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1) George Scott, son of John Scott and Isobella Clerkson, was christened at
St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, on 11 January. 1783.

2) Frances Johnston, daughter of William Johnston and Elizabeth Danskine,
was christened at St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh, on 3 April, 1784.

3) George Scott and Frances Johnston were married at St. Cuthbert's,
Edinburgh, on 13 February 1810.

4) In her wonderful little book "Ships of Miramichi" published in 1960, Dr.
Louise Manny indicated that:-

"William Abrams is said by some of his descendants to have been an English
Jew. He was born in Plymouth, England, in 1785. He came to Miramichi in 1820
from Stirling, Scotland. His shipyard was at Rose Bank, now Nordin, two
miles west of Douglastown. There, with John Harley from County Cork, George
Scott from Greenock and George Scott's son William Abrams Scott as his
master builders. He built twenty or more fine, sturdy vessels. On some of
his earlier vessels William Abrams served as captain."

In the reprint of the book of 2000, endnotes have been added, I think by the
then current reviewer, and these include:-

"While the store of traditional knowledge which Louise Manny gathered on
shipbuilding on the Miramichi commands the utmost respect, it will be noted
that the names of George and William Scott do not occur among those of
master builders in the records which she herself consulted. George Scott
(1783-1833) and his wife Frances Johnstone had seven children born at
Greenock, Scotland, between 1811 and 1819, including a son William Scott.
They subsequently had two children born in New Brunswick, including a son
Abrams Scott. Thus there was a son William and a son Abrams rather than a
son named William Abrams. William Scott (1812-1887) was a mast and block
maker at Rose Bank (Nordin) but evidently not a master builder of ships. His
younger brother Abrams Scott was a ship carpenter and master builder of at
least one ship, The Belle of the Ocean, which was launched by Gilmour,
Rankin & Co. in 1857. Soon afterwards, he moved with his wife and family to
Bathurst. Later they settled in Portland (Saint John), where he died on 30
April 1876, at age 54"

5) So there is an interesting question as to how long William Abrams and
George Scott were acquainted and working together. On the face of it, Scott
was brought up in the Edinburgh area and probably learned his trade on the
Forth. Abrams was said to have departed from Stirling for Miramichi.

Stirling is on the River Forth, before it grows into the Firth of Forth. But
did the two work together in Greenock? If there was indeed a Scott son
christened William Abrams Scott in 1812, then it suggests that Abrams may
have been involved at Greenock at that time? There was incidentally a ship
called the "William Abrams" running settlers to Australia from Greenock in

6) Dr. Manny may or. may not have been slightly adrift on the time of
arrival in Miramichi of William Abrams. The records of the early settlement
in Douglastown indicate that land Lot 12, originally granted to William Coon
in March 1785 was later sold by the 1819 owner, Thomas Purdie, to William
Abrams & Company by September 1819.

I hope there is a little food for thought here. I have no direct interest in
Scott or Abrams. My interest is the ships of Whitehaven, Harrington,
Workington and Maryport, of the County of Cumberland, North West England,
that traded with Atlantic Canadian ports, frequently calling at Irish, Isle
of Man and Scottish ports on the way out or back. Would appreciate any
local knowledge, press reports, etc that anyone has to hand re arrivals,
departures, cargoes, strandings etc..

Happy Christmas to all!

Derek, in a relatively mild Hampshire, England - 2 degrees Celsius, gray and

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Subject: [MIRAMICHI] SCOTT - Greenock Scotland before 1825 > Miramichi

> Looking for information about George Scott, master shipbuilder, believed
> to have been married to Frances Johnstone. Emigrated from Scotland to the
> Miramichi area of New Brunswick, Canada in 1820 or perhaps 1822 with
> family listed below. All marriages of children occurred in North America.
> Children:
> George Scott, born 1811, Greenock, Scotland (m. Elizabeth ?)
> William Abrams Scott, born 1812, Greenock, Scotland (m. Mary Creighton)
> Janet Robb Scott, born 1813, Greenock, Scotland (m. John Robinson)
> Margaret Scott, born 1815, Greenock, Scotland (d. in infancy)
> Elizabeth Scott, born 1816 or 1819, Greenock, Scotland (m. Robert Gremley)
> Francis Scott, born 1818, Greenock, Scotland (d. in infancy)
> Grace Scott, born 1819, Greenock, Scotland (m. William Hillock)
> Abrams Scott, born ?, Rosebank, New Brunswick, Canada (m. Eliza Russell)
> Alexander Scott, born ?, Rosebank, New Brunswick, Canada (d. in infancy)
> Rosebank is now called Nordin.
> David Scott
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