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Article Title: Daily Record-Union

Article Date: January 1 1878

Article Description: Year 1877 to December 30th - Part II

Article Text:

Daily Record-Union
Sacramento, Cal.
Tuesday, January 1, 1878
Page 6 & 7

1 - Fist fight in the San Francisco Criminal Court between Judge FERRAL and George W. TYLER....Aaron JONES drove off a grade and fatally injured near San Felipe.
2 - Dry goods store at San Jose burned....Francois DUBOIS found murdered near Bear Mountain, Calaveras county.
3 - Portion of Santa Cruz powder works blown up, killing J.M. BROWN....Emily V. GEILEVER committed suicide at San Francisco....Claus JANSEN and family accidentally poisoned at Dixon, but were saved....B. STILES accidentally killed at Eureka.
4 - Collision near Cascade between passenger and freight train; George BURT, John WARREN and Frank MAXWELL, engineer and firemen, killed....Isaac FRIEDLANDER, grain merchant, suspended....Severe earthquake at Victoria....Child named Thomas PHIPPS accidentally drowned in a well at San Francisco.
5 - Mrs. S.P. GURBENSON stabbed by Mrs. SNUFFLIN at Santa Pauli....Captain A.F. SOUTHER killed his wife and committed suicide at San Francisco....Michael McGOUGH fatally shot Adam MANN on river steamer Sacramento.
6 - J. STADERMAN killed by a fall at San Francisco....Wife of Rev. J.W.
HOUGH died at Santa Barbara.
6 - Ex-County Judge JAMES A. HUTTON died at Woodland....G.G. BROWN, conductor, killed on Southern Pacific Railroad....B. HEFFERN killed by a car at San Francisco.
8 - Fire at San Jose; loss, $26,000....Boy named VAN LEUVEN seriously stabbed at old San Bernardino by another named Ed. COLE.
9 - Earthquake shocks at San Luis Obispo; Rarus trotted a mile in San Francisco in 2:15; the best time ever made in California....Mrs. HYLAND fatally injured at Dixon.
10 - Severe wind and sand storms in southern California.
11 - One SPILCHER shot Bertha BONTE and then suicided at San Francisco....Dennis O'LEARY and William COSTELLO killed accidentally at the San Francisco new City Hall.
12 - Fire at Los Angeles; loss, $4,000....John BILLINGS and John GREGORY accidentally killed near Yreka....Insane man named McINTOSH attacked R.W.
WITHINGTON at Bakersfield and was fatally shot....Seven men killed by a mining cave near Smartsville, Yuba county.
13 - Frank JORDAN fell into a camp fire in a fit on Tulare Lake and was burned to death.
14 - Man named DAVIS killed at Stockton by a freight train....Race at Oakland between Occident and Oakland Maid - won by former - time, 2:25 -
2:27 1/4 - 2:27 1/4 - 2:29 1/2....Man named FUNDY had his skull fractured in a quarrel at Santa Rosa by J.A. MERRICK.
15 - T.W. DEWEY fatally stabbed Peter WILSON at Dutch Flat, Alpine county.
16 - Well known running stallion Rochester died at Chico.
17 - Dr. E.A. PREUSS found dead in his chair at Santa Cruz....Cashier BACH found murdered near Hollister....Little girl named McCABE burned to death at Grass Valley.
18 - John EPPINGER found dead in the mud at Potrero, San Francisco....Fire at San Francisco; loss, $1,000....Trial of the Chico incendiaries commenced at Oroville....Dr. Dalph WILCOX, Clerk of United States Circuit Court committed suicide at Portland, Oregon....Jack TALLENTS found murdered near Truckee.
19 - Adam PFEIFER found dead in his bed at San Jose....Prolific petroleum well struck near San Jose....George E MURRAY fatally injured by a fall at Oakland.
20 - Incendiary fire near Chico; loss, $10,000....C. CUMMINGS shot and killed Alexander LAIRD near Gilroy.
21 - W.F. SCOTT found murdered near Yreka.
22 - Henry A. FOX, Deputy County Assessor, committed suicide at San Francisco....A gang of counterfeiters captured at San Francisco.
23 - T.D. FISHER fell from the second story window in San Francisco and killed....Chinaman named Harry GREEN hanged himself at Washington Corners....A. GAGE committed suicide near San Diego.
24 - D.O. BRADOVICH and Stephen CORSICK mortally wounded in an affray at Deadwood City.
25 - Fire at Santa Rosa; loss, $20,000.
26 - Police officer C.J. COOTS murdered in San Francisco by hoodlums....Frank DENVARS committed suicide at San Francisco...Charles OTTENS found murdered near San Luis Obispo....John M. TAYLOR committed suicide at San Jose.
27 - Fire at Tulare; loss, $50,000....Race at Los Angeles between Occident and Bodine, won by former; time, 2:25 1/2 - 2:23 - 2:26 1/2.
28 - Platt WILSON accidentally shot through the arm near Los Gatos....Benjamin WILKES accidentally drowned at Colby's Landing....Henry DeFOREST robbed and murdered at Santa Cruz.
29 - Brakeman named PATTERSON had his foot crushed at Colfax....John ROACH shot and killed Matt GLEASON at Hamilton Nevada....Louis RICHBERG died at San Jose from self-inflicted bullet wound....Inan SALAZAR fatally stabbed at Almaden, Santa Clara county, by Baptista SANDOVAL.
30 - New gold discoveries reported in Alaska....Employes of Virginia and Truckee railroad struck because of a reduction of wages....Two men - MURRAY and TODD - poisoned to death near San Luis Obispo by eating wild parsley....Child of John ROBERTS, at San Francisco, accidentally killed.

