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From: Linda Darling <>
Subject: [Antigonish] The Klondike King of Antigonish
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 10:54:40 -0400

(I'm not sure if I posted this before ~ sorry if it's a repeat! Linda )

The Klondike King of Antigonish
"Big Alex" MacDonald is now all but forgotten.

[extracted from the write-up]

"It is surprising to all but an interested few that the Klondike King, at
one time one of the wealthiest men in North America, was a Nova Scotian of
Highland decent. He was one Alex MacDonald, called simply "Big Alex." In
his home county of Antigonish he was known as "one of the Black Bills from
Ashdale." The story of this little known Nova Scotian is both impressive
and disheartening. For all his wealth, the "King of the Klondike" died
alone in the Yukon........."

"In Nova Scotia he is largely unknown. His once numerous relatives in
Antigonish have long since passed on and few under the age of 60 are
familiar with him."

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