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In 1740's the area of todays Nelson County would have been a portion of
Albemarle County and it appears that the Reverend circuit took him into
portions of what are Nelson, Amherest, Albermarle and even Fluvanna counties
today. Hatt Creek, where Rose lived, would have been in what is the middle
of Amherst and Nelson counties today. I do not think that Lawrence, Neil,
Frances or Henry Campbell were in his circuit but George, John, James would
have been. Also, clans like the Cash's, Powells, Higgenbottoms,and many

The 1740's, in my opinion was a little early for George Campbell, John,
Campbell, or James Campbell - all of whom who would have lived north and
west of present day Piney River - the division line between Nelson and
Amherst counties. Regards, BH

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> Dear Mr. Harris and others,
> Thank you for bringing this information to our attention. From this diary
> I
> now understand more. For example, I now suppose that the area called
> Roseland, Nelson Co VA and the area called Rose Mills, Nelson Co VA is
> named
> in connection with this Rev. Robert Rose, or his family line. Is that
> right? I don't have any ROSE in my family in VA, but in Robertson Co TN
> my
> ancestor was Rueben Rose who married Martha Mason, their ancestry may go
> back to VA, I don't know yet.
> In the 1860 census there are 3 Campbell households at Rose Mills, Nelson
> Co
> VA which 'might' be my ancestor and her son and brother, but I can not
> confirm this yet, no proof. From 1750, when the Rev. Rose was writing,
> and
> 1860 is 110 years, so I don't think the Campbell families living there in
> 1860 census have any tie to that location back to 1750, they must have at
> some point bought that land, etc. Those houses were: John H. Campbell
> (s/o
> Henry), Catherine Campbell(d/o Henry and widow of Cornelius), and William
> H.
> Campbell,(s/o Cornelius) married to Martha Mays.
> I believe the identification of John and Catherine is correct, but I need
> proof of who this William is, the name is common, and he could be sevearl
> different men.
> Concerning the CAMPBELL names that Rev. Rose speaks in 1750: none of them
> are related to George Campbell and Margaret. In 1750 George Campbell and
> Margaret were still located in Albemarle Co VA and having children there
> at
> that time frame. George Campbell died in 1777 in Amherst Co VA, so that
> would mean he came into the area after 1750, probably in the 1760's time
> frame.
> I would have thought perhaps Neil Campbell would have been mentioned, but
> perhaps he came into the area just after 1750 as well, he died in Amherst
> Co
> 1777, the same year as George Campbell, mentioned above. Neil had no
> sons,
> just one daughter who was born outof wedlock, named Elizabeth Ballor,
> daughter of Tabitha Ballor, d/o Leonard Ballor. Elizabeth, d/o Neil
> Campbell, married first to Thomas Barret, he died, and she next married to
> HUGH Campbell of Amherst Co., they married 11-9-1794 Amherst Co VA.
> Neil Campbell died and left most of his estate to his daughter Elizabeth,
> and when she married Hugh Campbell, that estate would then legally be in
> the
> hands of Hugh Campbell. So Neil Campbell's estate of 949 acres of Amherst
> Co land, eventually passed into the legal possesion of Hugh Campbell of
> Amherst Co VA.
> Which makes us wonder, was Neil Campbell perhaps related to Hugh Campbell,
> perhaps as Uncle and Nephew? I have no clue as to that relaitionship. In
> 1813 Hugh Campbell sold 1712 acres, most of it on the Buffaloe River, and
> Hugh and Elizabeth moved to TN.
> In 1800 Hugh Campbell had bought 155 acres on Brown Mt. Creek, North side
> of
> Cold Mt. All of this located in Amherst Co VA. Did Hugh Campbell have
> children? Has anyone found him in TN? If he had children with Elizabeth,
> they would be Campbell from both sides.
> Was the Capt. Hugh Campbell mentioned by Rev. Rose in 1750 the FATHER of
> Hugh Campbell? Neil Campbell was from Scotland, that is supported by the
> fact in his will he left some provision to his sister living at East Mill,
> near Perth, Scotland (Mrs. Catherine Brugh/Brough) Perhaps Capt. Hugh
> Campbell was also from Scotland?
