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I live in Dartmouth. Our grave lots are in Maplewood, as I am from Hants
County. There are stones there with pictures on them..............and I do
believe audio is also available.

I would phone DeMone Memorials, or a local rep. of headstones. Heritage
Memorials are located in Windsor, NS.

D. Rafuse
Dartmouth, NS

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I apologize if this message is off-topic for any of the lists.

For a while now, I have been waiting for some divine inspiration on the
topic of what type of marker to place on an unmarked grave of my ancestors
in the Maplewood Cemetery in Windsor, NS. However, that doesn't seem to be
happening so I guess I'll have to do some investigating on my own. :)

I would like to see some sort of stone or marker erected on this plot.
There are 7 people buried in this grave.

Here are the options so far:

1. A headstone that would have a family name at the top and birth year,
first & middle (or maiden), death year for each individual. There may be
room for some description of relationship. There is one individual in this
grave with a different surname and unknown connection to the other
occupants, so I'm not sure this would work. Price tag - about $3300.

2. A marker/foot stone for each individual - the 14" X 10" would have room
for birth year, first name & surname, death year, but no room for
relationship info - Price tag - $250 The next larger size that might have
room for relationship info is approximately double that price. The
advantage of these types of markers is that they can be done one at a time
as funds allow.

3. A brass placque that would have room for all the info apparently costs
just as much as the headstone in #1 and then I would still have to buy some
type of stone on which to mount it. Rough granite "boulders" are chiseled
to look that way and polished on the face and cost just as much as a dressed

4. A memorial bench that I feel certain could not sit on the actual plot
but would have to be placed on the perimeter of the cemetery. The type of
bench would dictate what size of placque(s) could be mounted on it. The
cost would vary quite a bit depending on the type of bench and size and
number of placques.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Can you direct me to someone who
does iron work, stone work, weather-resistant placques or any other types of
markers that might be suitable? Are there local craftspeople who might do
something different? Can you direct me to any websites that would provide
further information?

Does anyone have thoughts on the durability of particular types of
markers/stones and what should be considered when choosing one?

Is anyone familiar with what might be on the market in the way of audio
recording memorials? Are they available in Nova Scotia? Are there any
currently installed as memorials in Nova Scotia?

I would be pleased to receive any feedback on this topic.


Pamela Wile
Dartmouth, NS

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