1 - Large cave in Oak Grove gravel mine, Siskiyou county....Infant of J.E.
SHEARER scalded to death at Chico....William ROBINSON crushed to death in a mine near Ophir.
2 - Labor excitement at Virginia City, consequent on a reduction of wages....John B. FELTON, prominent lawyer, deceased at Oakland....William LAIRD drowned near Yreka....Dr. G. ABERNATHY, ex-Governor, died at Portland.
3 - Francisco ARIAS and Jose CHAMALIO, murderers of DeFOREST, hung by a mob at Santa Cruz.
4 - Chin Mook SOW, Chinese murderer, executed at San Francisco....George WASHINGTON badly stabbed by John FORNEY at Stockton....J.C. MORGAN, pioneer, died at Chico....W.H. DAVY killed by a cave near Nevada City.
5 - Larry AUSTIN seriously shot at Colfax by J. CHAPPEL....George M. PINNEY returned from a foreign tour and delivered himself up to the San Francisco authorities....Extensive labor demonstration at Virginia City....Pedro BALLOW committed suicide at Los Angeles....Curtis DODGE drowned in San Joaquin river at Webb's Landing.
6 - Roger McGUIRE killed by a fall at San Francisco....Daughter of C.
DEVEREAUX accidentally fatally shot near Temescal....Fire at Virginia City, loss, $1,200....Boy named McNALLY drowned near Benicia....One GARDNER fatally stabbed at Butte City by ____ MORINO.
8 - W.E. DARGIE, of the Oakland Tribune, assaulted by B.F. MARSTON; Major TRUMAN assaulted by P.W. DOONER at the same place....Stage robbed between Gilroy and Los Banos....William LEMON accidentally killed at Oakland.
10 - Drunken woman named Margaret MURPHY laid down on her child and killed it at San Francisco....A tidal wave did great damage at Gavoita, San Luis Obispo county.
11 - Daughter of M. GALENDS burned to death at the Guadalupe mine, Santa Clara county....Fire at New Almaden, loss, $5,000....Race at San Jose between Occident and Bodine, won by the former, time 2:26 - 2:24 - 2:21 1/4....Fire at Merced, loss $20,000.
12 - Emmet CAMPBELL shot at Colusa by John MORGAN....Race at San Jose between Goldsmith Maid and Rarus, won by former. Time, 2:16 1/4.
13 - Fire at Napa, loss, $20,000.....Stage robbed near Prescott, Arizona Territory.
14 - Charles H. BRYAN, ex-Justice of the California Supreme Court, died at Carson....Fire at Salinas City, loss, $18,000....John D. WORDEN killed by a runaway team near Marysville....Isaac Van Ward PETERS committed suicide in Placer county hospital.
16 - Fire at Ophir, Utah, loss, $6,000; incendiary fire near Gilroy, loss $10,000....Luke TURFFREY stabbed by W. FAIRMAN at Yuba City....Wm. DAVIS found murdered near North San Juan....Constantine NORTH shot and killed by Frank COLLINS near Tehachepi station.