> This record of 1750 apparently Pre-Dates the following Campbell ancestors:
> 1. George and Margaret
> 2. George and Caty
> 3. Francis and Isabelle
> 4. John and Amelia
> 5. James and Mary
> 6. Henry and Charity
> 7. Lawrence and Henrietta
> Please note Mr. John Harvie is mentioned: I 'think' that is my ancestor.
> Here is the Harvie line, which later married into my Campbell and Thompson
> ancestral lines:
> #1. John Harvie b. 1680 Garunnock, Sterlingshire, Scotland
> He died 10-13-1730 in Virginia
> He married Margaret Kay b. 1684 same location as he.
> #2. John Harvie, Jr.
> I think this is the man refered to in the 1750 notes by Rev. Rose.
> I don't have a wife noted for him.
> #3. Richard Harvie
> Married Mary Wood, d/o Josiah Wood and Patience, who was
> Native American (Monacan??)
> #4. James Harvie
> #5. Elizabeth V. Harvie
> Married James Thompson, III.
> #6. Behethland Thompson
> Married Edward Stephen Campbell
> #7. Nancy Jane Campbell
> Married Henry W. Campbell, s/o George T. Campbell b. 1824
> #8. Susie Jane Campbell b. 1892 Texas d. 1938 Lawton, OK
> She is my great grandma.
> Please Note: this Harvie ancestry comes to me from Mr. A. T. Powell, Jr.
> He
> comes from the brother of James Harvie, who is Thomas Harvie married to
> Elizabeth Seay.
> Best regards,
> Lilly Martin
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>> Just reviewed a portion of a diary of the Rev. Robert Rose recorded
> during the period 1745-1751 when the reverend was living on Hatt Creek,
> in
> an area now identified as Roseland, of what is now Nelson County.
>> In the index, he identifies or list 9 Campbell's -of those 9, four were
> women (Hannah, Jane, Margaret and Rebecca. Of the 5 men, one was
> military,
> Capt Hugh Campbell, two were preachers or Reverend's Archibald and Isaac,
> and then there were Daniel and Alexander.
>> Extract of 10 days of his diary between 20 and 30 June 1750.
>> 20 - Very hot weather, buise in looking for cooperes, carpenters, & stone
> cutters all this day.
>> 21 - Hot, yet a brisk air, at night blowd hard with a very little rain
>> 22 - The weather cooler stayed home all day
>> 23 - Warm weather - rode according to desires as far as Horseley's Cove,
>> a
> plantation of Col. Lomax's to visit Edmund Marian, said to be very sick
> but
> found him gone off about his business, so got home about one, dry weather,
> catched a good many fish among our twelve Rocks
>> 24 - At home, read prayers and a sermon, very hot weather and dry -
>> 25 - Extreme hot, rode to Mr. Anthony's, dined & returned home at night
>> 26 - A very hot morning, rode to Rose Isle and to Hatt Creek mill and
>> got
> home about 5pm, very hot, great complaints of tobacco not standing. Jon
> Mayfield came to work about 1 & 2pm
>> 27 - A foggy morning, very hot, about noon a small shower with much
> thunder and wind in ye afternoon. this evening my watermen got home
> having
> safely carried down fifty & two bundles of tobacco, 29 of which are mine,
> two Mr. Bengers, 6 R. Powels, 9 Edward Spencers, 3 Timo O Brian, 1 Thomas
> Jones, one Mr. Goodwins,one Wm Oglesby's.
>> 28 - Cloudy and showers all this day - could not reap
>> 29 - Cloudy all morning left home with Mr. John Harvie and went to Col.
> Frys at night.
>> 30 - Rode to Hickmans Chappel, preached and dine with Mr. Charles Lewis
>> at
> Buck Island, an d then went to Mr. J Smiths.
>> Typical preacher - going some where for a meal. This is not a typical
> period as he normally preached about everywhere he went as well as
> baptizing
> children. Apparently, our Campbell's had either not arrived in Amherst
> County yet or were in another area of the county where The Reverend Rose
> did
> not travel. This document is available from Museum in Amherst Court
> House.
> BH
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