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Hello Steven,
Your MacNeils may be mentioned somewhere in this book. Vince MacNeil


By: Reverend D..J.Rankin
Page 326


Four families of MacNeils settled at Doctor’s Brook, in Arisaig parish, in the
county of Antigonish. John McNeil (Breac) settled on the land now owned by
Stephen MacNeil, and his Hector. John MacNeil (Brown) settled on the land west
of John MacNeil (Breac) on which William B. MacNeil and Duncan MacKenzie now
live. The latter property, on which Duncan MacKenzie lives, being a grant of
land taken out by his son, John, 100 acres, which John MacNeil (Brown) sold to
Donald MacKenzie (grandfather of the present occupant). The son removed to St.
Peter’s, C.B. and his descendants are there to this day.
Donald MacNeil (Black) settled on the land now owned by John, Joe, Gillis and
the late Don J. MacDonald, to the west again of the two former. He left no
heirs. Rory MacNeil (Ban) settled on the property now occupied by Donald and
Colin Grant. The descendants of this Rory MacNeil are in this county, and some
in Pictou County, D.C.MacNeil of Antigonish, being one.
Donald MacNeil came to Morar, and is connected by marriage with the
John MacNeil (Black) took up the property on which the present church at
Georgeville is built. He came from Scotland with John Gillis, the first settler
to Arisaig, and when John Gillis was returning to Scotland to bring out is wife,
and child, he was asked by MacNeil to bring out a relative of Gillis’s, whom he
could marry whe she arrived.

Rory MacNeil (Ban)

Rory MacNeil, Ban, married Miss MacDonald. He was the first settler to New
France (near Fraser’s Grant). Rory had a brother, Donald, for whom he went
surety, and he lost his own farm at Doctor’s Brook in order to pay the amount
afterwards. He had issue: Capt.Donald married to Miss Cameron, sister to Peggy
(they lived at Fairmount); John (Blacksmith) married; Angus married to Miss
MacDonald, daughter of Angus, Young John; they lived at Fraser’s Grant; Capt.
Alex married to Miss MacDonald, daughter Rory, sister to Big Painter’s wife;
daughter married to Colin Chisholm; daughter married to John Chisholm.
Capt.Donald, son of Rory, pioneer, married Miss Cameron, with issue: Capt.
Arhcie, who after thirty-eight years in the States, came home, not married;
Capt. Rory married sister of Capt. Don MacDonald; William married Mary Breen,
mother was Big Mary MacNeil; Donald married Margaret MacDonald (Og); John died
young; Mary not married; Ann not married, is housekeeper for Father Chisholm;
Belle married Colin MacNeil, blacksmith; Liliain drowned in August gale.
William, son of Donald, son of Rory, pioneer, married Mary Breen, with issue:
Dan C. married to Nan MacDonald, sister of John A, MacDonald, Maryvale; John W.
not married (one of the first to enlist in the army, died of ptomaine
poisoning); Rod not married; James died young; and two other daughters.
Angus, son of Rory, pioneer, married Miss MacDonald with issue: Laughlin married
to Miss Chisholm, Fraser Grant; Rory married; Angus married Miss MacGillivray,
Alex, son of Rory, pioneer, married Miss MacDonald, with issue: Rory; Florence
married to ? Miss Simpson; John ; Mary married to Wm. Barry; Stephen killed in
Great War; Margaret married to Pat Hanrahan; Catherine married to Mr. Chase;
Alex left home and was last heard of in California; Colin died in Boston; Dan
not married.

MacNeil (Fiddler)

Donald MacNeil, Fiddler, came from Moidart, Scotland, in 1803, to Upper South
River. He married Ann MacPherson, with issue: Angus married Miss MacDonald,
daughter of Donald (Giant); Roderick married Miss MacDonald, sister of Farmer.

