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From: "Gregor Macgregor" <>
Subject: RE: [CAN-Manitoba] Amy Mathews ne McGregor
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 19:43:50 -0000

Karen, you have been so much help. With your assistance I have found
copies of two death notices: Joseph Leonard Matthews and James Hubert
Matthews. I am still missing The notice for Harold Whitehouse Matthews
who I believe died around 1978.

I have also found a daughter of Joseph's called Marjorie Van Norman
(born around 1930-35).

Is there any way you can find any more information about Harold and his
niece Marjorie?

N.Gregor Macgregor
+44 777 1717 086

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From: Karen S [mailto:]
Sent: 23 February 2005 17:14
To: Gregor Macgregor
Subject: RE: [CAN-Manitoba] Amy Mathews ne McGregor

Hello Gregor,
The only Henderson's Directories I have are the 1947, 1948, 1954, 1963,
and 1978.

I did check for other family membors living with Joseph and Violet
but found none. Only other information I have is this.
1947 Joseph was the proprietor for Radio Electric
1954 Joseph was the proprietor for Radio Service
1963 Joseph was a service manager for Brennan Radio and T.V. 1966 Joseph
was a service manager for C.F. Brennan Radio and T.V. 1978 Joseph was an
electronic technician for Mid West Musical

In the 1947 and 1948 Henderson's Directories I have a J. Hubert who is a

general clerk for Canadian National Railway Express living at 248
I can't find him after that but believe he is the one buried at the St.
Vital Cemetery who died on April 15, 1982.

I find Harold W. Matthews in 1947 living at 269 Kitson and he is an
for Dominion Income Tax. 1948 same. 1954 he is shown with a wife, Evelyn

with the same job but now living at 76 Braemar Avenue in the St.
area of Winnipeg. 1963 shows Harold retired and his wife is shown as
and he is still at the same address. 1966 Harold andEdna at the same
but now he is a consultant for C B Hare & Co. Information is the same
1978. There are no other family membors living with them. In order for
children to be listed they would need to be over the age of 18 and still

living at home.

The Winnipeg Public Library will do a 10 year search in the Henderson's
Directories for you. The web page is
There is a section to ask the librarian

Hope this helps a little bit.

>From: "Gregor Macgregor" <>
>To: "Karen S" <>
>Subject: RE: [CAN-Manitoba] Amy Mathews ne McGregor
>Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 20:32:40 -0000
>Yes, thanks for the idea about the censuses, but I've tried all that I
>can find on the internet!
>Obits would be very helpful, but I'm not able to see them from where I
>am at the moment; England! Can you help at all?
>Do your directories give any indication of grandchildren for Amy?
>N.Gregor Macgregor
>0777 1717 086
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>From: Karen S [mailto:]
>Sent: 23 February 2005 16:45
>To: Gregor Macgregor
>Subject: RE: [CAN-Manitoba] Amy Mathews ne McGregor
>Hello Gregor,
>I looked through my Henderson Directories and found that Joseph L
>Matthews had a wife named Violet A. She is buried next to Joseph L at
>the Brookside
>Since Mrs. Amy Matthews was living with Joseph and Violet at 1100
>Garfield in 1954 maybe their obits might mention her.
>I notice you mention the 1901 census but did you know there is also a
>Manitoba 1906 census?
>Good luck,
> >From: "Gregor Macgregor" <>
> >To:
> >Subject: [CAN-Manitoba] Amy Mathews ne McGregor
> >Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 16:22:49 -0000
> >
> >I am looking for any information about the Matthews family that were
> >living in Winnipeg in the early 20th centrary:
> >
> >Amy McGregor emigrated to Canada in 1890, with her sister Ethel and
> >possibly her brothers James and Edwin. It is possible she also
> >travelled with her future husband James; as he emigrated in the same
> >year
> >
> >Amy married James William Matthews (born 17th June 1865), on 27th of
> >September 1895 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They lived at 141
> >Spence Street Winnipeg, and were there at a wedding on 22nd of Feb.
> >1917, when
> >Annie Edith Yorke married Phillip Henry Gerrish.
> >
> >James was a licentiate of the Royal Academy and Royal College of
> >Music / (Concert Organist's Diploma) and worked as a music teacher
> >and, as many music teachers did at the time, described himself as a
> >Professor. He was the organist of the Central Congregational Church
> >in Winnipeg. He was also an adjudicator at the first Edmonton Kiwanis

> >Music Festival
> >in 1908. In the 1901 census he claimed an income of $1,000.
> >
> >Together they had four children:
> >
> >* William McGregor Matthews: Born 24th August 1896 in
> >
> >* Harold Whitehouse Matthews: Born 18th August 1898 in
> >
> >* James Hubert Matthews: Born about 1903 in Winnipeg.
> >
> >* Joseph L Matthews. Born 1906 in Winnipeg. Became a salesman
> >the Radio Corporation of Winnipeg.
> >
> >James William Matthews died on the 26th September 1924 at St
> >Boniface, Winnipeg.
> >
> >Amy carried on living at 141 Spence Street, but in 1937 is reported
> >at 248 Langside Street. She did not stay long here, because by 1944
> >she was at #3- 100 Rose Street (Melrose Apartments). Finally in 1954
> >she moved to 1100 Garfield Street.
> >
> >In 1958 she ceases to be listed, so it is assumed that she died in
> >1957.
> >
> >
> >Gregor
> >
> >N.Gregor Macgregor
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> >086
> >
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