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Subject: [Antigonish] Chisholm
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Notes: By Ronald A. MacDonald

Local Historian

The children of John Chisholm and Margaret MacPherson were:

1. Hugh (1808-July 6, 1880), who moved to Brierly Brook, and was twice married, according to Rankin. He is on the 1871 census and I believe it is from this family that you are descended. The only strains of this family of which I am aware are the children of Ellen, born in 1854, who married Archie Chisholm of Alder River, on the border of Antigonish and Guysborough County. This Archie Chisholm died in 1912: his son Angus was married (I do not have the wife's name as yet) and they had a large family. most of whom are living: Archie Dan, Theresa (of Beauly, who md. John D. MacDonald, now deceased); Bill of Lower South River; Andy, former school bus superintendant for the local school system, now retired, etc.

Also in this family was Margaret, born in 1859, who went to New York, and who in 1891 married John MacLean, then of New York, but with roots in Antigonish County. The couple returned to Antigonish. Their best known son was the late Frank MacLean, long time mail carrier of West River, this County, and I believe a warden of the church, who married a Druhan, and who had a large family, many of whom are living in this county.

2. Donald; (1814-1893) moved first to Brierly Brook and then to New Strathglass, a little Glen which is on the rising land that leads to Brown's Mountain. This was off the beaten path. I am told that the farms in there were of good quality, but the bears played havoc with the sheep and other livestock. Winter storms would leave people in great isolation. They had a large family: of them I only have isolated information: Angus was in Antigonish by 1871, I believe he was a harnessmaker. He married a MacLean of Cape Breton, she was in 1871 living in Antigonish. They had one daughter Florence, a most attractive lady, who in the late 1890's mildly shocked the community when she danced the "Rye Waltz" with Edward MacIntosh, the first time that parteners danced face to face (as contrasted to square dancing).

Florence was, I believe, the organist at the Cathedral in her younger days. She became the wife of John MacIsaac, banker of Antigonish and they had a family of three sons, one of which was Bernie MacIsaac, who produced in 1935 the first recordings of local and Cape Breton violinists.

Margaret of this family (daughter of Donald), born in 1854, married Dan MacPherson of Marshy Hope. I think that they were the parents of Sam MacPherson of William's Point, who married Rebecca MacLean, d/o John the "OX". As you can imagine, this family produced a number of very strong children, and a grandson is Rev. Gary MacPherson, of the Diocese of Antigonish.

3. Duncan (1810-1884) stayed at Gaspereaux Lake, on the old homestead. I do not know if this family had much luck in re-generation, with the exception of Catherine (b. 1843) who I believe married Capt. Alexander MacDonald. I have been in touch with the more recent foreground of this family and there are descendants living today in the U.S.A. Captain Alexander MacDonald was a brother of Captain Dan MacDonald, who died in Antigonish in 1872. Captain Dan was the great grandfather of Harry Brown, widely known as a broadcaster, and the host of Marketplace a few years ago on the CBC.

4. Roderick , went to Pinkietown, and married Ann Cameron, a Presbyterian (the rest of this family was Catholic). Roderick died prior to 1865, but Ann went on to an advanced old age, as did two of the children: Janet lived to be 96 and Catherine lived to be 104, both of them dying at Pinkietown in 1934. Roderick had a daughter Mary, who married one of the Saltsprings Chisholms (one source says it was Donald: I believe it may have been John) and they had at least one son, Alexander G. known as "Sandan". Sandan was a most colourful fellow, for many years he was the councillor for Ohio. He was raised in the Presbyterian faith, but when he married (his wife was Mary Gillis of Pinevale) he joined the Catholic Church, the faith of his grandfather. He had a large and well known family, one of whom is still living, Sister Daniel Marie of the Congregation of St. Martha here in Antigonish. But the best known of this family was the late Rev. Dan R. "Dempsey" Chisholm, arguably the most!
outstanding athlete ever produced in this country, a man who could run the 440 yards in 54 seconds and who also threw the hammer for a Canadian record in the 1920's.

The daughters of John Chisholm, Gaspereaux Lake, were Margaret, who married Valentine Chisholm of Fraser's Grant: Ann, who married Alexander Chisholm, with one son a priest( I haven't figured this out yet), and a daughter who married Malcolm Fraser of the West River; that is taken from Rankin.

Ronald A. MacDonald.

Rankin History of Antigonish Page 109-110

Chisholm of Brierly Brook

The pioneer Chisholm of this part of the County was John who married in Scotland, Margaret MacPherson. He had issue: Uisdeau, married to (1) Miss Fraser, with issue; John , married to (1) a Miss Campbell, with issue , Austin, Archie, Ellen and Mary, none of whom ever married. Secondly he married Margaret MacDonald, daughter of John Uisdeau, with no issue. Rory, son of Uisdeau Chisholm, went to the States, where he married and had a family; Angus, also in the States; Valentine, who is married, is a harnessmaker in the town of New Glasgow; Ellen married to Archie Chisholm, Alder River; Ann married to John MacDonald, son of William of Glassburn; Margaret married to John MacLean, Donald's son, of West River; Mary, a tailoress, is unmarried.

