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Subject: Early settlers of Springfield.......1635-6 ......Founded 1641
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 23:47:58 -0500

William Pynchon and 8 families settled in an area called Springfield in 1636........there is a map drawn in 1898 by
Henry M.Burt that shows all the homesteads on both sides of the Connecticut River.(no date for lots)
The map is shown with the Connecticut River dividing Springfield in half.....the east side of the river today is
Springfield and the west side is West Springfield.
Starting with the Springfield side of the river with the northern most lot north to southern lots
These lots were bordering the Conn.River and what is now/was Fulton St (north end) and they appear
to be meadow lots as they are large.
William Pynchon
Henry Smith
Elizur Holyoke
The following are on the other side of Fulton St. (see above description); numbers represents the lot size in rods
(if you have a map of Springfield, you will be able to follow this by street names)
Thomas Cooper
Griffith Jones 13
John Lamb 10
Rowland Thomas 18
Symond Sacket 10 ( near where Carew St is now)
Obediah Miller 10
Hugh Dudley 10
Samuel Terry 10 (near what is Essex
John Stewart 10
Simon Beaman 10
Frances Pepper 10
George Alexander 10 (near what is Franklin St)
Simeon Beaman 10
John Dumbleton 10
Henry Chapin 10
way to upper wharf...... Cypress St.
Miles Morgan 20
John Stebbins and William Brooks 18
back bordering the river.........
Thomas Cooper 14 (in area of railroad row -does this still exist?)
William Pynchon 20 (in area of today's Hampden St. and Fort St.)
Elizur Holyoke 20 ( in area of Bridge St and Worthington St)
Henry Smith 20
George Moxon 14 (in area of Vernon St.)
Samuel Chapin 8 (cannot read street name)
Richard Exell (?) 8
Richard Stiles 8 ( in area of -looks like Court St.)
William Warriner 8 (in area of Court St.)
Training field and burying ground 8 ( in area of Court Square)
Thos. Stebbins 8
Frances Ball 8
Robert Ashley ( in area of today's State St.)
John Leonard 8
Thomas Merrick 8
Thomas Horton and James Bridgman 8
John Searle and Alexander Edwards 8
John Clarke 8 (now in area of Howard St.
John Dibble 8
Morgan Jones 4
Rowland Stebbins 8 ( in area of Orion? St.)
Samuel Wright 8
Henry Burt 8
John Harmon 8
Nathanel Pritchard 8 ( in area of Willow St)
Nathaniel Bliss 10
George Langton 8 ( in area of Margaret St.)
Margaret Bliss 14
Joseph Parsons 8 ( area of Fremont St.)
Thos. Sewell and Jonathan Taylor 8
John Matthews 8 (Lombard St.)
William Branch 8
William Branch 8 ( Gardner St. area)
Griffith Jones 8
Roice Bedortha 8 ( area of Norwood St.)
Benjamin Cooley 8
Jonathan Burt 8
Hugh Parsons 8 (area of Elmwood St)
John Lombard 6
way to lower York St.
Now to what is West Springfield today..... all bordering the west side of the Connecticut River
and lying between the Conn.River and the Agawam River.....this area was PLANTING GROUNDS for the settlers
(numbers represent rods)
Thomas Cooper 22
William Pynchon 30
Henry Smith 20
Elizur Holyoke 20
George Moxon 14
Dea. Samuel Chapin 4
Richard Exell 8
Richard Sikes (many Sikes in Connecticut especially Suffield which was part of Mass at the time)
William Warriner 8
Thomas Stebbins 8
Benjamin Munn 8
Robert Ashley 8
John Leonard 8
Thomas Merrick 8
James Bridgman 8
Alexander Edwards 8
John Clarke 8
James Osbourn 8
Rowland Stebbins 8
Dea Samuel Wright 8
Henry Burt 8
John Harmon 8
Nathanel Pritchard 8
Richard Sikes (Sykes) 8
Nathanel Bliss 10
Margaret Bliss ?(cannot read)
Joseph Parsons 10
Jonathan Taylor 10
John Matthew 8
80 rods of blank space
Jonathan Burt 10
Hugh Parson 10
John Lombard 7
mill lot 10 acres
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