MacNeil (Farmer)

Tuathanach Ban: Four brothers, John, Alex, Hugh and Donald, came from Moidart,
Scotland, to South River. John married and went to Cape Breton; Alex married
and went to Cape Breton; Hugh married Janet MacFarlane; Donald married and went
to Cape Breton.
Hugh, pioneer, married Janet MacFarlane with issue: Angus married Catherine
MacDonald, daughter of Allan Dhu; there was another son; Mary married Angus
MacDonald, son of Allan Dhu; a daughter married Angus MacDonald (Ban); a
daughter married Alex MacDonald; Christy married Alex Gillis (Kinlock); and
another daughter.
Angus, son of Hugh, pioneer, married to Catherine MacDonald, with issue: John
married; Dan married to a western lady; Allan died young; Hugh married; Janet
married Colin Chisholm; Chrsity married A.D. MacPherson.


I have been informed by Miss Nancy MacDonald, daughter of Hugh (Gow), from whom
I got very valuable documents which her father left, and which she took great
care, that the following are the reasons for the names “Gow”, “Breac”, “Brown”,
“Black”, and “Ban”. Near Dougall MacDonald, “Gow”, who was a blacksmith, lived
another Dougall MacDonald, “Mor”, who was a big man, but as the blacksmith was
also a big man, they called the blacksmith “Gobha”. Near them was a Mr. Daley,
who did not know Gaelic, but being accustomed to hear the rest of the community
call the latter “Gobha”, he could get no nearer the pronunciation than “Gow”.
The four MacNeils (of the name of John) settled not far from each other, and
because John had brown hair, it gained for him the title of “Brown”, another had
black hair, therefore he was called “Black” John; another had a freckled face,
and they called him “Breac” and the other being swarthy of complexion,
resembled very much more the French Acadian than a native of Scotland, hence
the name “French John”.

MacNeil (Breac)

John MacNeil, Breac, came from Knoydart, Scotland in 1788. He married Margaret
MacDonald, daughter of Donald, and grandaunt of Rev. K.J.MacDonald. They had
issue: Catherine, who was the first white child born on Gulf shore; she married
Roderick MacNeil, Grand Narrows, C.B.; Stephen married Jane MacDonald; Angus
married Mary MacRae; Donald married Janet Grant; Hector married Ann Nash; John
married Margaret MacDonald and lived at Arisaig; Alex married Mary MacDonald;
James married Mary MacNeil; Mick married a Miss Campbell from Cape Breton; Mary
married John MacNeil (Fiddler) of the MacNeils of Georgeville.
Stephen son of John, pioneer, married Jane MacDonald with issue: Margaret
married to Mr. Cameron, in Glenngarry, Ont. (issue four girls); john married an
American lady in Lowell, Mass.,(issue one boy); Mick, not married, an engineer);
Nellie, not married, in Boston, a trained nurse.
Angus, son of John Breac, pioneer, married Mary MacRae with issue: John married
Margaret MacDonald (drowned). They had one son, John, who was married and had
one daughter in Ladysmith, Texas.
Dan married twice (First wife, Catherine MacAdam), no issue; second wife (Miss
MacDonald, in Prince Edward Island left one son Dan: Christopher not married;
James not married; John married twice, first wife, Margaret Keating; second
wife, Miss Fitch, no issue; Dan died young; Mary married Wm. Chisholm; Catherine
no married; Janet not married.
John, son of Angus, son of John Breac, married Margaret Keating with issue:
John died young; Mary died young and Helena.
Donald, son of John, Breac, married Janet Grant with issue: Mary not married;
Dan married Christina MacDonald; John married Jane MacDonald; Elizabeth married
to Alex Mclean; Sarah married Christopher Fraser.
Dan, son of Donald, son of John Breac, married Christina MacDonald, with issue:
one son John D. who married Annie Beaton; issue, one daughter Mary Assumpta.
John, son of Donald, son of John, Breac, married Jane MacDonald, with issue:
Angus married Christy MacLeod; Dan P. married twice first wife, Miss. Chisholm;
second wife from County Harbour; Maggie married twice, her first husband Mar.
MacDonald, no issue; second husband Mick MacDonald, Thorburn, no issue; Michael,
son of Donald, son of John Breac, married Ann MacDonald, with issue, one
daughter died young; John not married, Hector son of John Breac married Ann Nash
with issue: John left home when young and whereabouts unknown; Rod married
Christy MacDonald, issue one son John who married a Miss Stewart, New Glasgow;
Colin married to Miss Moody; Dan married in Boston with issue two boys and a
girl; Hector married in Londonderry, N.S.; Angus married Christy MacPherson;
Roddy, married lives in Thorburn; Stephen married Elizabeth McKinnon; Alex died;
Mick married a Cape Breton woman and lives in Londonderry, N.S.a nd has a
family; Sarah married Angus McKinnon of Grand Narrows; Mary married John
Gillis; Stephen, son of Hector, son of John Breac married Elizabeth McKinnon
with issue: Hector not married; Alex married Miss MacDougall with one son; Rory
married Maggie MacInnis; Catherine married in Virginia, and Bessie at home.