Donald, son of John Chisholm, pioneer, married to Ann MacLean, had issue: Angus married to Miss MacLean of Cape Breton; John married to a Miss MacNeil of Cape George; Alexander also married; James married to Miss MacGillivray, daughter of Angus Hugh, Vamy; Mary married to a Mr. MacGillivray; Ann married to Alexander Fraser, son of Archie; Mary married to a Mr. Elder.

Rory, son of Alexander? John? Chisholm, pioneer, married a Miss Cameron , Dochanassie, had issue; Duncan married to a Miss Maclean of West River; John married to a daughter of Donald MacDonald; George married in Bangor Maine; James not married; Mary married to Donald Chisholm, Salt Springs; Ann married to William MacDonald, Caledonia; Kate is unmarried.

Duncan, son of John Chisholm, pioneer, married to Elizabeth Chisholm, daughter of Donald John, with the following issue: James died unmarried; John married in the Western States; Margaret not married; Kate married to Alexander Fraser.

Margaret, daughter of John Chisholm, pioneer, married to Valentine Chisholm, Frasers grant.

Ann married to Alexander Chisholm had one son a priest.

Another daughter married Malcolm Fraser of West River.

Rankin History of Antigonish page 113-114

Same family different treatment.

Chisholm of Gaspereaux Lake

Austin/Hugh Chisholm lived in Strathglass, Scotland. His son, John, married in Scotland, a Miss MacPherson, and came to Gaspereaux Lake, Antigonish County. Austin/Hugh chisholm , his father had also married a Miss MacPherson

The union of John Chisholm and Miss MacPherson had the following issue:

1.Hugh Chisholm, who married first a Miss Fraser, with issue one son, Donald, who died unmarried.

Hugh Chisholm married secondly Ellen Chisholm d/o John Chisholm Glen Road and wife Ann. (Balnahaun)

1A. John Hugh who married firstly Jane Campbell, d/o Archibald Campbell (Blacksmith) and wife Mary Chisholm with issue-

1A1) Hugh who went away in boyhood to Montreal and married Pearl Maloney and had three daughters.

1A2) Archibald who remained on the farm and never married.

1A3) Ellen died young

1A4) Mary a Nurse who never married ( worked in New York)

1A5) Theresa a Nurse who never married (worked in New York)

John Hugh married secondly Margaret MacDonald, widow of William MacAdam, West River, no issue.

1B) Angus, son of Hugh who went to the States.

1C) Roderick, son of Hugh who went to the States.

1D) Valentine, harnessmaker, married and raised a family.

1E) Ann, d/o Hugh married John MacDonald s/o William

1F) Margaret, d/o Hugh married John MacLean s/o Angus

1G) Mary, d/o Hugh not married

1F) Ellen d/o Hugh married Archie Chisholm,s/o Donald Alder River

2. Donald, brother of Hugh and son of John married Miss MacLean d/o Angus, and had the following issue:

2A) Angus (Harnessmaker) married to Miss MacLean of Cape Breton with issue; one daughter

2B) Alexander married with family.

2C) James married to Miss MacGillivray

2D) John married to Miss MacNeil Cape George

2E) Mary married to a Mr. MacGillivray,s/o Angus, s/o Hugh (Vamy)

2F) Margaret married to Dan MacPherson, Marshy Hope with issue: John unmarried, miner and Samuel married to Miss MacLean d/o John

3. Duncan brother of Hugh and son of John Pioneer married Miss Chisholm, d/o Donald s/o John with issue;

3a) John unmarried out West.

3b) James unmarried

3c) Kate married to John Fraser s/o John of West River

3d) Margaret, not married

3e) Another daughter married to Alexander MacDonald ( Captain Sandy) with issue Duncan and a daughter who married Mr. Proule. and both live at the homestead.

4. Roderick,brother of Hugh and son of John Pioneer married Miss Cameron ( Dochanassie) with issue:

4A) Duncan who married and died at St. Joseph's

4B) John not married

4C) George married living in Maine.

4D) James died young

4E) Ann married to William MacDonald (Tailor)

4F) Mary married to Archie Chisholm, Salt Springs s/o Kenneth

4G) Kate, not married

5. Ann d/o John Pioneer married Alexander Chisholm s/o Donald.

6. Margaret d/o John Pioneer married Valentine Chisholm Frasers Grant.

7. Another daughter married Colin Fraser

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