, divorced
Occ: Teacher, Humboldt State University, 33 years
Father: Carl Otto RUCHTE, b IA
Mother: Katharine FLYNN, b IA
Informant: Deborah O. Harrison, daughter, 2615 Silver Palm Dr., Edgewater,
FL 32141
Cause of Death: Cardian arrest (minutes)/lung cancer (Months)
Other: Renal failure, paratracheal lymph node biopsies 7/27/95
No autopsy
Biopsy: yes
Att. Phys. Laurence Badgley, lic G18042, 955 Myrtle Ave, Eureka, CA
Attended since 6 Dec 1995, last seen alive 7 Dec 1995
Funeral Home: Chapel of the Ferns, Cooper Mortuary, lic F584
Cremated: 11 Dec. 1995, remains to daughter above
Not embalmed
Filed by Ann Lindsay, MD, registrar, 12/12/95

Reg # & Cert # 3-87-12-000318, Book 37, page 131
Susan K. RUCHTE SS#567-17-2301
DOB: 30 Sep 1949, MN, age at death: 37
DOD: 7 Apr 1987, Time of Death: 1352
Place of Death: General Hospital, 2200 Harrison St., Eureka, CA
Usual Res: 1179 Q St., Arcata, CA 95521
Female, white, married
Occ: Homemaker
Spouse: Marshall RUCHTE
Father: unk, born unk
Mother: Kathryn unk, b IA
Informant: Marshall RUCHTE, spouse, 1179 Q St., Arcata, CA 95521
Cause: Fatal cardiac arrhythmia due to marked fatty metamorphosis of liver
due to chronic alcoholism
No autopsy
No att phys
Funeral Home: Paul's Chapel, lic 689
Cremation 9 Apr 1987
Cemetery: Humboldt Crematory, Arcata
Not embalmed
Coroner: Glenn Sipma, signed 8 Apr 1987 (Investigation)
Filed by Paul W. Anderson, local registrar, 9 Apr 1987

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