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From: "Margi Shindell" <>
Subject: [Antigonish] My Mom's Ancestors - 1; Janet McPherson up to Angus MacPherson
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 13:17:08 -0500

Hi -

I am going to go at this backwards - (well, it seems backwards to me
anyway) - I am going to list my mom's ancestors by line (so some
redundancies will be there) to see if anyone knows more information (or has
any corrections - hey, I'm not perfect).


Margi Shindell

My mom is Janet Catherine McPherson, her parents were Colin Francis
Macpherson (b. June 4, 1885 in Springfield, Nova Scotia; d. April 1966 in
Seattle, Washington) and Margaret Chisholm (daughter of Donald (Brook)
Chisholm and Janet (Miller) MacDonald). They were married September 28, 1931
in Fairbanks, Alaska. They had two children Janet Catherine and John

On Colin Francis MacPherson:

[Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 2 M-Z, Ed. 6, Social Security Death
Index: U.S., Date of Import: Jan 24, 1999, Internal Ref. #]

Individual: Mcpherson, Colin
Social Security #: 574-01-2398
Issued in: Alaska

Birth date: Jun 4, 1885
Death date: Apr 1966

Residence code: Washington

ZIP Code of last known residence: 98177
Primary location associated with this ZIP Code:

Seattle, Washington

Baptised on the 5th day of June 1885 by Rev. J.W. MacDonnell at Saint
Andrew's Parish, Antigonish. Sponsors: James Cameron and Flora Cameron.

Per Donald MacDonnell - on 8-28-2001:

The priest, who baptized Colin Francis MacPherson in 1885, was the Rev. John
Vincent MacDonnell, son of Farquhar MacDonnell and Barbara MacRae of Dornie,
Kintail, Scotland.
John Vincent was born in Scotland in 1818, just prior to his parents
relocating to Judique, Cape Breton Island, Canada.
He taught school in the Judique area prior to becoming a priest and served
several parishes in the area. He died at St. Andrews in Antigonish in 1888
and is buried in the old section of the current parish cemetary in Judique.


Colin has an Uncle named Jim who was his mother's brother. He died in
approx. 1944 in his 90's. He had come to Alaska and Colin and Margaret took
care of him in his latter years.

Colin's parents were John Ban MacPherson (b. June 15, 1847 in Lower
Springfield, Antigonish, Nova Scotia; married 1877 in Stl. Andrews Roman
Catholic Church, Antigonish, d.e 1920 in Nova Scotia) and Catherine
MacFarlane (daughter of John MacFarlane and Mary MacGillivary). THey had 13
children - Daniel, John Angus, Dougald Archy, Flora Ann, Colin Francis,
William Henry, Roderick Joseph, Mary Margaret, Ann A., Hugh J., Angus, James
F. & Isabella.

Details on John Ban MacPherson:

Place:Antigonish County

Province of record source:Nova Scotia
County of record source:Antigonish

Comments: Farmer.

Source: McAlpine's Nova Scotia Directory for 1896, Antigonish County,
McAlpine's Publishing Company, Halifax, 1896.

Volume/Page(s): 609

Please note: The province and county are associated with the location of the
record source and in some cases may not be the same as the place where the
event occurred.

1901 Census: Birthplace NS, Origin Scot, Occupation Farmer, Language Gaelic


>From History of Antigonish - MacLean - Page 103: - THIS IS NOT THIS JOHN BAN

John Ban MacPherson, son of Angus MacPherson, South River, went to the woods
one morning about 40 years ago. As he did not return at the usual time,
some members of his family went to look for him and found him dead under a
tree. The tree must have caught in another, and while he was clearing the
way from its fall, it came down and killed him.


Buried in Old MacFarlane Cemetery - St. Andrew's, Antigonish County, Nova
Scotia. Near front center of old section at bottom of hill.

Front reads:

In Memory of

John B. McPherson
1848 - 1920


Right side:

Dugal Archie
1882 - 1915 (or 1916)

John Angus
1881 - 1917

Left Side:

Their Children:

Flora Bell
1883 - 1904

W. Peter
1887 - 1908

Roderick Joseph
1889- 1909

1894 - 1909

1901 - 1913


John Ban's parents were Donald Ban MacPherson (b. 1808 in Antigonish County,
Nova Scotia) and Flora MacGillivary (daughter of Alexander MacGillivary and
Mary MacIsaac). They had 7 children - Angus, Alexander, John Ban,
Augustine, Margaret, Mary & Ann.

Details on Donald Ban:

Doug Bowie has the following children listed:
Angus - Alex - Mary - John - Nancy b. 1847 and Hugh b. 1851 - also lists
that During the census of 1871, there was a child named Mary A. MacPherson
(b. July 1860) living with this family.

Donald Ban's parents were Angus MacPherson (Hugh???) (b. about 1790 in
Scotland, maried about 1808 in Antigonish and d. 1850 in Antigonish County)
and Isabel MacFarlane (daughter of Dougald MacFarlane and Margaret
MacDonell). They had 7 children - Donald Ban, John, Dougald, Flora, Allan,
Angus, Flora.

Details on Angus:


Angus MacPherson was born in Scotland, and came to Nova Scotia about 1801
with three brother and one sister. They are as follows: Dougald, who went
to Cape Brenton; Donald who went to Rear Judique; John married a MacIsaac
from Hollowell Grant,; and Mary who married Hugh MacDonald from Ballantyne's
Cove, Antigonish County.

Angus's siblings - Mary, Dougald, Donald, John

THANK YOU FOR READING MY INFORMATION - I would appreciate any comments.

Margi Shindell

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