17 - Samuel KNAPP committed suicide near San Jose....Child named Albert McMAHON run over and killed by a street car in San Francisco....C. FLINN found dead in his cabin near Eureka, Nevada....Thomas McADAMS, J.H. BURKE and ____ BROWN, drowned in the Bay....Steamer City of San Francisco struck a rock and sunk near Acapulco; no lives lost.
18 - Colonel Ezekiel JEWETT, scientist, died at Santa Barbara....Charles CROCKER's double team trotted two heats of a mile each at San Francisco in
2:31 and 2:30....Jas. BAILEY committed suicide at Virginia City by jumping into a shaft....Colored boy named John COOPER maliciously shot and wounded near Stockton by two rascals....John ROBERTSON accidentally shot near San Jose.
19 - Richard LEISER committed suicide at Woodland....Goldsmith Maid trotted at Chico; Time, 2:19 - 2:14 1/2 - 2:17....Fire at Merced, loss $18,000....Stage robbed near San Juan Capistrano....WILSON, engineer of steamer Parthonius, drowned in the Bay.
20 - Boy named Patrick A. COYNE killed by street-car in San Francisco....Alfonse LUKIN died in San Francisco from a beating received by hoodlums....W. GLASSEN and Harry ARGYLE seriously hurt near Napa City by the breaking of a mining shaft rope.
21 - Thomas BARROWS seriously hurt at Stockton by runaway team....Fire at Portland, Oregon; loss, $1,000....CROCKER's double team trotted in 2:26 1/2 at San Francisco....George TALLMADGE killed by a fall at Downieville.
22 - Trial of Chico Chinese murderers commenced at Oroville....Charles W.
CLEARY stabbed and killed by ______ DALEY at Willow Creek, Calaveras county.
23 - One RONCALES killed in a fight near San Buenaventura.
24 - Man named AUBURY found dead in his bed near San Jose.
25 - Fire at Oroville; loss, $1,000....Geo. M. PINNEY arrested at San Francisco on two charges of forgery....Mrs. Annie MALONE found dead in bed at Benicia under suspicious circumstances.
26 - M.U. HAZEN found dead near Hueneme, San Buenaventura county....Jury in Chinese Chico murder cases returned verdict of murder in second degree.
27 - Wilhelm SALLT committed suicide at San Francisco.
28 - One HAMILTON killed by a falling tree near San Jose....Dexter E.
PARROTT killed at Dunnigan's, Yolo county, by Michael NOLAN.
29 - E.C. CHURCH, a pioneer, died in Solano county.
30 - L.W. ROBINSON, County Judge of Colusa county, deceased....Severe earthquake shock at Paso de Robles, San Luis Obispo county....Eugene SHEEHAN run over by cars and killed at Niles.
31 - Juan SALAZER executed at San Rafael....D.M. KNOWLTON committed suicide at San Francisco.

