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From: "Robert Campbell" <>
Subject: Looking for Parents of David Campbell born about 1795, NC, Married Barsheba Carter born 25 July 1797, Greene Co. TN. Married 5 March 1818 in Greene Co. TN
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 14:26:30 -0400

Hello to all the Campbell Family Researchers and Cousins,

My name is Robert Campbell and I am looking for the parents and
relatives of David Campbell. Hopefully the below listed information will
spark someone else's memory from their research. David is one of my
GGGgrandfathers. I have had some success finding supporting information
about his descendants, but haven't had luck with find details on David
directly or finding any information on his parents or close relatives.
David Campbell I know was born between 1793 -1796, in Northeast Tennessee
(TN) or Western North Carolina (NC). I know the NC/TN State boundaries
changed during the late 1700s and early 1800s. My search has been centered
on Greene County, TN and surrounding counties. My research has taken me
from Idaho, where I was born, through Washington State, MO, to TN and NC.

Below is a snapshot of the information I have collected on:
(A.) David Campbell and his descendants
(B.) TN census information
(C.) MO census information
(D.) Joshua Campbell (detailed family information) who lived in Pulaski Co.,
MO for about 25 years (1854-1876).

(A.) I know David Campbell’s wife was Barsheba/Bathseba Carter, she was
born 25 July 1797, in Greene Co. TN. Her parents were Elizabeth and John
Carter Jr. and I have much information on her family. Records show David
and Barsheba were married 5 March 1818, in Greene Co. TN. I have a photo
copy of their marriage certificate. Officials were A. Patterson CGC and V.
Sevier DC. Isaac Carter (Barsheba’s older brother) and a Henry Gammons were
witnesses. David and Barsheba moved from Greene Co. TN to Pulaski Co., MO
just before 1850.

Note: Other spellings of Barsheba Carters first name are: Bersheba,
Beersheba, Barsey, and Barshey.

David and Barsheba's children appear to have been: (They all appear to have
been born in Greene Co. TN.)

1. Andrew Jackson born 11 Jan 1818, (Jackson Campbell may have been a
brother to David), died 10 Mar 1862, Buried Wrinkle Cemetery, Pulaski Co.
2. Samuel born. about. 1823
3. Joshua born about 1828 (My GGF) (Died ?) Married Elizabeth “Sarah”
Kerbaugh (Carbaugh), in Green Co. TN, 23 May 1853, Moved to Pulaski Co.
MO, in 1853/54.
4. Arche, born about 1830
5. George, born about 1832
6. Bethany born about 1833
7. James A. born about 1836
8. Elizabeth C. born about 1838
9. Isaac Campbell, born about 1839
10. Loranza D. Campbell, born about 1844

Several of David and Barsheba Campbell’s children followed them from
Greene Co. TN, (Lick Creek Area) to Pulaski Co., MO, around 1850 during the
land rush. Andrew Jackson, Samuel, George and Joshua are all listed on the
1860 or 1870 Pulaski Co. MO Census. I know the family was deeply
religious, very well versed with herbs and herbal medicine, and they appear
to be generally farmers.

(B.) The TN Census Info I have is listed below:

1850 Greene Co., TN, census, page 169 part B, lists: One household with the
following individuals.
Jackson Campbell age 32 Farmer
Sarah Campbell (Wife) age 34
Elizabeth Campbell age 10
Rebecca Campbell age 7
Alfred Carter age 3
Andy Waldon age 4
Catherine Fry age 18
Joshua Campbell, age 19 Farmer (My GGGF)
George Campbell age 17

(C.) The MO Census Info I have is listed below:

1850 Pulaski Co. MO. Census 72 District, Reel No: M432-411, Page No. 103a,
26 Oct 1850 by Jas P. Harrison
Line HN # Family # Last Name First Name Age Sex Race Occup
Value Birthplace R/W
14 442 452 Campbell David 57 M
W Farmer 400 acres NC X
15 442 452 Campbell Barshey 56 F
16 442 452 Campbell Bethany 17 F
17 442 452 Campbell James A. 14 M W
18 442 452 Campbell Elizabeth C. 12 F
19 442 452 Campbell Isaac 11 F
20 442 452 Campbell Loranza D. 6 M

The 1860 Pulaski Co MO, Township 35, Range 13, page 267
Name Age Land State Born
AJ Campbell 43, 1000 acres TN
Sarah Campbell 44 TN
Alfred Carter 13TN
Samuel Trobo TN

The 1860 Pulaski Co MO, Township 35, Range 11, page 274-275
Name Age Land State Born
George Campbell 27 200 acres TN
Elizabeth 26
Emily 6
Luna 4
Rebecca 3
James H. 2
Mary C. 2 ½

The 1860 Pulaski Co MO, Township 35, Range 13, page 267
Name Age Land State Born
Samuel Campbell 37 TN Laborer
Lucinda 31 TN
James H. 11 ½ MO
Nancy H. 4 MO
Rebecca 9 MO
Mary E. 6 MO
Sarah J. 3 ½ MO

1860 Pulaski Co MO, Township 35, Range 13, page 267
Barsheba Campbell 61 200 acres TN
Joshua 17

1870 Pulaski Co. MO Census
Arch Campbell 40
Nancy 15 Housekeeper
Margaret 10
Martha 8
George 6
Andrew 4
Archie 2

1870 Pulaski Co MO Census, 6-16-1870 Robideux Township, Post Office:
Waynesville, Dwell and Family #51
Joshua Campbell, 45
Sarah E. 36
Elizabeth 16 (b. 29 Mar 1854)
Andrew J. 15
William 13
Mary B. 10
Rosa J. 9
George M 7
Sarah Jane 6
Francis E. 4
Martha Ann 2
Henrietta 4 1/2

(D.) Information on one Campbell family from MO:

Joshua A. Campbell (son of David and Barsheba Campbell) married and
Elizabeth “Sarah” Kerbaugh. She was born 7 Dec 1834, and she died 1889
Colton Washington, Joshua and Sarah had 13 children. Their children were:

1. Elizabeth Emaline (Campbell) Morris, born 1854
2. Andrew Jackson Campbell, b. 1855
3. William Franklin Campbell b. 1857
4. Mary B. (Campbell) Parks b. 1860
5. Rosie Isabel (Campbell) Weaver b. 1861
6. George Marion Campbell b. 1863
7. Sarah Jane (Campbell) Whitely b. 1865
8. Frances Ellen (Campbell) Smith b. 1867
9. Martha Campbell b. 1868
10. Harriet (Campbell) Barnes b. 1870
11. Margaret (Campbell) Ketchum b. 1871
12. Alfred Newton Campbell 1873
13. Louis Benjamin Campbell b. 1875 <<<<(My GGF)>>>>

Note: Joshua Campbell and Sarah later moved to the Northwestern United
States, (Whitman County) Washington, in late 1876-77. That is where they
are buried. They spent a total of 25 or so years in the Pulaski County, MO.
Some of the family I believe stayed in MO which can be seen in the census
data for Pulaski County 1850, 1860, and 1870.

If you have any information or suggestions on which Campbell family David
came from please send your thoughts in an e-mail. I appreciate any help you
can provide. Thanks for your time and God Bless. My email is:

Other Families I am looking at:


Robert Campbell
Burke, VA

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