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From: Joe Makowiec <>
Subject: Re: [Antigonish] Trappist Monastery query
Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 00:07:39 -0500
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At 09:17 PM 2-12-2001 -0500, wrote:
>Does anyone know about a Trappist Monastery located near Tracadie,
>Antigonish Co.?

Yup. I believe the Petit Clairvaux monastery was the first Trappist
foundation in North America. They were there from 1825 to 1919, and the
Augustinians took over the property in 1936. They moved out just a few
months ago. The monastery itself is located, appropriately enough, in

>This is what I'd like to find out:
> Were marriages performed there; if so, where would those records be?
> Was there a school there; if so, was it French, English, or bilingual?
> Is it still in existence; if so, can anyone provide an
> address/contact info?

Unlikely on the first two counts. The Trappists are a cloistered order,
and their ministry rarely would involve performing marriages or educating
those outside their order. According to Johnston, Rev Angus Anthony. A
History of the Catholic Church in Eastern Nova Scotia. 2 volumes.
Antigonish, NS: St Francis Xavier University Press, 1960 (Vol 1); 1971 (Vol
2)), the priests from Petit Clairvaux ministered at Tracadie.

There was a bit of a museum when the Augustinians were there, and they had
some Trappist artifacts. There are two possible places you might try to
find their records:
1) the Diocese of Antigonish has a website at; you can try writing them and
see if they have any information.
2) the archives at Saint Francis Xavier University (
have a good collection on the history of the Antigonish diocese.

However, your best bet would be the Tracadie parish; if not there, you
might try some of the nearby parishes, particularly the ones in
southeastern Cape Breton (Arichat and l'Ardoise come to mind; someone else
might have another suggestion?)

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