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Thanks for Rev. Gigi's Genealogy.

As I expect you are aware, the section about Ireland is mixed up (as in
Margaret Pilcher's book) and several efforts at research there have so far
failed to clarify the facts, while the rest may be fine.

The 18th century family genealogy found recently shows:

Duncan = (not Mary McCoy but) Mary Ramsay of the Dalhouse family (Scotland)
their son:
John Campbell
had a son:
John Campbell = Mary McCoy?
had a son:
John Campbell = Grizzle Hay (Grizzle was Scots for Grace)
had two sons:
(1)Patrick Campbell (living in 1752) = Elizabeth Taylor and (2)David
Campbell = Mary Hamilton
Patrick & Elizabeth had a son:
Charles Campbell = Margaret Buchanan
Their son was Gen. William Campbell
of King's Mountain

David Campbell, (2 above) and Mary Hamilton (whose father's mother was dau.
of John C. & Mary)
had a son Arthur Campbell = his cousin Margaret, sis. of Gen. Wm C.
had a son William Campbell.

I hope this helps.

(Campbell, Argyll, Scotland)

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Campbells 1515 till 1230
Sir Colin Mor the Great b-1230 d-1294 scotland (knight)
Married Isabel Sinclair b-abt1232
Neil Campbell b? d-1320 scotland (knight) Married Mary Bruce sister to
Sir Colin Campbell Married Helen Moore Daughter of the house of Lennox
Archibald Campbell b-1316 d-1394 Lord of Lochow Married Isobella Lamont
Sir Colin Campbell b-1344 d-1413 Lord of Lochow Married - ?
Sir Duncan Campbell b-1370 d-1453 Lord of Lochow Married Marjery Stewart
b-1360 d-1432 Princess
Archibald Campbell b-1400 d-1440 Master of Lochow Married Elizabeth
Somerville b-1400
Colin Campbell b-1437 d-1493 2nd Lord 1st Earl of Argyll
Married Isobel Stewart b-1445
Archibald Campbell b-? d-1513 2nd Earl of Argyll
Married Elizabeth Stewart
Dugal Campbell b-1474 Argyll
Duncan Campbell b-1515 Scotland

Campbells 1696 till 1530
Patrick Campbell b-1530 Scotland
inherited and bought out estates bought by father in Ireland.
Married Christian Children - Hugh
Hugh Campbell b-1560 Scotland d-Ireland Married Mary Graham Children -
Andrew Campbell b-Scotland Married Mary Rich Children Duncan
Duncan Campbell b-1652 Married Mary McCoy
Children - John,David,Margaret,Catherine,James,
John Campbell b-1674 Ireland d-1741 Virginia Emigrated from Ireland to
Lancaster Pa in 1726
Married Grace Hay Children - Patrick B-1674
Patrick Campbell Sr b-1696 Ireland d-abt1769 Constable of Pennsylvania
twp,lancaster co Pa 1725-27
Married Delilah Thompson B1700 Children - Charles,James,William,Patrick Jr,

Campbells 1728 till 2004

Patrick Campbell Jr b-1728 Pa d-1799 Ky
Married Elizabeth James b-1745 d-1830 Ky
daughter of William James and Lettice Taylor
John Zachariah Campbell b-1760 d-? Married Nancy Sherley
Children - Lewis,Maryann, Margaret,Susan,John, Caleb, Nancy,and Sallie
Lewis Campbell b-1799 d-1880 Ky Married Matilda Fugate b-1803
Children - John (Jarfly),Zachariah,Polly, Phoebe,Caleb,Colbert.
Zachariah Campbell b-1824 d-1891 Ky Married Paulina Combs b-1832
Children - Jeremiah,Lewis,Zachariah,Mahuloa, John,and Matilda
Jeremiah Campbell b-1860 Ky d-1950 Ky Married Arminta Thorpe b-1866
Arminta was part Cherokee, and daughter of Benjamin Thorpe and Hannah Fugate
Children - Price,pleas,Hulda,Elvra,Beach,Willy,Evea, Oscar,and George
George Campbell b-1897 Ky d-1960 NJ wounded in ww1 Married Caroline H Webb
b-1898 NJ d-1965 NJ
daughter of: George Webb and Lea Goudaliez from fance
Children - Shirly,Robert,Virginia,Lea,Leroy,George
Robert Campbell served in korea and veatnam Married Joan Lehmann
Children Robert,Laura,Michelle
Robert Campbell b -1967 - Married Barbra VanArtsdallen
Children - Robert James Campbell
Laura Campbell Wiccan Rev 1st Degree b-1965 - Marrages - 1 - Richard
Wineland b-1966
2 - Harry R Velli b-1959
Children - Ashley M Wineland b-1990
Michelle Campbell - b-1967 - Marrage's - 1 - Brian Clark
2 - Nicoli Pontarelli
Children - Jennifer Clark , Larence Venterino, Randy Clark
Grandchildren - Ryan Clark Blasi b-2004

Dream Catcher Family Tree Crest

Dream Catcher Family TreeThis is a drawing of one of the three Campbell
dream catcher family crest trees. It is a family crest I designed with the
feathers from a dream catcher placed around it like they are in a dream
catcher, with the names of the family members as parent to child are placed
within the feathers.

This is one of the first dream catcher family trees I drew, and the family
names are within the dream catchers, and the childrens names are within the

How the geneology bug bit me.

I first started learning about family trees in sixth grade, through an
assignment that was given the class. Through asking older family members,
and listening to their stories of family I found myself enchanted, and my
thurst for knowing the family background began. At that time I could only
find out about one side of my family, but it was very interesting learning
about when the family had come over from Germany, and that there was a
bootlegger in the family.

After years of putting it down, I became reunited with the other side of my
family and through them once again picked up my quest, and through many
questions, and stories I was able to trace the roots back to Ireland, and
Scotland, along with hearing the stories about a great grandmother whom was
Cherokee, and it was said that her knowledge of plants, and such, along with
her tracking skills is what keep the family alive.

"To live in peace one must first walk the path of learning, loving, and
accepting." Rev Gigi

~Wehali Usdi~<Look not at the Eyes but at the Soul>

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