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From: "Trish Keleher" <>
Subject: [CAN-NS-CEMETERIES] unmarked graves
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 08:00:41 -0500

Hi Muriel

Mt. Herman is a RC cemetary in Dartmouth. I pulled out my files and it appears to be under thae care HRM. At least that is who I wrote to and sent me a copy of the lot card. After checking the lot card, the two cremated remains that are mixed together are only listed as "Nevin Ashes". Also they have an aunt husband listed as Marie(should be Mario). I don't believe "Ashes" are a very good record. I am fortuneate to have two separate and independant sources to confirm this story. Do you think The HRM would take kindly to suggesting they amend the records? Maybe somebody at the cemetery knew abt the combo ashes and just recoreded it as "Ashes'? Why not just record the first name as well?


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