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From: Jo-Ann Calvert <>
Subject: Re: [CALVERT] Anne Calvert
Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 08:13:48 -0400
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The Buckey book makes John Calvert, b. c. 1587/9 possibly the son of
Leonard Calvert and therefore, brother to George, 1st Lord Baltimore.

However, there is still another possibility. James Foster in his book
"George Calvert: The Early Years" introduces the Calverts as having been
known in Yorkshire for generations, and that families of that name had
been established in the three ridings (Kiplin Hall is in North Riding)
though they may not all have descended from the same stock.

"The Calvert name is associated with Kiplin as early as 1570 when
"Jenkyn alias John Calvert de Kypling" was involved in a legal
proceeding, the full record of whicxh is now lost. He was possibly a
near relative of John Calvert of Oulcotes, Parish of Arncliffe, some 25
miles to the west, who died in 1565 naming a Leonard Calvert as one of
the supervisors of his will. John of Oulcotes had a son Christopher, a
name, as we shall see, borne by another son of Leonard Calvert."
(Oulcotes is in West Riding)

Foster mentions only sons George and Christopher, ages 12 and 10 are now
to "learn with Mr. Fowberry at Bilton" as a result of the Yorkshire High
Commission's decree in failing to comply in worship. Foster continues
to say that one Robert Calvert, minister of Durham went bondin the
amount of 100 pounds that George and Christopher would study with him or
with Nicholas Anderson.

Further mentioned are, in Ralph Ewen's will grandmother Mistress
Margerie Calvert and his cousins George, Samuel and Christopher Calvert.
(George and Christophwer may have had a brother Samuel, but no further
record of him was found.)

Later on, another mention of Reverend Robert Calvert, born in Yorkshire
and in all probability a close cousin.

Lastly, Foster mentions that the relationships between the Calverts in
the Ridings was too convoluted to unscramble.

> Barbara,
> Thanks for this information. I have been wanting to view that book for the
> references to Anne but don't have access to a copy right now. I have seen it
> on websites that John Calvert, grandfather of Anne, was a brother to the
> Lords Baltimore but the books at the genealogy library do not reflect this.
> I would like to know if it is true.
> Ruth
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