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From: Thomas Glassel <>
Subject: [Deerfield1704] Captives from Deerfield-Elizabeth Corse--Martha French
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2003 15:25:56 -0600

C.Alice Baker wrote one of the most detailed accounts of the captives
taken from Deerfield,MA to Canada. In her book,"True Stories of New
England Captives" Cambridge, 1897. She goes deep into the lives of many
of those taken and provides the marriages and name changes that changed
their lives and those of their descendants forever.

The list of Captives from Deerfield is contained within her book which
is on-line through the Early Canada Online web site
<>; it is important to note
that many if not most of the spelling of the names of the captives
were changed to more accurately reflect how they would be pronounced in
French...or to reflect a more Christian version of a in
captive Freedom French who was a cousin to my Elizabeth
Corse...according to Ms. Baker, Freedom became Marie-Francoise when she
was baptized Catholic on 6 April 1706...never to be called Freedom
again..her sister Martha became Marthé-Marguerite.

My captive ancestor, Elizabeth Corse's mother, Elizabeth Catlin Corse
was a sister to Mary Catlin French, mother to the French children.
Elizabeth and Mary were both killed on the way to Canada. Elizabeth's
husband James Corse died a few months after young Elizabeth was born in
Feb,1696. [The parents of James Corse have never been discoverd to this
date...born abt 1666, parents most likely from Lanark,Scotland] There
were 2 brothers, James and Ebenezer
who were not taken and who survived to raise large families in
Deerfield. When young Elizabeth arrived in St.Lambert [near Laprairie]
she was farmed out to Pierre Roy and his wife Catherine Ducharme who had
already raised 18/19 children...Because of French pronunciation, her
name was changed to Isabelle it is even common today for New
Englanders to not pronounce the "r" in "Cahh" for car...Her cousin
Marthé married one of Pierre Roy's sons, Jacques Nov 24 1711 when she
was 16 and he was 22.

Elizabeth Corse[Casse] 1st married Jean-Baptiste Dumontet dit Lagrandeur
6 Nov 1712 when she turned 16...he was in his 50s [she had just given
birth out of wedlock at age 15, to baby Marie, who died in a few months]
With Jean she had 8 children, 4 survived to marry, Jean died in 1729 and
their last child
Pélagie died at 1 year,5 months
on May 5 1730. With 5 young children to care for, Elizabeth married 2nd
my ancestor Pierre Monet on Jan 16 1730. He was a few years younger than
she was, and they had 7 more children but only one survived to marry, my
ancestor Marie-Anne Monet who married twice, 1st to Jean-Louis Vignon on
April 4 1758, then to my ancestor Francois Dubois on Oct 27 1760 at

So, there are hundreds of Canadians and Americans who today, 300 years
after the attack on Deerfield, do not realize their connections to
either Deerfield residents or Deerfield captives...I found my connection
to Elizabeth Corse within the last 10 years...through a listing in
Jetté...There is so much to learn of our biological connections to these
amazingly resilient early pioneer and in many cases Native American

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