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Subject: Re: 1881 - Birth Registrations - Muskoka Dist., Muskoka Twp.
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 07:37:37 -0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
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Thanks Karen for all this information. It sure has been great information.


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From: K&D Lawrence
Date: 15-Apr-02 21:44:43
Subject: 1881 - Birth Registrations - Muskoka Dist., Muskoka Twp.

The following registrations will also be posted on Steve Marshall's site at
Ontario Birth Registrations - transcriptions online

- Karen

#019582-81 (Muskoka Dist.) LOCKHEAD, Ethel, f, born Aug.16, 1881, father -
William LOCKHEAD, farmer; mother - Jeanne McGregor NEWLAND. Infm: Wm

#019583-81 (Muskoka Dist.) WRIGHT, William, m, born Aug.27, 1881, father -
David WRIGHT, labourer; mother - Eliza THURSTON. Infm: David WRIGHT,

#019584-81 (Muskoka Dist.) RUSK, John Sheldon, m, born Sept.5, 1881, father
- James RUSK, farmer; mother - Adeline JACKSON. Infm: James RUSK,

#019585-81 (Muskoka Dist.) HARDWICK, Ethewin Helena, f, born Sept.2, 1881,
father - Thos.Daniel Slack HARDWICK, farmer; mother - Jane ROYSTON. Infm: T
D.S.HARDWICK, Gravenhurst.

#019586-81 (Muskoka Dist.) McKAY, Mary Ann Wilkie, f, born Sept.8, 1881,
father - John McKAY, Clerk; mother - Christina Meldrum Wilkie WRIGHT, Infm:
John McKAY, Gravenhurst.

#019587-81 (Muskoka Dist.) TASKER, Lillian Olive, f, born Sept. 13, 1881,
father - Jonathan TASKER, Mill owner; mother - Eliza Jane Russell MASS?.
Infm: Jonathan TASKER, Reay.

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