James, son of John, pioneer, married Mary McNeil, with issue: John H, dead;
Dan P. married Elizabeth MacDonald, one boy, died age 25 years; Angus married to
Lilliain MacKenzie; Catherine married to Alex MacDonald, Thorburn; Mary died
young; Elizabeth died young.

Angus, son of James, son of John , pioneer, married Lillian MacKenzie, with
issue John, in British Columbia; Mary Bell married John A. MacDonald, Maryvale;
Bessie married Dan Ross, Butte, Montana; Maggie; Jim in Detroit; Joe, Collie,
Kate, Ella, and Agnes.
Alex, son of John, Breac, married Mary McDonald, with issue: John not married,
died in Australia; Donald not married, died in Boston of smallpox; Michael, not
married died in Australia; Mary died not married; Elizabeth died not married;
Catherine died not married; Lucy married in Ontario; Margaret married Duncan
MacDonald. Mick, son of John Breac, married Miss Campbell, with issue: Stephen,
married, had one son John S. who was studying for the priesthood and about ready
to be ordained when he died.
Angus, son of John, son of Donald, son of John Breac, married Christy MacLeod
with issue: John Dan; Mick; Ronald, Cassie.

John MacNeil (Brown)

John MacNeil (Brown) married Mary Grant, with issue: John married and lived at
St. Peter’s, had a grant of 500 acres of land there; Alex married Elizabeth
MacKenzie; Donald married and lived in Michigan, USA, had one daughter; Peter
married Jane MacDonald, was a blacksmith and lived in Port Hood; Michael, not
married died young; Archie went to Glengarry, Ont.; Neil not married drowned off
a ship; Mary married; Janet married Angus MacDonald, Dougal Mor; Alex son of
John (Brown) married Elizabeth MacKenzie, with issue: John died young; Donald
married Sarah Grant; Michael married Mary MacDonald, D.D.’s sister; Neil married
Mary McKinnon; Mary married Hugh MacPherson; Elizabeth married John Fraser, son
of Austin, brother of the Bishop; Mary not married.
Donald, son of Donald, son of John *Ban, married Mary MacDonald, with issue:
John, not married; Dan Peter, not married in California; Duncan out west; James,
brother Allan, C.S.C.; Alexander died young; Roddie married to Miss MacDonald,
in Sydney; Bella died young; Maggie married; Mary married. ( * The author wrote
Ban, I wonder if it is a typo and should be Brown)
Neil, son of Donald, son of John, pioneer, married Mary MacKinnon, with issue:
Bella died young; Joe out west in Virginia.

Hector MacNeil (Ban)

Hector MacNeil (Ban) lived at Doctor’s Brook long before any of the present
living residents of Arisaig can remember, and had a family of two boys: James
and John, who went to live at Fairmont, and several daughters. It is possible,
in fact very probable, that the Angus and Donald MacNeil who went to Cape Breton
to Iona of whom Rev. A.J. MacKenzie inquired (See elsewhere for theses MacNeils)
are of this family.

