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Subject: Coming to Bracebridge
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 22:18:18 -0500

This was a school project written by Audrey Anderson great grand daughter of James Lucas Fenn. Audrey asked her grandmother, Emma Eliza (Fenn) Perkins about their trip from England to Bracebridge. Emma was about 10 years old at the time, 1871:

Left Stratford, England in 1871, arriving in Bracebridge in June after a week or two on the broad ocean. Coming toward Gravenhurst, the woods was on fire and both stage and passengers had to get through it the best they could, some by walking. From there we took a small boat to Bracebridge and got as far as Big Island, the boat having sprung a leak. All (for there were other passengers besides ourselves) put in the night there. We expected to be in Bracebridge that night which was Saturday, and having no provisions, the men found an old building in which were potatoes, tea and molasses. The first article was cooked too help satisfy hunger, and by Sunday morning 1st Nipissing arrived to take us from there to Bracebridge, and we arrived about noon.

We stayed a few weeks at a family's home by name Day, our father having known the father of the family as a letter carrier in the Old Land. As soon as we could get a house to rent, which still stands to the left of Memorial Hall, James St. and where that hall stands, we cooked our meals beside a stump, for no stove was got for the home, as there was dissatisfaction and every intention of going back to England, and nothing more was unpacked or bought than really necessary. However, as fall came on, a decision had to be made, the result of which we are still in Bracebridge yet (1937) and for many reasons are now proud of our town --- a great many buildings were built by our father, both in and out of town. His (James Lucas Fenn) England home was in or near Mistley and our Mother's ( Emma Fenn nee Leek) was in or near St. Ives.

Gord Fenn

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