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From: "Carol Mitchell" <>
Subject: Gilbert Campbell who resided between Patrick & James Campbell Augusta Co., VA
Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2002 19:59:13 -0400

Patrick Campbell resided on the border of the Beverley Grant on the 1st road
to be put into existance From Frederick Co., VA to Adam Harmon's house (now
Giles Co., VA)at the Borden Tract line next on the road was Gilbert Campbell
(he owned the land which became Lexington, Rockbridge Co., VA and then next
on the road was James Campbell. Will post that road order next. If my eyes
hold up.
Can someone bring me up to speed on Gilbert and the James Campbell??

Rockbridge County, Virginia and informal History by Edmund Pendleton
Tompkins, M. D. Late Librarian Rockbridge Historical Society Edited by
Marshall William Fishwick, Ph. D. Washington Lee University 1952 Whittet &
Shepepherson - Richmond, Virginia...

[[A number of families lived in this vicinity, referred to as the Cedar
Creek Settlement. In November, 1746, the Augusta County Court orered a road
cleared from the North Fork of James River at Gilbert Campbell's Ford (now
East Lexington) to Looney's ford at Cherry Tree Bottom a short distance
south of Buchanan. This order was supplemental to one issued by the Orange
County Court on May 23, 1745, with reference by the Orange County Court on
May 23, 1745, with reference to clearing a road through almost the entire
length of the Great Valley, from Frederick County on the notrh, to Wood's
River on the south. The order states that "the same is already Blazed, and
laid off with Two Knotches and a Cross".]]

Will Extract of Gilbert Campbell Augusta Co., VA
[[Page 294.--29th August, 1750. Gilbert Campbell's will, of Forks of James
River, plantationer--Wife, Prudence Campbell, alias Osran; son, George
(infant); son, Charles (infant); daughter, Elizabeth Woods, alias Campbell;
son, James; daughter. Prudence Hays; daughter, Sarah Campbell; daughter.
Lattice Campbell. Executors, James Trimble, Thomas Stuart and Andrew Hays.
Teste James Thompson, Robert Allison, Alex. McMullen Proved, 26th February,
1750, by Thompson and Allison, and probate granted to Andrew Hays.]]

[[Page 373.--23d May, 1751. Appraisement of goods left by Gilbert Campbell
to his wife, Prudence Campbell, alias Puran.]] (wife was Prudence Overton
they say?)

Historical Significance or Rockbridge County Virginia By James W. McClung,
Lexington VA McClure Company, Inc. Staunton VA 1939
Gilbert Campbell owned 1739 grant Lexington pt. became a town in 1777
Augusta/Rockbridge Co., VA

Says Gilbert Campbell d. 1750 and his estate passed by inheritance to his
son Isaac Campbell

Harman Genelogy (Southern Branch) with Biographical Sketches 1700-1924. by
John Newton Harman, Sr. Tazewell, VA Tazewell Historical Society 1925
From an examination of "Chalkley's Records of Augusta County, Virginia: (See
Appendix "B") ... Draper's Meadows settlement in 1748 was not the first
settlement as claimed by previous historians, .. Adam Harman founded the
first permanent English-speaking settlement in the Mississippi Valley. .. He
is shown on New rive in 1745, '46 & '47. .. May 1745, James Patton and John
Buchanan, Gent, having viewed the way from Frederick county line through
that part of this county called Augusta, ... we have laid off the said road
: begin at Thom's brook, at Frederick county line, thence to Benjamin
Allen's ford and Robert Caldwell's path, thens Beard's ford on North river
and Alex Thompson's ford on Middle River, Tinkling spring, Beverly Manor
line [Note by Carol Mitchell: This is where Patrick Campbell's land was,
will send that one later, Gilbert & Patrick Campbell lived on the Manor
lines Patrick on the Beverley Manor line and Gilbert on the Borden Manor
line] to Gilbert Campbell's ford on north branch of James River to Cherry
Tree Bottom on James River, to Adam Harman's on the New or Wood's river. ...
The report made 1745 establishes the fact that Adam Harman was liveing in
Gunpowder Springs, now known as Eggleston Springs, in what is now Giles Co.,
Virginia in 1745. His house was erected prior to 1745 years before founding
of Draper's Meadows. Another error in histories states that Thomas Walker
exploration assisted Stalnaker raise his house in 1748 but they did not
explor until 1750. The 1st English-speaking people in the Mississippi Valley
was made by Adam Harmon signed William E Connelly Dec 12 1923.

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