MacNeil (French)

Two brothers, Murdock and John, came out and their descendants lived at
Murdock married and had one son Alex.
John (French) married with issue: John married (one of his grandsons is Walter,
in New Glasgow; Charles married Ann MacDonald, a granddaughter of Donald the
weaver, who was an u ncle of Hugh (Gow); Joseph married to the widow of John
Campbell, who was drowned off a raft; Alex married.

MacNeil (Black)

Malcolm MacNeil (Black) came from Halifax after the Highland regiment taking
part in the war of 1779 disbanded, about the same time that the other MacNeils,
all Barra men, came to Malignant Cove. His brother Rory was drafted, but as
Malcolm was single and Rory was married, and had a family, the former took the
latter’s place in the army. Rory never came to America. This is the family
tree as far as can be ascertained.
Rory married; a sister of his wife was married to John Campbell, (issue: Duncan
and Hector, both settled in Red Islands); Malcolm married Janet MacDonald, a
widow who was first married to a Mr. MacLean, one of their sons was Sean MacLean
of River Inhabitants, C.B., they were Protestants but she became a Catholic when
she married. They had the following family: Rory married Ann MacNeil, daughter
of James; John married Christy Grant; Lauchlin married in Red Islands and one of
his grandson is L/P., is a summer resident of Arisaig, but resides in New
Glasgow,N.S.; Robert married to Catherine MacDonald; Sarah married John McHale
Rory, son of Malcolm (Black), married Ann MacNeil, with issue: Malcolm married
to Mary Ann MacDonald, Glebe Road; Mary married Hugh MacPherson, Georgeville;
John married Ann MacDonald, Malignant Cove; Laughlin married to a daughter of
Angus MacNei, Lakevale; Michael married Janet Grant; Rory married to Miss
MacDougall, Gulf Road.
John, son of Malcolm (Black) married Chrsity Grant with issue: Rory; Donald
married to Ann Campbell; John Colin married to Mary MacDonald; others, Maloclm;
Patrick; Alex; Sarah; Janet and Eliz. .
Robert, son of Malcolm (Black) married Cath MacDonald with issue: John; Malcolm;
Alex; Allan; Will; Ann, all living at Fairmont.

Donald MacNeil (Og)

Donald MacNeil (Og) was one of the first settlers at Cape George or Cape Lewis,
married with issue: Ann married to Hector MacDougall (Red) Christmas Island;
Neil and John.
Angus married to Miss Gillis, remained at Cape George; Donald married Miss
McKinnon, aunt of Father Colin McKinnon; Hector and Michael died of smallpox;
Catherine married Donald McKinnon.
Angus, son Donald MacKinnon, pioneer, married Miss Gillis with issue: Rory
married Elizabeth MacDonald, aunt of Capt. Archie, moved to Prince Edward Island
about sixty years ago; John (Fiddler) married Margaret MacNeil; Malcolm not
married; Angus not married; Margaret married Hugh Gillis.
Rory, son of Angus, son of Donald, pioneer, married Elizabeth MacDonald with
issue: Angus, John, Stephen, Donald, Angus, Mary, Elizabeth, and Kate. (2 Angus)

John, son of Angus, son of Donald married Margaret MacNeil with issue: Donald
not married, died in the West; Donald died young; John followed the sea; Michael
married Catherine MacEachern, Gaspereau Lake; Catherine married John MacDonald
(Mason), River Inhabitants; Janet married William Dunn; Annie married Angus
Dunn; Mary not married; Christy married John Chisholm, harnessmaker.
Donald, son of Donald, pioneer, married Miss MacKinnon, with issue: Mary married
James McNeil; Catherine married John MacDonald, son of Ronald (Gashen); Ann not
married, died in Boston; Angus married a Miss Moody of Cambridge, Mass.; John
married Ann MacDonald, daughter of Rory, Harbour; Colin married Isabella MacNeil
(Hollawell Grant); Donald married Ann MacDougall; Elizabeth married Donald
MacDonald of Cape Breton; Margaret married Neil Campbell (one son, Roderick, iin
Lourdes); Charles, a sea captain, died coming from Scotland.
John, son of Donald, son of Donald, pioneer, married Ann MacDonald with issue:
John, Dan and one daughter. (Note: -- Their father died and their mother
married again in Prince Edward Island).
Colin, son of Donald, son of Donald, pioneer, married Isabelle MacNeil, with
issue: Dan lived in Boston; John Charles lived in the States; Vincent; Mary and
Donald, son of Donald, son of Donald, pioneer, married Ann MacDougall, with
issue: Donald, married living in Port Arthur; is a conductor on the railway;
Duncan married Miss MacDonald, daughter of Dougald, son of Alex; Marie married
Colin Chisholm (Hollawell Grant); Clementine married Mr. MacGillivray; Charles
married Miss MacInnis; John died young and Albert died young.
Angus, son of Donald, son of Donald, pioneer, married Miss Moody with issue:
Dan; Angus; Theophilis died young; Jim and Mary.

