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Subject: Re: James Ketcham/Ketchum
Date: 5 Jul 2004 23:36:23 -0600

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No, I have not researched those resources.

Specifically, I am not researching James' line too vigorously at present, it his wife's sister-in-law, and her mother, that I am need of help with, at present, and firstly. Once those pieces of the puzzle have been found, then I shall be going along the Ketcham line.

James' wife Amanda's [Thompson], brother Charles, md Hannah ?. His mother was Mary or Polly Smith-'Thompson. Both of these women have unknown surnames and it is bothering me obsessively not to be able to find them. I was hoping that a Ketcham researcher would be able to help by virtue of looking for James' wife's family details.

I am going back to Prince Edward for a second visit this week for a few days of further research.

I would like to be able to investigate some suggested sources while there, if you have them. If you are family, then I should like to discuss this batch with you, off board, and privately.

For those who are interested, here is James' and Amanda' family:

AMANDA7, born Jan. 25, 1805, in Prince Edward county. Married James Ketchum, and died in Athol township in 1885.

I. James Ketchum m. Amanda Thompson settled Athol. Issue: 1) William, 2) Charles, 3) Eli, 4) Mary E., 5) Parker, 6) John, 7) Lucy, 8) Sally, and 9) James.

[page 469: PLOBQ…
1)William Ketchum m. Elmira Insley: settled Athol: Issue: (a) one d. y.
2)Charles Ketchum m. Parthenia McCartney: settled Athol: Issue: (a) Emma
3)Eli Ketchum m. Emily J. Platt: settled Picton: Issue: (a) Finley P. m. Mary E. Kelly: settled Picton: (Issue: Myrtle) (b) Alberta Ketchum
4)Mary E. Ketchum m. Alva Spafford: settled Athol: Issue: (a) James, (b) Parthenia, (c) Amanda, (d) Melissa, (e) Margaret
5)Parker Ketchum m. Lydia M. Dulmage: settled Athol: Issue: (a) Edward, (b) Henrietta
6)John Ketchum m. and settled California
7)Lucy Ketchum m. William Cork: settled Toronto: Issue: (a) Leslie, (b) Olivia, (c) Milton
8)Sally Ketchum: unm. settled Athol
9)James Ketchum m. Elizabeth Tubbs: settled Picton

[1861 Census: Ketchum, James; Age 63, M, U.S. origin; Disciple of Christ; Farmer


1. living - ME
2. living - my mother
3. John Claydon Thompson + Sadie Idell Upper > Beamsville, Ont., Canada
4. Elgin Thompson + Alice Zimmerman > Welland > Beamsville, Ont., Canada
5. Nathaniel Thompson + Rosannah Moore > Welland/Pelham, Ont., Canada

>this following group left the US and made their way to Canada

6. Charles Thompson + Hannah ? > Athol Township, Prince Edward County, Ont., Canada [born en route from U.S.][this line appears to be the first to leave, following the Am. Rev. era and then made their way to the Niagara region.]

7. Solomon Thompson [PATRIOT] + Mary-Polly Smith >Woburn/Brimfield, Hampden, Middlesex, Mass., US >head to Canada across Lake Ontario
8. James Thompson [PATRIOT]+ Mary Hitchcock > Woburn/Brimfield, Hampden, Middlesex, Mass., US
9. James Thompson [PATRIOT][SIGNATORY-Association Test]+ Mary Hancock > Woburn/Brimfield, Hampden, Middlesex, Mass., US
10. Jonathan Thompson + Frances Whitmore > Woburn/Brimfield, Hampden, Middlesex, Mass., US
11. Jonathan Thompson + Susannah Blodgett [stepsister]> Woburn/Brimfield, Hampden, Middlesex, Mass., US
12. James Thompson [FOUNDER] + Anne Fisher/Elizabeth Griffen/Susannah Blodgett>England>Charleston, Mass., US

James Thompson/Thomson [b. Bet. March 4 1592-1593>Fishtoft, Lincolnshire, Eng./d. Bet. February 28/1681-1682>Charleston, Mass., US> came to US with Gov. John Winthrop's fleet [1630] of settlers

+ Anne Fisher[?] [m1] >Fishtoft, Lincolnshire, Eng./d.December 13, 1625/Frieston, Lincolnshire, Eng.
m1. Abt. 1618>Frieston, Lincolnshire, England

+ Elizabeth Griffen[?] [m2] >b. Abt. 1601>Wembly, London, Eng./d. Abt. 1643>Charleston, Mass., US
m2. Abt. 1624>Woburn/Brimfield, Hampden, Middlesex, Mass., US/d. Abt. 1643>Charleston, Mass., US

+ Susannah Blodgett [widow of Thomas Blodgett] [m3] >b. Abt. 1597> UNKNOWN>d. Woburn, Brimfield, Hampden, Mass., US m3. Bet. February 15 1643-1644>Woburn/Brimfield, Hampden, Middlesex, Mass., US

Kindest regards, Al

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