1 - Six more charges of perjury preferred against PINNEY....James WEBSTER died at San Jose from an overdose of morphine administered by a person claiming to be a physician....George W. PERRIS shot and killed L. HICKOCK at San Bernardino.
2 - Marcus SALINGER committed suicide at San Francisco....Boy named BERNSTEIN fell into the bay from Oakland wharf, and Frank HODGIN attempted to rescue him, when both perished.
3 - Manuel SILVA mortally shot at Haywards by P. CLANCY....Miner named TUCKIS killed by poisonous gases in a tunnel near Dutch Flat.
4 - Destructive fire at Vacaville....2,000 bushels of grain burned in a stack near Nicolas....Infant of Mrs. Mary LORIGAN fatally scalded at Stockton....Nicolous HORTES murdered in mountains between Sonoma and Petaluma by Jose Marie FLORES.
5 - Chico soap factories again burned by incendiaries....Wm. A. STILLWELL committed suicide at Santa Cruz.
6 - 100 cords of wood burned near Colfax....Man named BURNS stabbed himself
11 times at Los Angeles....Fire near Jackson, loss, $1,500.
7 - N.T. CUTLER committed suicide at San Francisco....M. STEPF run over by a street car and killed in San Francisco....Yedefonso ENRO mortally shot near Noorshoff, Ventura county, by Jeff HOWARD....Little daughter of M. CLANCY accidentally killed at Virginia City....Peter RUSH murdered at Novato, Marin county.
8 - James FINNERTY shot and killed at Hallock, Nevada, by a negro named MILLS....Works of Hercules Powder Company, near San Francisco, exploded.
9 - Michael AHEARNE killed by a sunstroke at Vallejo....David MANHEIM killed James McSLOY near Eureka, Nevada....Fire near Chico, loss, $3,000....Arcade Sawmill, above Chico, burned, loss, $14,000....Sailor named Charles RANDALL killed by another named W. J. WALKER at Vallejo.
10 - Captain D.A. GREGORY shot twice by attempted assassins at San Diego....Extensive field conflagration near Lompoc - grain and pasture fields destroyed and about 150 cattle burned....Peter RUSH found murdered near San Rafael.
11 - PINNEY held to answer in San Francisco....Boy named SUCERO accidentally killed while hunting near Almaden....Fire at Plymouth, Amador county, loss, $35,0000....Volcano eruption near Flowing Wells station, on Southern Pacific road....W. PERKINS and an Indian killed near St. Helena by A. MATTEYO.
12 - Aniceto DECADO shot fatally by Vicente LESCASDA near Los Angeles....John FARRINGTON cut this throat at San Francisco....First Sergeant BRUNS committed suicide at the Presidio....Fire at Williams, loss, $35,000....Two stages robbed near Calistoga.
13 - John TRACY run over and killed on railroad near Vina....E.M. PROCTOR drowned near Lodi....Sam MAHONEY badly shot by ____ MASSEY near Eureka, Nevada....B. MARSHAL slightly shot J. FLEMMING at Ruby Mill, Nevada.
14 - Boy named EALEY shot an Indian at Campo, San Diego county....Bark Cambridge wrecked off Cape Flattery.
15 - F. KUCHENBACK thrown from a mule and killed at Sawyer's Bar, Siskiyou county....Several men killed by an explosion in Sutro tunnel.
16 - Attempt made to explode a steam fire engine at Virginia City.
17 - W.H. CHEVERS, a pioneer, died at San Francisco....Body of J. LARKIN found in a pond of water near Virginia City.
18 - Mrs. AREES and her two children murdered at Los Banos creek, Merced county, by Joseph DUMOND, who was afterwards killed by pursuers at Surprise valley, Modoc county.
19 - Fight between E.J.C. KEWEN and John S. THOMPSON, lawyers, in the Los Angeles County Court.
20 - Waldo HASKELL and James SANDERS committed suicide at San Francisco....Condor Mills at Pioche, burned....Melville COGGINS killed by a cave in Chile gulch, Calaveras county.
22 - Fire at San Francisco; loss, $5,000....Two cases of incendiarism in Colusa county....Edmund S. SAMPSON died at Snelling - it is supposed from poison.
23 - Three earthquake shocks at San Buenaventura....David WALTON found dead near Vallejo....John TANNAHIL killed by Royal BAXTON near San Diego....M.
TINOTT burned to death on Grand Island....J.F. CALLOUX thrown from buggy and killed at Sierra City.
24 - J.T. GAMERSTON committed suicide in Grace Church, San Francisco....Clarence W. NICKERSON accidentally shot and killed near Santa Cruz.
25 - Nitro glycerine explosion at Reno; two men killed....Apache raids continue in Sonora....Nine-year-old son of John COOPER accidentally shot and killed near Cloverdale.
26 - H.B. HILTON killed by the cars at San Leandro....Fire near Healdsburg; loss, $4,000.
27 - A. MACKONY burned to death in his barn near Marysville.
28 - S.M. BLISS appointed County Judge of Yuba county, vice SELLON, deceased.
29 - "Captain Jack" CRAWFORD accidentally shot himself in the groin while performing in the Virginia City Theater.
30 - Homer YOUNG shot and killed at Lake Tahoe by R.C. HAMMOND....Benjamin HOLLAND and W.H. CARTER murdered by horse thieves near Pioche.

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