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Subject: [CALDWELL-L] PICTURES of Caldwell Castle, Ireland
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 09:45:24 -0500
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Here are SEVERAL very important links for you to look at! Have fun!

For a look at the castle click on the link below.

The Home page for those pictures.....

ALSO......if you are a serious Caldwell is very
important for you to check out THIS page:
This is JOHN CALDWELLs web page with just about anything you'd ever want
to know about the Caldwells. He has some compelling and factual
information on why the Caldwells were NEVER pirates......were NOT
related to Oliver Cromwell or Queen Elizabeth I......and were in fact in
Scotland long before any of this erroneous information got spread
around. Actually, their real history in Scotland is far more
interesting....and there are castles there too! He has a discussion
list going that is also very fascinating....with msg. from some
authentic cousins still living in Scotland. These guys know what
they're talking about!! Plenty of places for you to add your queries.

And while we're at it'll need to read all about the PHONY
CALDWELL GENEALOGY written by Gustav ANJOU........this is where all the
bad info originated.....and the following web page will give you all
that info by EXPERTS!
For FRAUDULENT LINEAGES see America's First Families

scroll down and click on Fraudulent Lineages.
I think you'll find it all very interesting and eye-opening.

Of course......none of this has helped me find the ancestry of my
ALEXANDER CALDWELL who lived in Lockbourne, Franklin County, Ohio in the
mid 1800's! haha!
I know lots about him but NOT.....where he came from or who his parents

By the way.....the Beleek link was very interesting. Thanks for sharing
that one!

Phyllis in Atlanta......always looking for ALEXANDER!!!

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Marianne and Elizabeth,
Belleek Pottery has its own webpage:

Best regards,
Jacquelyn (Erhard) Bean

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