MacNeil, Malcolm (Dubh)

The above names came to Arisaig, Antigonish County, about the year 1792, and
later settled in Georgeville. He was married to a widow named MacLean, who
already had an encumbrance of one son who was well known throughout Inverness
County. The children of Malcolm MacNeil were four four sons: Rory married to
Mary macNeil; John married Christy Grant; Robert married Miss MacDonald;
Lauchlin went to Cape Breton where he was married and had a family of three
sons: Maloclm, Michael and Donald. Most of the members of this family
eventually moved to Pictou County.
Jessie, daughter of Malcolm MacNeil (Dubh), was married to Martin Walsh.
The children of Rory MacNeil were: Malcolm married to Mary MacDonald, with no
issue; James married Ann MacDonald with issue, Mary Ann married Frank MacKenzie;
Roderick killed in Ontario; Jack, Gus and Kate not married.
Lauchlin, son of Rory, married to 1. Flora MacNeil with issue: Maggie married in
Glace Bay; Mary married to Dan MacGillivray; Jennie died young; James married
to an East Bay lady in Sydney; Rory unmarried was killed in the Cape Breton
mines; Angus married in New Glasgow; 2. Cassie MacDonald with issue, two
daughters, Bella and Flora Bell.
Michael son of Rory, was married to Christina Grant with no issue.
Rory married to Margie MacDougall with no issue.
Mary married Hugh MacPherson.
John , son of Malcolm (Dubh) married to Christina Grant, with issue: Donald
married Ann Campbell, with issue: John married Elsie MacNeil of Prince Edward
Island; Kate married William Clark; Mary not married; Sarah married Charles
Beatty; Peter and Christina were not married and Ronald died young.
John, Sarah, Alex, Jessie, Betsy, and Patrick, of the family of John MacNeil and
Christina Grant, were no married. Colin, oof this family was married to Mary
MacDonald with issue of one son Dan, who did not marry and two daughters, Sarah
not married, and another Sarah, who died young.
The children of Robert MacNeil and Miss MacDonald were: Malcolm married had one
son, Colin, living; another son killed; Ann and John who were not married.

Steven Miller wrote:

> Hello Antigonish Listers,
> I'm new on this list, I've searched the archive with no match on my
> subject, if there is anyone on the list that recognizes my subject I would
> love to hear from you.
> Alexander Peter McNeil, born Oct 29, 1840 (per death cert) in Malignant
> Cove, Antigonish (per his daughter's death cert).
> He is in Boston, MA in the 1860 US Census with wife Louisa Ann (Weldon) no
> children, (Louisa Weldon appear in the daughter's death cert with
> bp Bouctouche, Kent, NB.)
> He is in San Francisco in the 1870 US Census with wife Louisa, son James
> 1863, daughters Mary 1866 and Edith 1869. Two more sons, George 1872 and
> Alexander 1878 are born in San Francisco. Living with this family is James
> 1834 and wife Sarah McNeil ( my guess is brother and his wife)
> Alexander Peter McNeil 1840 was a ships carpenter and is my great great
> grandfather. He buried in the catholic cemetery at St Marys in Oakland, CA.
> Thanks,
> Steve
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